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Breed Standard For The German Shepherd Dog

As with many of the herding and working dogs that are bred in different areas, there are slight differences between the breed standards in German Shepherd Dogs. This is particularly true between true "German" bred GSDs and American or internationally bred GSDs. In most cases the biggest issue is the temperament testing and grading system used in Germany, which is much more limited as to what particular dogs can be used in breeding lines. The emphasis in some countries is also more on a working and performance dog than a show ring standard, which also causes some differences in breed standards. [...]

History of the Rottweiler breed

While many people, even some that are very familiar with the modern Rottweiler, know this dog to be a very protective, loving and devoted guardian, few would guess the breed's very ancient roots. Originally the Rottweiler was bred from the oldest of the European Mastiffs, descended from the early Molosser dogs that were used for fighting and hunting by the Romans and other fighting forces. [...]

Temperament and Traits of the Rottweiler

Despite the horrible reputation that this breed has had to endure, the true temperament of the Rottweiler is one of a calm, loving and very loyal dog that can and will provide protection if needed. They are not an aggressive breed by nature, however, like most intelligent larger breeds they are dominant in temperament. Considering the demands placed on the dogs in the herding or working group, it is easy to see why this type of dominant, self-confident and problem solving type of temperament was an essential element in developing the breed. The Rottweiler, not unlike any other dog in this group, needs to feel that they have a job to do and a responsibility in the family. This can include being the guardian of the property or accompanying you on a daily walk. [...]

Training and Socialization of Akitas

The Akita is unique among some of the working group in that they are more comfortable being an only dog or as a pair, rather than being a true pack dog. This may be caused by their fighting heritage or because of their role in the rural areas. It would have been uncommon for people to keep more than one or two of these very large sized dogs, even when they were used for hunting or for herding and protecting flocks, which were a major part of the early Akita's role. [...]

What you need to consider before buying a Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound is one breed of the hound group that is very different in appearance than the other dogs within the group. In addition the Norwegian Elkhound also has a non-typical type of personality for a hound, however there are definitely traits and instincts that make this smaller sized, northern type of dog a perfect match for the group as a whole. Overall the Norwegian Elkhound is a true spitz type dog complete with a fox-like face, pricked erect ears and the high tail carried in a full curl over the back. [...]

Found [20] Articles :: Page 2 of 2
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