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The Canaan Dog as a Working Dog

The Canaan Dog has a long history of having many purposes. They are used as pets, companion dogs, for the show ring, and as working dogs. The Bedouins had the Canaan dog to guard their camps during the night as well as watching the flocks. This dog was made by nature to survive, which helps to make him such a versatile dog, able to meet anyone's needs. The Canaan was used as a working dog during World War II for patrol work in addition to helping the army in any way they were needed. Their use as sentry dogs for the army was invaluable as well as tracking dogs whose purpose was to detect any landmines. This dog has repeatedly put his life on the line to help his owner or master. [...]

The Beauceron on the Job

The Beauceron is bred to be primarily a working dog. He loves to work and needs to have a job to do! He has many talents that bode well for many different jobs for him to do. [...]

Beauceron: Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The Beauceron is an interesting dog with many fun facts within its rich history. It is a noble and wonderful dog and there may be a few things that will surprise you about its past! [...]

Belgian Malinois: Are They All From Belgium?

The Belgium Malinois is one of three breeds belonging to the Belgian Shepherd dog breed. While the three types are all recognized separately by the American Kennel Club, other places in the world recognize Belgian Shepherds as one breed. The three breeds of Belgian Shepherd are the Belgian Malinois, the Belgian Sheepdog, and the Belgian Tervuren. [...]

Working With the Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a smart, energetic dog. As such, he requires a lot of patience from his master, as well as a lot of training time and bonding time. The Belgian Malinois is not a dog to sit quietly on the couch with you. Instead, he wants to be doing something exciting, and he loves to have a job. Having a job makes the Belgian Malinois not only happy and healthy, but it also keeps him from developing poor behaviors from the overabundance of energy and boredom. [...]

Belgian Sheepdogs and Their Tracking, Herding, and Other Abilities

The Belgian Sheepdog is a highly intelligent breed that must always have plenty to keep him busy. Unlike many other breeds, he is not content to just stand beside you and wait for something to happen. They need to be busy doing something whether it's herding, assisting the blind or disabled, working with agility exercises, or working as a police or guard dog. They must be busy at all times or they will find their own entertainment, which may not suit your idea of a challenging activity. [...]

Specialized Events For Different Breeds

Each type or breed of dog has been bred and developed to fill a particular niche for humans. This may be a very general job such as a companion dog's role, or it may be very practical such as a breed that has been developed as a gun or hunting dog, as a working dog or as a herding or flock guardian. Each breed, regardless of its size or abilities, has a special type of event or competition that they could, with work and practice, start to compete in. Some competitions will require that the dog be a registered purebred, while other events, typically the hunting and working trials, will be open to all dogs regardless of registry or lineage. Other events may be sponsored completely by one breed association and may be restricted to dogs that are registered through that group, club or association. [...]

Revitalizing The Akbash Dog Breed

The Akbash Dog is still a relatively rare and unusual breed, even in its homeland of Turkey. This huge pure white herding and flock guardian dog is unique in many aspects including his or her loyalty to the flock and the bonding that occurs between this dog and the animals it protects. To understand the full importance of the breed it is first essential to understand a bit about the history of the dogs, as well as the recent interest in reviving and protecting this amazing animal. [...]

Inside or Outside

One of the benefits to many of the dogs that are considered to be high energy is that they are dogs that have been developed to do a specific job. Most of these jobs or breed traits include the dog working outside, either herding, running, protecting or guarding, meaning that they have also maintained a coat that is suitable for protection in most weather conditions. [...]

Characteristics Of A Border Collie

The Border Collie is perhaps one of the most well known dog breeds and certainly one of the top popular breeds within the herding dog group. According to the registration number for the American Kennel Club the Border Collie in the US is the 51st most popular breed, however in the United Kingdom it is number 10 on the list and in the Australian National Kennel Club the breed is number 6 over all. [...]

Border Collie - The Right Dog For Me?

There are a great number of reasons why a Border Collie may be just the right dog for you and your family. As with any breed of dog there are also some important considerations that may make a Border Collie a poor match for your home and lifestyle. No matter how much you may want to own a Border Collie, if it isn't the right match for your life then it really isn't fair to the dog, or to you either. Making informed decisions about a Border Collie before you bring a puppy home makes it easier on everyone. Often people that want a Border Collie but don't have the right lifestyle can find another breed that has the traits they want without the traits that will make owning this beautiful breed a real challenge. [...]

Training The Border Collie

As one of the smartest dogs, training a Border Collie is often very simple initially, but then difficulties start to set in. Usually these difficulties or challenges occur because the human member of the dog-person in the training program starts to deviate from the original commands. When this happens the highly intelligent Border Collie starts to think that perhaps this is a new command, and attempts to figure out what you want him or her to do. The owner, who may not understand that he or she is the cause of the problem, quickly become frustrated with a dog they see as being stubborn or willful. [...]

Competitions For Border Collies

The Border Collies, with their natural intelligence, sense of competition and desire to work with their owner or handler are ideal competition dogs. Any event that challenges a dog physically or mentally to chase, find, move through, problem solve or work as a team with the owner or handler is a good match. Generally the only types of competitions that Border Collies may not adjust well to are hunting or scent type hunting trials, or work such as schutzhund training that requires a guard dog or protective component to the competition. [...]

Temperament and Behavior of Australian Cattle Dogs

Australian Cattle Dogs are the rugged frontier dogs that you may imagine when you think of the great wide open spaces of Australia. Unlike many of the herding breeds that have gradually been bred into companion dogs, the ACD is more of a traditional working dog at heart. There are some show lines and some lines that are not as naturally inclined to the rather independent temperament of the working Australian Cattle Dog and those are the lines that are most recommended if you want a non-working pet type ACD. [...]

Origins of the Breed

The German Shepherd Dog (GSD), also known as the German Shepherd or the Alsatian, is perhaps one of the best known dog breeds around the world. German Shepherd Dogs are found in all kennel clubs and in virtually every country in the world. Although they are now known and famous as police dogs, military dogs and protection dogs, they didn't always have such a high profile type of job. [...]

Found [20] Articles :: Page 1 of 2
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