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Hunting Dog

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History Of The Golden Retriever

Many individuals may be surprised to find out that the history of the Golden Retriever is not rooted in the United States, but rather in Scotland. Since this dog has become so popular in the USA as well as around the world, often people in America simply assume it is a North American breed. In reality the origins of the Golden Retriever are rather specific as to where the breed started, if not completely clear on what foundation stock was used. [...]

American Water Spaniels

Like many of the sporting dog group, in particular the spaniel types within the group, the American Water Spaniel is largely unknown to the general public. This has helped to keep the breed from some of the major issues that come with sudden spikes in popularity as there are few backyard breeders or puppy mills producing these very interesting types of dogs. [...]

Owning A Spaniel - What You Need to Consider

For most people, several types of spaniels are a great option to consider. They are, as a group, a very outgoing and easygoing type of dog that is really geared towards pleasing the owners. Most types of spaniels will the great for first time dog owners, with the exceptions being the American Water Spaniel and the English Spaniel, which may still be great options for first time owners, but the owners have to be prepared to work with dogs that can sometimes show various degrees of dominance. This doesn't mean that the dogs are aggressive; rather it means that the dog may not be compliant at times as it tests to see if the humans or the dog is the boss of the family. Consistent, firm and positive training methods are the keys to ensuring that working with a dominant type of dog is not a problem and that your relationship with the dog stays just the way you both need it to be. [...]


The Vizsla is a rare type of hunting dog that is native to Hungary and is sometimes known as the Magyar Vizsla. This medium sized sporting group member is actually the smallest overall of the pointing types of dogs and is one of the few hunting dogs that has always been prized both as a hunting companion as well as a family pet, traditionally owned by royalty and others considered to be in powerful positions. It was a breed that was traditionally seen as the dog of aristocracy in Hungary, especially before the Russian control of Hungary occurred after World War ll. However, it was not uncommon for the Vizsla to also be found with landowners and hunters alike, making them a very well-rounded and well recognized dog within the area. [...]

Irish Red And White Setter

The Irish Red and White Setter has actually taken a backseat to the more popular all red Irish Setter, although they were originally developed from the same foundation stock and breeds. This is not a color variation on the Irish Setter; the two breeds have been separate and different for hundreds of years, resulting in a different breed standard as well as a truly different dog. [...]

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

As another breed of dog that was first developed in the Maritime provinces of Canada, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever has perhaps one of the most unique hunting methods of all of the sporting dogs. They were actually bred to lure or "toll" the waterfowl into the shoreline, allowing the hunter to take a shot. Basically the dog romps out and about along the shoreline, often chasing a stick or a ball, which in turn draws the attention of the birds. Since the dog is not in an attack posture the birds swim over closer to inspect what is going on, resulting in the hunter being able to stand and fire as the birds take wing. The Toller, as the breed is affectionately known, is then immediate ready to swim in and retrieve the downed birds. [...]

Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter is a very regal and almost elegant looking dog that is not delicate or slight in appearance, yet still gives an air of refinement. They are most known for their beautiful coat that resembles that of the Irish Setter in type, although the colors are not at all similar. A Gordon Setter only has one color option and this is black and tan. The black and tan markings are similar to that of a Rottweiler and Doberman Pinscher with the tan on the eyebrows, muzzle, vents, two parallel spots on each chest and on the lower parts of the legs and the paws. As such the color contrast on with the longer, silky coat in the deep black and rich chestnut to mahogany colors really sets the Gordon Setter apart from the other hunting breeds. It is also the only black and tan colored dog within the American Kennel Club sporting group. [...]

What Makes A Hound A Hound?

Most people are very familiar with the characterization of the hound dog group; however there are really a very wide range of breeds that fall within this specific category. Understanding the typical traits and temperaments of the hounds will then allow individuals to decide if this is the group that will most closely match your specific requirements for a dog. Prospective owners can then make the determination as to which specific breed and type of hound is the best option. [...]

History Of The Basenji Breed

The Basenji has had one of the longest recorded histories of any currently recognizable dog breed, remaining almost virtually identical to the earliest depictions of the breed. Although there have been many claims that the Basenji is not a true dog but rather a mixture of a true dog, which descended from wolves, with other dog relative such as a jackal or other type of wild hybrid, modern forms of DNA testing have positively established the Basenji as a true dog, not a hybrid cross. [...]

Competitions With Basenjis

The Basenji, while primarily a sight hound, also can be trained to more continually rely on its scenting ability. Few Basenjis if any will become as proficient at using their nose as a scent hound, but they are still often used in traditional sight hound types of events and competitions. [...]

Living With A Dachshund

Living with a Dachshund is sometimes described as living with a teenager that is trapped in a dog's body. They tend to have some of the most outstanding personalities, which is not to say that the Dachshund is a dog that is highly obedient by nature or one that is likely to sit back and just watch what is going on. As a general rule these dogs are type A personalities with lots of energy, intelligence and enthusiasm for whatever it is that they may be focused on at the time. [...]

Living with and Training a Plott Hound

The Plott Hound is a great addition to most families, however they are not always a good match for all families. This is not unusual for the breed and is rather consistent within the hound group. Their natural hunting and tracking instincts as well as their need for lots of exercise can make them challenging for several different types of families and living situations. [...]

Black and Tan Coonhound - A True Hunting Breed

The Black and Tan Coonhound has a long history of being a hunting dog. The original ancestor of the modern Black and Tan is the St. Hubert Hound, which is now more commonly referred to as a Bloodhound. These larger hounds were bred by the Belgian monks of St. Hubert, hence their name, and were famous for their ability to track regardless of the terrain, weather and conditions. They were not extremely fast dogs but they were tenacious and would never give up on a trail as long as there was any scent to follow. They were also incredibly smart problem solves and would often think their way through obstacles and possible blockages in the trail using very methodical and highly intelligent strategies. [...]

Information about The Harrier Hound

Although the Harrier Hound is still relatively uncommon within the United States it is a recognized member of the Hound Group through the American Kennel Club. According to the AKC registration breed ranking the Harrier is the 153rd most registered dog in the United States out of a possible 156, with numbers slowly declining. The Harrier Club of American reports that there are fewer than 50 puppies whelped per year in the United States, with only 24 puppies in total registered with the AKC in the Harrier Hound breed in 1999. The relative scarcity of Harrier Hounds in the United States is the exact opposite in the United Kingdom where there dogs are still incredibly popular in rural areas and with hunters. [...]

The Ancient Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound is perhaps the oldest breed of domesticated dog in the world. They can be traced, as a breed, back to the early years of the Egyptian culture. It is estimated that this dog existed as a defined and distinctive type by 3000 to 4000 B.C. Carvings, drawings and sculptures as well as records clearly show a dog that is identical to the modern Pharaoh Hound within tombs and burial areas within Egypt, clearly indicating these dogs were not only present but valued by the various royalty and individuals of the time. [...]

Found [140] Articles :: Page 9 of 10
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