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Irish Setters

Aliases: Red Setter

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Irish Setter Articles

Irish Setter Grooming Concerns

One of the Irish Setter's most distinguishing characteristics is her flowing, shiny coat. While most all long-haired breeds are prone to tangling or matting at least once in a while, for whatever reason it seems to be a much more prevalent problem for the Irish Setter. Besides the normal grooming practices that should be employed for all breeds, the Setter's coat can be affected by a much wider range of influences. For that reason, it's important to take a few extra considerations into mind when caring for your dog's coat and appearance. [...]

Irish Setter Training Issues

The Irish Setter is a very enthusiastic and affection breed that is eager to form bonds with human owners and do anything in its power to please them. At the same time, they exhibit a very individualistic personality and once they have established certain habits, it can be hard to change them. As such, it's important to begin training your Irish Setter from a very young age, and to take the proper approach when doing so. [...]

Irish Setter Exercise and Nutritional Needs

The Irish Setter is a fairly large breed as well as one that was historically bred for strenuous activities like tracking and hunting. As such, their exercise needs tend to be very high and it's all the more important to ensure that they receive a properly balanced diet. Try and keep the following things in mind to make sure that your Irish Setter is on the right track. [...]

Is the Irish Setter the Right Breed for You?

The Irish Setter is one of the most beautiful breeds and with a very affectionate and winning personality, their appeal can be awfully hard to resist. Before you jump right in and rush out to adopt one, however, make certain that your home is the kind of environment that an Irish Setter can thrive in. If you jump the gun, you'll see find that you've gotten yourself, and your dog, into a situation that makes you both miserable. [...]

Showing an Irish Setter

If you're going to be displaying your Irish Setter in the show ring, it's important to know ahead of time exactly what it is that the judges will be looking for. This is good advice for all breeds, but with a breed that is both very aesthetically pleasing with a long, flowing coat and with a history for staunch obedience and field work like the Irish Setter, it's doubly important that both aspects of the breed be apparent at all times. [...]

The Irish Setter as a Hunting Dog

The Irish Setter, like all Setters, was originally developed as a "gundog", that is to say a breed used in hunting small game, usually birds. Unlike other hunting dogs such as terriers who give chase and kill the prey themselves, the Irish Setter was always intended to hunt in conjunction with a human companion. On a hunt, the Irish Setter will use his or her keen sense of smell to track prey. Once they find the type they're looking for, instead of chasing, the Irish Setter will adopt a frozen stance that simply and silently points the direction towards the prey for the human hunter to pursue. This posture, called "setting" the direction of a quarry, is where the breed gets their name. [...]

Irish Setter Breed Controversies

There is some controversy to this day surrounding what exactly constitutes a “true” Irish Setter and what does not. Most of this controversy stems from a schism that occurred in the early 20th century between those who valued the Irish Setter for her show qualities and those who valued her for her long-standing field tradition and working qualities. [...]

The Irish Setter as a Sporting Dog

As one of the breeds equally suited to working in the fields and displaying their qualities in the show ring, the Irish Setter has a rich history of competition. In addition to standard dog shows which are looking for ideal specimens of a particular breed, the Irish Setter performs very well in other types of skill-based competitions such as agility courses and hunting tests. [...]

Irish Setter Clubs and Publications

There are a number of resources for connecting with other Irish Setter owners whether it's for sharing information, attending shows, or just making new friends for you and your dog. Below you'll find a list of helpful links to get you started. - Irish Setter Club of America. This club offers much in the way of information about the breed and has many contacts with both breeders and registering bodies. [...]

Irish Setter: Weird Facts / Did You Know?

The Irish Setter has been a presidential dog four times. They first saw the inside of the White House as President Franklin D. Roosevelt's pair of Setters Jack and Jill. Immediately following his term, Harry Truman brought his Setter "Mike" to office with him, and then again, many years later, Richard Nixon took office and brought along his "King Timahoe". Cesar Millan, the infamous "Dog Whisperer" well known for his unorthodox approach to training that utilizes evolutionary psychology, owned an Irish Setter as his very first pet! This animal went by the name of Saluki. [...]

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