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Irish Wolfhounds

Aliases: Sighthound

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Irish Wolfhound Articles

The Irish wolfhound & Heart Disease

The Irish wolfhound is a relatively healthy breed of dog, but is occasionally affected by heart disease. There are different heart problems that may affect the Irish wolfhound, but the most common heart disorder is dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). Until recently, many Irish wolfhounds (as well as other dogs) died because there just wasn't enough research available for a local vet to correctly diagnose the problem as DCM. DCM is now much better known, so veterinarians will usually run tests to rule out this disorder, especially in breeds that are prone to developing DCM, such as the Irish wolfhound. [...]

The Irish Wolfhound and Hunting

The Irish wolfhound was bred to be a hunting dog. Although they have many talents, they were first and foremost a hunting dog and still are in their blood. When they first were developed, they were used for hunting large and dangerous game. Some of the animals they were known for hunting were the wolves and wild boars. This is partly how they got their name, "wolfhound". They were taught not only to chase the wolf, but to kill it as well. They would shake it by the neck until it was dead. Their drive, courage and endurance are what made them such excellent hunting dogs. [...]

The Irish wolfhound and its Special Exercise Needs

The Irish wolfhound needs exercise just like any other dog. Although many people believe this large dog needs more exercise than a smaller breed dog, this is not the case. They are a dog that is very adaptable and will adapt to what their families give them. Because of their size, however, they do need lots of room to run around and stretch their legs. [...]

The Irish Wolfhound as a Family Pet

If you are contemplating getting an Irish wolfhound for a family pet, you couldn't be getting a friendlier, loyal or loving animal. They make great family dogs that are great with children. They are gentle and quiet, sometimes even on the shy side. It is advisable to remember that they can be quite fierce when they are provoked. Provocation to them would be someone threatening their family. They do not make good guard dogs as a rule, however, because they are must too friendly and loving. Their large size may scare away strangers, though. [...]

The Irish Wolfhound as a Show Dog

The Irish wolfhound, in addition to making a wonderful companion and family pet, has many other traits that make them such desirable dogs. One of these traits is their ability to make excellent show dogs. There are breed standards of the Irish wolfhound that must be met in the show ring, such as body length and height, proportion of the body as well as each part being the size it should be in proportion to the rest of the body (front and back legs, height at withers, etc.). [...]

The Irish Wolfhound as a Working Dog

The Irish wolfhound is a very versatile dog that performs many tasks besides just being a family pet. They make a very good working dog. From the time the breed was developed, they were bred and trained to work. They originally were trained to be a war dog with the task of pulling men off horsebacks or out of chariots. They then had their training extended to being a guard dog. Years ago, the Irish wolfhound was not the gently loving ball of fur that they are today. This was to the owner's advantage as the dog was used to guard the flocks of animals as well as guard the home and they were dedicated and ferocious in their duties. [...]

Irish Wolfhound :Weird Facts Did You Know?

The Irish wolfhound is the largest or tallest breed of dog in the world. It is also the largest breed in the Sighthound family as well as one of the oldest. John Entwistle, a bassist from the famous rock group, The Who, owned many Irish wolfhounds in his life and felt they were his favorite. [...]

The Irish Wolfhound :Is There a "Right" Color?

The Irish wolfhound can come in many colors and it looks great in all of them. The AKC has certain accepted colors for the Irish wolfhound, which are gray, red, brindle, black, fawn, wheaten and pure white. Occasionally you will see a Irish wolfhound with white markings or spots on the feet or chest. They may also have brindling that will overlay some of the other colors. The most common colors you see in the Irish wolfhound today are gray or wheaten. [...]

Irish Wolfhounds and Their Nutritional Needs

The Irish wolfhound is a very large dog and many owners are going to feel that they need a lot more food than the average large breed dog. They do need to be fed a sufficient amount, but not that much more than the average large breed dog. It is important to give your Irish wolfhound the right kind of dog food for their lifestyle. Unless they are a working dog doing a lot of work, they should not be on a high protein/high energy type of food. The inactive Irish wolfhound can get along fine with a dog food with a protein of 18 % or less. [...]

What to Look For When Getting an Irish Wolfhound

You've been thinking of getting a dog for the family for quite some time and have finally decided on the Irish wolfhound. This is an excellent choice for a pet. They make an excellent companion dog that will love spending as much time with you as you will allow. Hopefully, you are planning on keeping your new Irish wolfhound inside, as he won't be happy kept outdoors away from you and the family. You need to be aware, however, that the Irish wolfhound is a very large dog. [...]

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