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Aliases: Belgian Laekenois, Chien de Berger , Laekense, Belgian Shepherd

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The Rare Rough Haired Laekenois Breed

Because they are rarely seen outside of their native Belgium, the Laekenois is considered one of the rarer breeds of the canine world. Vigilant, smart and steady, not only were they used as Belgian police dogs they were used as army dogs as well. As part of the sheep dog family, they are quite independent but still require close human contact in order to stay healthy mentally and emotionally. They are adaptable and at their best when given something to do that requires using their alert mind. They are perhaps most noted for their rough coats that give the appearance of being somewhat unkempt. Many have noted that even with a fawn or reddish coat and dark shading, the breed resembles a bushy German Shepherd to some extent. [...]

The Laekenois Linen Guard Dogs

In the nineteenth century, the flatlands of Flanders in Belgium were found to have the best type of soil for growing flax, a plant used to make linen. The flax was of such good quality that the region came to depend on the crop as a vital part of its economy. Thusly, flax fields began to spring up everywhere along the countryside. It was then that the Laekenois also began to make its own appearance as the protector of these valuable flax fields. Day or night, their ferocious bark and tenacity proved the breed quite effective at keeping thieves and bandits at bay. [...]

Investing Attention in the Laekenois

In their early history, the Laekenois was used for guarding property and herding sheep and cattle. As they were depended on to do a job without much instruction, dogs developed for this intention are known to have a bit of an independent streak in their temperament. At times this can make the Laekenois seem aloof or rather standoffish. Nonetheless, they greatly depend on regular contact with owners to stay healthy. The breed is steadfastly loyal and their human family is considered their pack. Many who own the breed report it is not uncommon for the dog to attach to one particular individual in the family. [...]

The Needs and Requirements of the Laekenois

Having a Laekenois in the house means having a dog around that is loyal, gravitates to activity and offers an extra set of eyes that never miss a thing. Their intelligence and independence makes them a good match for those who prefer a dog that can provide a partnership rather than a dependency. However, with an intelligent breed in the house it is important to make sure the Laekenois keeps not only their bodies exercised but their minds as well. The Laekenois is one that enjoys keeping busy and having treat dispensing Kongs and plenty of chew toys ensures owners their shoes and other valuables stay safe. [...]

The Standard Belgian Army and Police Laekenois Issue

In its earliest history, the Laekenois was used for guarding and herding, tasks that require a certain type of focused intelligence. Not only must they be alert and able to make quick decisions, they must also be courageous, bold and have great stamina. These qualities have always come standard in the Laekenois. While the breed loves and adores their owners, they are not overly dependent on pleasing and do not commonly offer blind obedience. When they have a job to do, the Laekenois is serious about carrying it out. These traits in dogs have always been of benefit to those who work in law enforcement and military. Unsurprisingly, the Laekenois eventually found itself working in the Belgian army and police force. [...]

Showing the Laekenois

When the time comes that an individual decides to show their beloved Laekenois on the professional circuit, there are many things to be considered. Owners must be absolutely certain they have the passion, time and the capital it takes to invest in such a pursuit. To make the choice easier, one should first read up on the subject as much as possible. Attending dog shows and talking to others about not just the high points but the difficulties of showing dogs is a great way to get an insider's view. If there is still an interest, one should then join the official kennel club that recognizes the Laekenois. In this case, the United Kennel Club is the only formal organization that recognizes the Laekenois as a breed. [...]

The Happy to Be Busy Laekenois

Nearly every breed of dog in the canine world was developed with specific traits that made them valuable in the everyday lives of their owners. The intelligent, resilient Belgian Laekenois is no different. The breed's herding and guarding capabilities were simply unrivaled at the time and region they first originated. Their medium size made it easy for them to maneuver in and around sheep and cattle and ensured they had plenty of stamina. Their large pointed ears and sight and scent capabilities also made them perfect for guarding. Most importantly, their serious temperament always kept them focused on the job at hand. This made them extremely reliable and priceless to those that owned them. [...]

The Brilliant Laekenois

The Laekenois is well known for being an alert and vigilant breed. It is also widely known that observant behavior and attentiveness is a distinct sign of intelligence. Without these traits, the breed would have never earned their highly regarded reputation in herding circles. Sensing changes in an environment and moving to meet them requires that dogs apply their most critical skills and instincts. The Laekenois was able to develop and exercise these skills by reading the movements of animals in a herd. The Laekenois also has the tenacity and courage to accept almost any challenge that comes along. This is a common trait in dogs that have a good sense of self. [...]

The Laekenois as a Loving Family Dog

The Laekenois is a breed that can make an excellent family dog as long as a few special considerations are kept in mind. Whether male or female, the breed's history as a working dog has given them a nature that is self reliant. This has also resulted in a temperament that at times can be rather dominant. Compromise and an understanding owner is the name of the game with this breed. Though males and females are extremely loyal, females exhibit just a spot more of a mothering instinct; however, both males and females will carry a strong sense of duty to protect a household and all its members from harm. [...]

Laekenois Weird Facts Did You Know?

Because it is such a rare breed even in its home country, there are very few who are actually aware there is a fourth Belgian Shepherd such as the Laekenois. When they are seen out and about, their wiry coat is often the first thing that interests people. Unsurprisingly, their familiar shepherd stature and wavy hair often has them mistaken for a type of crossbreed. From their very beginnings, the Laekenois has had its admirers, starting with the King and Queen of Brussels. As the dog was used to herd sheep on royal pastures surrounding their castle, King Leopold and Queen Marie Henriette soon became enamored with the breed. It was then the dog was bestowed with the honor of being named after their estate, Castle Laeken. [...]

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