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Monkey Biter ? How the Affenpinscher Earned its Name

You may have heard the Affenpinscher referred to as the "monkey dog", but did you ever wonder how it earned this curious name? The truth lies not only in its appearance, but also in its actions. In this article, we'll take a look at how the little "monkey dog" earned its name. [...]

The Newfoundland Named Seaman and the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Being well known for their swimming ability and rescuing instinct, Newfoundlands have a distinction in history that separates them from other breeds. The breed's loyal and easy temperament plus its physical prowess lead one of its own to famously become a part of the pioneering efforts taken by William Cark and Meriwether Lewis. Lewis and Clark's journey to the western portion of America was conducted in the early 1800s and they were accompanied by a remarkable Newfoundland dog they had named "Seaman". [...]

How The Black Russian Terrier Was Created

Times were bleak in Russia when the country attempted to create a native breed of dog. In the 1930s, Red Star, a military kennel outside of Moscow, began working on creating a dog to be used as part of the country's national security force. This was quite the challenge at the time, considering most of the country's purebred dogs were slaughtered during the Russian Revolution. Even more dogs were eradicated throughout World War II and the ensuing economic devastation. [...]

Jobs Of The Black Russian Terrier

Some people are born to work. The Black Russian Terrier fits into this category, as well. Although part of the reason it was bred was to create a national dog for Russia, the primary goal in creating the Black Russian Terrier's was bred to fulfill a need for in the country's national security force - one that could withstand the country's frigid winters. [...]

Dalmatians "The Fire Dogs"

One of the most fascinating things about Dalmatians is their history serving alongside firefighters. This breed is believed to have been first recorded about 600 years ago. They have served many purposes through the years including chasing rodents and shepherding livestock, but it is their association with firefighting that has left the most lasting impression. [...]

Borzoi: Weird Facts Did You Know?

The most famous Borzoi today is probably the one who is the ancestor of almost all of the Borzoi bred in the United Kingdom. The majority of the British Borzoi bloodlines alive today are from the same female Borzoi named Tasha. Tasha was born during World War II in the UK and she belonged to the founder of Denes Natural Pet Foods, Buster Lloyd Jones. Another famous Borzoi is the one who graces the covers of all books from Alfred A. Knopf publishing. The logo for Knopf publishing is a Borzoi in silhouette. [...]

The Different Types of the Canaan Dog

The Canaan is a medium sized dog with the appearance of the Pariah dog. Although they are one of a kind, many people claim to have dogs that are Canaan, when in fact, they are some other breed. The Canaan dog is still a very rare dog. After much research, dog breeders of this breed say that there are actually two types of Canaan dog. This announcement came about due to much controversy as to what the "correct Canaan dog" should and does look like. They claim that even though they are both Canaan dogs, they are actually very different types of Canaan. [...]

Bloodhound Weird Facts/Did You Know

[h]Famous Movie and Television Bloodhounds[/h] The Beverly Hillbillies' Bloodhound Duke was portrayed as a lazy dog that just lies around all day. This is not like the breed at all, they are full of energy for the most part. The first Bloodhound to play the part was named Stretch who retired at the age of thirteen when a younger version took over the role of Duke. Stretch was also in the movie "No Time for Sergeants". [...]

Famous Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

Each dog breed has a history that tells of where it comes from and how it came to be. Such histories add more meaning to a dog's existence and make it more endearing to its owner. This is especially so, if a dog's history is found to have spanned thousands of years or is very colorful. In the course of a dog breed's history, there are bound to be dogs that are meant to be best remembered. Either it is because they were the starter stock of the foundation of the breed or they played significant parts in events that led to the popularity of a dog breed. Either way, these dogs are bound to be famous in their own rights and should be given equal opportunity to be acknowledged and recognized as the important dogs that they are. [...]

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon: Weird Facts Did You Know?

Each dog breed leaves behind a mark in history that they can call their own. This is because each breed has its beginnings that lend a character to its very name. Dog owners are, most often than not, very interested to delve into these beginnings. For them, knowing of their dog's origin helps in understanding how their dogs came to be. Aside from the origin, there are also other facts that owners would like to know about their dogs, especially if they are pertinent to caring for their dogs as best as they can. [...]

Siberian Huskies: Human Saviors

Siberian huskies are working dogs whose endurance, intelligence, and tenacity suits them well to many jobs that have helped mankind tremendously. Siberian Huskies are proven companions with superior canine intelligence; as such, huskies have made very good guide dogs. They are also excellent Search and Rescue animals, particularly because they love to seek and find, and they have strength and endurance that far surpasses many other breeds. Historically, Siberian Huskies served humans well in the northern reaches of the arctic. Teams of Siberian Huskies were used for transportation to isolated Alaskan gold mines. Siberian Husky sled dog teams carried food and supplies to mining outposts, and brought back the sick and the inured. [...]

Famous Otterhounds

There is much mystery associated with the exact origin of the Otterhound. Many aficionados believe that the dog has been around since ancient times. Pictures of hounds were found drawn on cave walls in Mesopotamia. According to the writings of John Mammoth, the Southern Hound known to be the direct ancestor of the Otterhound is believed to have been transported to Brittany. [...]

The Difficulty Of Procuring A PON

The Polish Owczarek Nizinny (PON) has had several survival crises since World War I. Many of the dogs that were in Poland were killed by invading armies since they were found to be defending farmhouses that were in the path of the invasion. By the time World War I had ended, there were only an estimated 150 PONs in all of Poland. Despite this, the breeders who loved this very useful and affectionate dog began to breed more Nizinny. This brought the breed back somewhat from its demise before World War II struck. The breed almost became extinct at that point. [...]

A Member of the Mastiff Family

While most fanciers know that the African Boerboel's name comes from the Afrikaans translation for "farmer's dog," there are those that call the breed the South African Mastiff. Mastiffs, or Molassers, as they are sometimes called, are a group of large breeds that share a common ancestry. Here we'll take a look at a brief history of the mastiff family and how the Boerboel stacks up against other mastiffs that are perhaps better known outside of the dog's native South Africa. While there are dozens of breeds that are considered to be a part of the mastiff family today, the true origins of the Molosser family have unfortunately been lost to the mists of time. Some claim that they are descended from Tibetan Mastiffs, but this has been shown to be largely unsupported by evidence. [...]

The Adaptation of the Fell Pony

Like other ponies that are native to Great Britain, the Fell Pony has survived thousands of years of living in a harsh environment and the whims of man. Thanks to traits such as versatility, intelligence and a high capacity for adaptation has helped the Fell Pony become the strong, well loved pony of Northern England of today. Here we'll take a look at just some of the obstacles the Fell Pony had to overcome over the centuries in order to survive. [...]

Found [19] Articles :: Page 1 of 2
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