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Scottish Deerhounds

Aliases: Deerhound

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Scottish Deerhound Articles

Caring for Your Scottish Deerhound: From Puppy to the Elderly Years

Dogs have different needs that are particular to their age and breed. Caring for Scottish Deerhounds is quite challenging, mainly because its health relies greatly on the amount of exercise it gets. If you have a Scottish Deerhound puppy as a pet and you have no active companion for it, then you have to be prepared to be its surrogate companion. Start exercising it with walks when it is at 6-8 weeks. You will be surprised to note that it can walk for more than a mile by the time it reaches 12 weeks and become absolutely tireless when it reaches 6 months. [...]

Common Illnesses among Scottish Deerhounds

Getting a Scottish Deerhound can be a big responsibility because the life of a dog is in your hands. Because of this, it is imperative that you know the health problems that are commonly associated with a Scottish Deerhound and what you should do if your dog is afflicted by such illnesses. Here are the common illnesses found among Scottish Deerhounds, and also the various treatments and prevention measures that you can use to ensure that your pet is fit and healthy. [...]

How to Take Care of Your Scottish Deerhound's Health?

If you have a Scottish Deerhound for a pet, you must know that this dog has special needs when it comes to its health. There are a few things you have to look into when caring for your Scottish Deerhound, namely, exercise, feeding and medical attention. If you have a Scottish Deerhound, the most important thing that you should do to ensure its overall health is to provide sufficient exercise. For a Deerhound puppy, you should be aware that the amount of exercise that you give to your pet would translate to its overall development as a dog, both in terms of health and physical growth. Therefore, for an active breed such as the Scottish Deerhound, frequent and proper exercise is necessary to maintain its state of well-being. In line with this, it is best that you can provide a large, fenced area for your Scottish Deerhound to run around in. [...]

How Would You Know if a Scottish Deerhound is the Best Dog for You?

A lot of thought should be poured into finding out which dog breed is best for you. If you are eyeing a Scottish Deerhound for a pet, then there are some things that you have to consider before you decide to get one. Knowing certain characteristics of the dog you want to own would make it easier for you to take care of it. First of all, if you are living in an apartment, then a Scottish Deerhound is definitely not the best dog breed for you. Although an adult Scottish Deerhound can cope with living in enclosed spaces if it is given sufficient exercise, a younger Deerhound will fare better in a home with a large yard. It would even be better if you are living in a ranch with acres of land, so you would have more room for your Scottish Deerhound to run and roam around. Because of its size, it is also advisable that your home is large enough to accommodate a Deerhound. You have to make sure that your yard or your land is fenced to ensure the safety of your pet. [...]

Hunting and the Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound is considered a sighthound, which makes it an excellent dog for hunting. Throughout the Middle Ages, this dog breed was known as a noblemen's dog and it was bred for the specific purpose of becoming a Scottish chieftain's deer-hunting dog. In those times, no one below the ranking of an Earl could own a Scottish Deerhound. This dog's estimable talents include not only sighting and hunting but also tracking, racing and lure coursing. It is also known for its speed and agility. [...]

Scottish Deerhound: Weird Facts Did You Know?

There are amazing facts about each dog breed that are of great interest to dog lovers. Once you get to know these facts about your dog, you will see its breed in a different light. You can learn the story of where your dog came from and how it came to be known to mankind. You will also know of the amazing journey that the breed went through to become the acclaimed breed that it is now. These are the kinds of stories about your dog that you want to share with others. [...]

Which Food is the Best for Your Scottish Deerhound?

Dog owners are now changing their ways when it comes to what they feed their pets. The same is true for those who own Scottish Deerhounds. While owners of this breed of dogs might have been contented to feed their pets commercial food before, they have now become more receptive to the notion that it is better to use natural food. More and more Scottish Deerhound owners are now adapting to the new trend of seeing home-cooked meals as being better than store-bought ones. This is because they are getting concerned with the amount of chemicals and preservatives that go into their dogs' digestive system through the ingestion of commercial food. [...]

Toilet Training Your Scottish Deerhound Puppy

Initiating proper toilet training for puppies is quite simple in general. However, toilet training a Scottish Deerhound puppy is another matter altogether. It is a challenging task that requires a great amount of patience and a firm hand, on top of the basic potty training rules. This is basically because a Scottish Deerhound is naturally known for its stubbornness. Because it is not too interested in pleasing its owner, it tends to ignore your rules and instructions. [...]

Training Your Scottish Deerhound to Do Some Parlor Tricks

If you have a Scottish Deerhound as a pet, then one of the most important things that you should know is the dog's independent nature. This trait translates to its innate sense of pleasing only itself almost all the time and not its owner. A Scottish Deerhound is also basically stubborn in nature, making it one of the hardest dog breeds to train or housebreak. Because of this, it is no mean feat to try to teach your Scottish Deerhound some parlor tricks. If you want to attempt this near impossible feat to impress someone or to prove something to yourself, then you should be ready to take a long and challenging journey. [...]

Which to Get: A Puppy or an Adult Scottish Deerhound

The decision to get a pet is one that you should not take lightly because it entails great responsibilities. This is even truer when it comes to getting a Scottish Deerhound because taking care of this dog breed is no mean feat considering the amount of exercise and space that it needs to maintain its health and well-being. The responsibilities of taking care of a Scottish Deerhound also differs with its age. There are those who might be willing to take on a puppy while there are others who might prefer to get an adolescent or even an adult Scottish Deerhound. [...]

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