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When you hear the name "Poodle", your mind conjures up an image of an elaborately groomed dog with a hairstyle to rival a prom queen. While many believe that Poodle handlers decided on the hairstyle to promote the diva-like appearance of their treasured breed, the truth is a bit more complex. Indeed, Poodles were originally water dogs and a hunter would shave his dog's coat to decrease drag in the water; patches of hair were left on the leg joints so that the cold or any debris in the water wouldn't harm the dog. Haircuts became more exaggerated and extravagant when traveling gypsies and then the French started using Poodles for circus performances. [...]

Poodle Hybrids

The fad of "designer dogs" has become popular nowadays, so much so people are paying top dollar for mixed breed dogs heavily advertised as unique and glamorous. Designer dogs are mixed breed dogs whose ancestry is known; these crosses are becoming more and more deliberate, with individuals trying to capitalize on the new trend by breeding and marketing interesting crosses. One of the breeds used most frequently to create these new designer dogs is the Poodle; their popularity mainly stems from the fact that Poodles do not shed and are very good pets for people who suffer from allergies, though the fact that they are intelligent and good family dogs also plays a role in their use. Some critics of the designer dog trend seem to think, though, that people just like the names of the cross breeds; a cockapoo or a labradoodle just sounds cute. [...]

Jobs of a Poodle: from Water Dog to Circus Dog to Companion

All dog breeds have a purpose in life; each was created to fulfill some role, to help humans in some way. Poodles are no different; there is controversy as to where and from what stock the Poodle actually originated, but many experts are in agreement that this breed is quite old. Pictorial references to dogs resembling poodles have been observed in art dating to Roman or even Ancient Egyptian times. As is the case with many dogs, Poodles have gone from working dogs to companions, as their original "jobs" have lost importance; as occurs with many dogs, however, the skills that made them so suitable for their intended occupations have very nicely been applied towards making them an excellent family pet. [...]

Showing Your Poodle

As any happy Poodle owner can tell you, Poodles make excellent family pets. They also have an outstanding reputation in the show ring, however; they can be very flashy dogs and will almost always grab the attention of the judges and the public. For an owner to show their Poodle, however, it takes quite a bit of time and dedication, not to mention money. There are strict requirements for a Poodle's hairstyle and coat length and owners who are not meticulous about their Poodle grooming could see their prized dog disqualified from the ring. Besides the grueling coat requirements, there are obviously requirements for height, physical appearance and the way the dog carries himself. [...]

Complaints about Poodles

Many Poodle owners can go on forever praising the intelligence, playfulness, loyalty and affection that characterizes their treasured canine companion. As is always the case, though, a dog that is wonderful for one particular family or owner is not always suitable for someone else; add in poor breeding practices on the part of careless or ignorant breeders and poor training practices on the part of an owner, and a Poodle, or any other dog for that matter, can be a disaster waiting to happen. If you're thinking about adding a Poodle to your family, make sure that you thoroughly research the breed and consult your family; it's always a very wise idea to talk to knowledgeable and reputable breeders and owners of Poodles and maybe spend some time with a Poodle before making the final decision. [...]

Poodle and Competitive Events

While it may be hard to believe, Poodles weren't bred just to be show dogs. They were originally developed as gun dogs, or retrievers. They have also excelled at a number of other different activities, such as hunting, tracking and herding. Many Poodle owners around the world still use their dogs in some of these traditional roles, though hunting activities in general have faded in importance over the years. Nonetheless, there are a still a variety of competitions in which dogs can show off the talents that characterize them as a breed and Poodles perform with success in many of these competitions. Some of the competitive events in which Poodles are seen include agility, tracking, herding and obedience. [...]

Are Poodles Really Pampered Divas?

One look at a Poodle, especially Poodles shown in conformation events, and many people automatically assume that Poodles were bred merely to be the pampered divas of the canine world. The extravagant hairstyles with which Poodles are presented are one of the main factors lending themselves to the concept of the Poodle diva. So is it true? Are they dogs that love to lounge in the lap of luxury? The question has no actual clear-cut answer. [...]

The Corded Poodle

The overwhelming majority of Poodles we see around today are described as curly-coated; if a Poodle's coat is not brushed out, small dense curls will form, much like the Portuguese Water Dog. Remember, in fact, that Poodles were bred as water dogs. More often than not, though, a Poodle's fur is brushed out completely. There is also another type of Poodle coat that is much less commonly seen but which is equally permissible in conformation events; this is the corded coat; the coats of these dogs look like mats made of small ropes. When Poodles were first registered, the corded coat was just as popular as the curly coat; indeed, the first champion Poodle, in 1890, had a corded coat. [...]

The Poodle as a Watchdog

A properly trained and socialized Poodle makes a wonderful pet. They are considered to be one of the most intelligent breed of dogs, even possessing a sense of humor. The Poodle was bred to work closely with humans, originally in the capacity of a water retriever and subsequently as a herder, hunter and guardian. They can be easily trained and have an overwhelming desire to please their owner or owners. Many of their characteristics have made Poodles into very efficient watchdogs. [...]

Weird Facts Did You Know?

Those crazy haircuts you see on Poodles parading around the show ring actually had a purpose. Poodles were originally bred to be water dogs and shaving their hindquarters helped them swim more effectively; patches of hair were left over joints to protect them from the cold. [...]

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