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Australian Shepherds

Aliases: Aussie

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Australian Shepherd Articles

The Coat of the Australian Shepherd

Many people find that when they get an Australian Shepherd dog, the dog's coat is similar but different than that of the average dog. Many times when people go to purchase an Australian Shepherd or any other breed of dog, they go by the standards of what the dog should be like according to all the different clubs and registries. However, the dogs are going to look like what ever they look like! [...]

Australian Shepherd : Weird Facts Did you Know?

Many people find that once they own a particular dog, that is the time when they start learning of all the different facts or weird things about their dogs. In fact, many of the facts are very interesting! When it comes down to people being able to distinguish an Australian Shepherd from any other breed of dogs, there are two things that makes them stand out to other dogs. [...]

Caring for an Australian Shepherd

Many people think that having a dog is a lot of work. However, if you have a pet for a companion, it is no work at all. In fact, you will think of your Australian shepherd like a child of your own. One thing that many people have problems with once getting an Australian shepherd is how to care for them. [...]

Exercise and Stimulation for the Australian Shepherds

Many times when people get a dog such as the Australian shepherd, they are not aware of all the demands that they have on your time. In fact, it does not take long for the owners to realize that they not only need physical exercise but they also need mental stimulation, as well. [...]

Eye Problems with the Australian Shepherd

Many times when people look up information on the Australian shepherd, it is then that they realize that they are prone to having multiple different eye diseases or problems. [...]

Getting an Australian Shepherd - Female or Male?

Many people think that getting an Australian Shepherd is an easy choice to make. However, when thinking about getting an Aussie there are many other things that must be considered as well. One of the biggest things to consider when getting an Australian Shepherd is whether or not you want a male or female. Most often when people decide that they want to get an Australian shepherd they already have their minds set on either a male or female. [...]

The Australian Shepherd as a Family Pet

Many times when people decide that they want to get a dog, they are not sure as to what breed of dog they want. In fact, many people do not know what they want until they see the dogs, especially when it comes to Australian shepherds. Because many people do not know much about Australian shepherd dogs when they get them, they are unsure of how they are around their families; especially around the children. [...]

The Australian Shepherd as a Work Dog

When it comes to getting an Australian shepherd many people are not sure of what to do with them. However, there are many different ways that you can use your Australian shepherd. Most often when people choose to get an Australian shepherd they get them for a work dog. However, when choosing an Australian shepherd as a work dog, you must decide on what type of work you will train it for. Not only can they be a work dog, but they can also be a family pet as well. [...]

The Australian Shepherd in the Show Ring

Many times when people get an Australian shepherd it is not because they want it for a work dog. In fact, many people are now getting Australian shepherds for show dogs. One thing to ask your self when purchasing an Australian shepherd is "which type of dog do you want to get?" By that, you will have to decide if you want your dog to be a family pet/work dog or if you want it to be show dog. Despite of what many people think, there is a difference between a show dog and a work dog. Not only are they different by looks, but also by the way they are raised. [...]

Training your Australian Shepherd

Most often when people first get their Australian shepherd they are not sure as to what to do with them or how to train them. However, there are many different ways of training your dog; you have to find what is best for you and your Australian shepherd. [...]

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