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Border Terriers

Aliases: Borders

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Border Terrier Articles

Border Terriers and Earthdog Trials

Because of their long history as working hunting dogs, Border Terriers still retain much of their hunting instincts. While they have found success in present day agility and obedience trials, they really excel in Earthdog trials. As a matter of fact, more Border Terriers have won American Kennel Club Earthdog trials than any other breed. If you're looking for a way to get involved in competition and exercise with your Border Terrier, Earthdog trials are a great option. [...]

Border Terriers with Other Pets and Children

If you are considering adopting a Border Terrier, you may be concerned about how easily he will integrate with your family, whether you have children or already have other pets. Generally speaking, Border Terriers get along well with other dogs and with children, but this is mostly when the dog has been well trained. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Border Terriers that live with other pets and children, and what you can do to ensure that your Border Terrier will integrate well in these situations. [...]

Border Terriers and the Versatility Award

Border Terriers are energetic, active little dogs that excel in a wide variety of events. Because of their breeding, they are naturally driven to excel in the field and love nothing more than working closely with their handlers. Today, Border Terriers and their handlers use these skills to compete in nearly every competition available to them. In order to honor those Border Terriers that take advantage of their wide variety of skills and to encourage their handlers to participate, the Border Terrier Club of America created the Versatility Award. [...]

Border Terriers and Obedience Competition

Border Terriers are naturally energetic and like nothing more than working closely with their handlers. It is for these reasons that Border Terriers often find success in the Obedience Trial event. If you are interested in participating in a sporting event that provide both you and your Border Terrier with exercise and the opportunity to meet other Border Terriers and their families, perhaps Obedience will be a good fit for you. [...]

Border Terriers and Agility

Thanks to their energy and their desire to work with their handlers in the field, Border Terriers are naturals in a wide variety of events, including Agility. Agility allows Border Terriers to use their speed, dexterity and agility in timed setting, an event in which they excel. If you are interested in an event that not only provides exercise for you and your Border Terrier, but opens doors to a whole world of meeting other handlers and Border Terriers, Agility might be a good choice for you. [...]

Caring for the Border Terrier's Coat

A very important part of caring for Border Terriers is taking care of their unique double coat. While caring for the Border Terrier's coat is not quite as work intensive as it is for other wiry terrier breeds, there is a bit of work involved, so if you are considering adopting a Border Terrier but are not quite sure if you're up to the task of caring for the coat, perhaps this is not the right breed for you. In this article, we'll take a look at what makes the Border Terrier's coat so unique and what kind of work is involved in keeping it looking its best. [...]

Border Terriers and Training

Border Terriers are well loved for their energy, intelligence and even their touch of a clownish streak. But, like many terriers, Border Terriers are independent and have a tendency to run towards dominant personalities. Without the proper training, they can be stubborn, quick to chase, and not afraid to initiate a fight with any other creature that rubs him the wrong way. In order to ensure that our Border Terrier doesn't become the head of your household, proper training and plenty of exercise will be key to showing him who is in charge. [...]

Border Terriers and Hunting

Border Terriers enjoy a long history as working dogs going back at least two hundred years. They were originally developed by the Robson family in the middle of the 19th century to hunt fox, rabbit, and other small animals around the border between England and Scotland, which is how they earned their name. While Border Terriers are not the most popular hunting dog in the world, they certainly are still used to hunting both in North America and in England. In this article, we'll take a look at training and where hunting is available in the United States. [...]

The Responsibilities of Owning a Border Terrier

Border Terriers make wonderful pets, are great with kids for the most part, and love nothing more than spending time with their favorite person or playing with their families. However, Border Terriers should never be considered as "sometimes pets" that owners can play with only when the mood strikes them or if they don't have a lot of time to commit to them. There are several factors that make Border Terriers time consuming pets. In this article, we'll take a look at the responsibilities one will have to take on if they adopt a Border Terrier. [...]

Border Terrier: Did You Know ?

Border Terriers are energetic, playful, clever dogs that are devoted to their favorite person or families. Like many terriers, they tend to have dominant personalities, but this attitude can be trained out with early obedience training. These active little dogs excel in most dog sporting events, including Agility, Obedience, Flyball and Earthdog trials. They respond well to positive reinforcement training and are famous for their love of food, so food treats are an excellent way to reinforce good behavior. Perhaps not the best choice for the youngest of children, Border Terriers are nevertheless excellent companions for families if trained properly. [...]

Are Boston Terriers Really Terriers from Boston?

The naming of a dog breed is an important event and many dog breed names derive from the names of important contributors to the breed, the original jobs the dogs were bred to perform, or some other important aspect from the breed’s history. Sometimes names can be misleading, though, and don’t reflect the true nature of the breed. Take something like the Norwegian Elkhound, for example. This breed is neither a hound, nor was it bred to hunt elk; its name comes from a “mistake” in the translation of the original Norwegian name which meant “Moosedog.” So what about the Boston Terrier? Is it’s name accurate? Is it really a terrier from Boston? [...]

Boston Terriers and Exercise

Before choosing a dog to bring home and add to the family, you must do some research into not only the personality of the breed or breeds you’re considering, but also into the requirements that you’ll have to fulfill to keep your dog happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. Besides the essential nutritional requirements, all dogs need some form of exercise as well as displays of affection, though just how much affection and attention you have to give varies from breed to breed. Dogs who take up quite a bit of your time with grooming, exercise and affection requirements are usually deemed high maintenance dogs, while low maintenance dogs are those that do not demand much of your time and effort. [...]

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