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Spinone Club of America Life

The Spinone Club of America or SCOA is a relatively new organization. It is a non-profit club that helps promulgate breed conformation awareness for the Spinone Italiano breed. It also acts as an official registry for Spinone sires, dams and their offspring. The SCOA was established just recently, 1987 to be more specific. As of late, it is considered as the largest registry for the Spinone dog breed in the United States. It is also duly recognized by the American Kennel Club or AKC. This accreditation for SCOA was given on February 2000. [...]

Debatable Border Collie Issues: Showing, Working, & The AKC

Border Collies have gained recognition by major kennel clubs, including just recently the American Kennel Club (AKC), much to the chagrin of devoted working dog owners and breeders. [...]

How do You Join a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Club?

If you own a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, you can show just how much you adore your pet by becoming a member of a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen club. Such a club is often made up of people who wish to share ideas and insights on how they are raising their pets as well as discuss other things that may or may not concern their dogs. A Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen club may be a local, national, or international organization, and there are usually certain guidelines for membership. [...]

Where to Find and Join Norwegian Buhund Clubs?

As a dog owner, it is quite imperative that you join a kennel club that is dedicated to your dog's breed. It is beneficial to join such a club because you will have access to a lot of valuable information concerning your dog, and you can also get some useful tips on dog management. Other than these, it will also provide you an avenue to socialize your dog. Through this club, you will be able to expose your dog to dogs of its own kind. Being a member of a kennel club will also allow you to share stories and photos of your pride and joy with other dog owners. [...]


Established in 1969, the American Canine Hybrid Club is a different kind of dog breed registry service. Instead of accepting only the purest of purebreds, this organization accepts the registration of hybrids that have happened as a result of breeding. Some breeders are looking to cross two breeds in order to preserve the strongest traits from each breed, combining to make a superior dog breed. And while no one breed is better than another, hybrids are certainly causing people to take notice. [...]


The American Canine Registry, or ACR, is a registry devoted to creating a listing and documentation of dogs that are purebred. Ideally, they wish to create an accurate listing of all of the available pedigrees for those who wish to begin breeding for personal or professional reasons. While they do not attempt to become a political voice for canine related affairs, they do hope to influence the canine breeding industry by providing information for consumers and breeders to use. A modern organization, the American Canine Registry is committed to pet owners and their right to own pets for personal enjoyment. [...]


The American Kennel Club set the standards by which other kennel clubs could be founded the CKC, for example. But unlike so many other clubs, the American Kennel Club has a long and complicated history of coming together into the organization it is today. Founded in the 1884 as a sort of conglomeration of smaller United States kennel clubs, the AKC began its mission of creating standardized guidelines for 157 breeds and partially recognizing 4 other breeds. With some of the looser standards among breeding and registry organizations, it clear to see why its popularity and its reach have continued to grow. [...]


The Australian National Kennel Club is a kennel club that's fairly new in the dog breeding and showing world. But while they might be new in structure, they have made up for it in the spread of the organization in Australia. By encompassing the Australian Capital Territory Canine Association Inc., Royal New South Wales Canine Council Ltd., the North Australian Canine Association Inc., the Canine Control Council (Queensland), the South Australia Canine Association Inc., the Tasmanian Canine Association Inc., the Victorian Canine Association Inc., and the Canine Association of Western Australia Inc., all of the major portions of Australia are covered. But what does this mean to dog owners and breeders? [...]


America's Pet Registry, Inc. is a registry organization for all sorts of pet owners in the United States. Though it began as an insurance organization for pet owners, it has developed into a further reaching aid for those who care for their pets, both cats and dogs. Though it does not specifically register dog breeds, it does cover hundreds of breeds of dogs as well as a dozen or so feline breeds. More are to be added in the coming years as breeders begin to submit more applications. [...]


Created in approximately 1888, the CKC, or Canadian Kennel Club, strives to help maintain the integrity of dog breeds across the Canadian borders. Like other dog clubs, the CKC works hard to set guidelines for breed qualifications as well as to preserve the registrations of dogs in the country and provinces. As a national club, the Canadian Kennel Club is a non-profit organization and is incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act of Canada. By providing registration for 174 recognized dog breeds, the CKC lets members know about the latest news in the dog world, about other members and their particular dog breeds, as well as helping to continue clean lines of breeding. [...]


Founded in 1911 on May 22 by the Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany, and Belgium, the FCI, or Federation Cynologique Internationale, strives to help maintain the integrity of dog breeds across these various European borders. Like so many other dog breeding clubs, the FCI works diligently to set guidelines for breed qualifications as well as to preserve the registrations of dogs in the 80 member countries. As an international Kennel Club, the Federation Cynologique Internationale is an organization that is available for members that speak four different languages French, Spanish, English, and German. [...]


Created in 1969, the National Kennel Club is a dog breed registry that helps to register and to recognize all dog breeds. Within the United States, it tries to maintain integrity among dog breed lines, while also helping members learn more about dogs, how to care for them, and what makes for a strong breed representation. However, unlike many other kennel clubs and dog registries, the National Kennel Club has been under fire for being too loose in their standards of course, it may also be that other dog registry organizations are too rigid. This discussion may never be resolved to anyone's satisfaction, so here is some basic information on the National Kennel Club, what it does, and what others are concerned about. [...]


The New Zealand Kennel Club, or NZKC, is an international registry of dog breeds, but began as an organization of many societies, rather than just a simple single-minded construction. These 300 other societies, organizations, and affiliations all help the New Zealand Kennel Club in some way to spur on their commitment to the maintenance of recognized dog breeds. The associated clubs that the NZKC works with include: [...]


Founded and created in 1898, the United Kennel Club, or UKC, is one of the most recognizable dog breed registries in the world. By offering a large selection of programs, the United Kennel Club has established itself as the world's best registry of dogs of purebred lineage. In order to create the best breeds in the world, this organization is committed to meticulous record keeping and a wide variety of conformation events for owners and their dogs. By extending their reach to the entire fifty states and to twenty-five countries outside of the United States, this kennel club is the largest performance dog registry in the entire world, including all breeds. [...]

Paint Horse Associations

Back when the Quarter Horse Association came about and decided to exclude the piebald coat that the American Paint Horse is renowned for, a few individuals got together to start their own Paint Horse enthusiast clubs. Over the years and after much organization, the various clubs pulled together and formed the America Paint Horse Association. Its numbers grew quite steadily until the APHA found itself the second largest breed registry in the United States. The organization has many corporate sponsors, numerous regional branches and a large membership base over one hundred thousand strong. It has been shown that the American Paint has enthusiasts from all walks of life and that their loyalty to the breed is strong.The APHA strives to uphold and advocate on the American Paint's behalf. Not only do they register Paint Horses, they also educate the public and hold many events to create awareness of equine related issues. Through the organization one can locate breeders, trainers and even learn about their non profit foundation that works to maintain the breed's extensive heritage. [...]

Found [34] Articles :: Page 1 of 3
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