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Exercise Related Health Conditions

Highly athletic and in-shape dogs can become injured through a variety of types of activities. Often the very athletic dogs can twist, turn or simply overextend a joint, resulting in swelling and pain. In some dogs certain hereditary factors can also make a particular dog or breeding line more prone to those health problems than other dogs in the same breed of different lines. Many of the common sports or activity related health conditions in dogs can be treated through rest and recovery with rehabilitation of the injured muscle or joint, however without proper treatment and modification of the activity the condition will only get worse. [...]

Specific Breed Concerns And Exercise

Different breeds of dogs have different physical attributes that need to be considered when planning what type of exercise is best suited for the dog. In addition some breeds will absolutely require more exercise in order to stay both physically and mentally healthy and without proper, regular and sufficient exercise they will turn to destructive behaviors. Usually when this happens the poor dog is labeled as bad, mean or untrainable and ends up getting sent to a rescue, the pound or even given away to another family, often without a good explanation as to the problem. [...]

Competitions For Dogs With High Energy

If you have a high energy breed of dog you may find out that keeping him or her busy and occupied is a full time job on its own. This is often because part of the issue with what is typically called a high energy dog is that they are very curious and naturally inquisitive and alert to their surroundings. This constantly on the move type behavior is not as much about physical energy as it is about mental energy and alertness. [...]

Working With Couch Potatoes

Most people are familiar with the expression "couch potato", and this can also be applied to dogs that would just rather lie back and enjoy the sunshine than actually get up and move about. It is sometimes hard to tell if the dog became lazy because he or she was lazy by nature of it was actually a side effect of being in a home where relaxation was king. In reality it doesn't matter why the dog doesn't choose to exercise, rather it just matters that he or she isn't. [...]

Heat Stroke and Dehydration In Dogs

It is impossible to tell how many dogs perish each summer due to heat stroke, dehydration and other related health conditions. Dogs can quickly overheat since they have limited cooling options for their body core. Panting and some sweating from the feet is the only options available to dogs that are in hot climates, left in vehicles or confined to yards and areas where there is little or no shade from the direct sun. [...]

Winter Exercise Tips

As the autumn season approaches the leaves begin to change color and fall from the trees and the flowers and outdoor plants begin to slow their growth and stop flowering. In addition the weather starts to get colder and it gets harder and harder to get motivated to be outside and take the dog for a walk or a run. [...]

Outdoor Dogs And Winter Safety

Although many dog owners have their pets inside with them or at least inside at night, there are just as many dogs that happily live outdoors. Often these are the larger breeds of dogs or dogs that live in the country and have been raised all their life as outside dogs. The good news is that these dogs, provided they are a suitable breed for the climate, will naturally adjust their coats to the changing conditions in the autumn and grow thick, full inner coats to help provide insulation and hold heat close to their body. [...]

Fun Activities For Kids And Dogs

Most children have a natural affinity for pets of any kind. Cats are great for petting and just spending time with; rabbits, gerbils, fish, hamsters and birds are fun to watch but a dog is a great all round companion. Dogs that are raised with kids and kids that are raised with dogs seem to have a natural communication method that is often uncanny in their ability to effortlessly interact with each other. [...]

Breed Clubs - Fun For The Whole Family

One of the great things about dogs is that most breeds are going to be ideal companions for everyone in the family from relatively young children through to seniors. Of course not all breeds are ideal for very young children, especially those breeds that are more aloof, timid or more territorial and possessive. Toy breeds are also not recommended for households with small children due to the chance of injury to these tiny puppies and dogs. This is not because the children are mean or uncaring; rather it is simply because of the small and delicate nature of the dogs themselves. [...]

Landscaping a Beautiful, Dog Friendly Yard

If you have a dog you don't have to have a yard that looks like it has, well, gone to the dogs. There are lots of ways to have a beautiful, restful and wonderfully landscaped yard and also give your four legged friend lots of room to run and play. Using a combination of stronger, hardier plants, a bit of creativity in design as well as some strategic fencing and even hedges you can easily develop a yard that is ideal for kids, adults as well as pets. [...]

Mental Challenges for Smart Pooches

Owners with very intelligent or naturally smart dogs often have the most trouble with leaving their dogs at home alone. This is because these dogs are easily bored and need to have something to do both in a physical as well as a thinking way. As such, they often resort to what are called the boredom or destructive behaviors of chewing, digging, barking and generally getting into anything and everything possible. [...]

Hunting and Sporting Breeds

Within the American Kennel Club, often shortened to the simpler AKC, the hunting dogs are all found within the sporting group, although some breeders may use both terms, hunting and sporting, when describing their breed. As a group these dogs are alert, active and energetic, but typically not hyperactive or overly rambunctious if properly trained and exercised. Although all used in hunting types of activities, there are different divisions within the group. In general these dogs are either used to retrieve or identify game birds, however there are also some dogs in the group that are excellent scenting and tracking dogs. Some dogs are also considered dual purpose, typically meaning they will either identify game by pointing or setting, plus they also retrieve. [...]

The Importance of Mental and Physical Exercise

As people we know that when we become bored or disinterested in being around the house we have lots of options to find something else to do. We can always read, play on the computer, get caught up with work or even go out for a lunch and a movie to break up our day. Unfortunately for your dog, they don't have the options that humans do, but they do get bored just as we do. [...]

Training Tips For High Energy Breeds

Almost all puppies are going to be virtually high energy, seeming to have boundless enthusiasm and a willingness to get up and walk, run or play at any time. However for most puppies, especially under about 4 months of age, these bursts of high energy time will be interspersed with times of complete and full sleep, meaning that owners have a break as well. Often this sleep comes like a sudden crash, with the puppy fast asleep wherever they stopped moving. [...]

Kids and High Energy Dog Breeds

If there ever was a win-win combination, kids and high energy breeds of dogs would have to be at the top of the list. The natural energy and activity level of most children is ideal for dogs that like to be on the go. Kids also tend to enjoy playing with the dog, involving them in everything they do, which again is positive for both the child and the pet. High energy breeds of dogs often seem to have a natural affinity for children, however this doesn't mean that special and specific training doesn't need to occur. [...]

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Found [222] Articles :: Page 11 of 15
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