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Best Traits To Look For In Uptown Dogs

If you talk to 20 different dog owners, breeders or just dog lovers you are sure to find at least 20 different opinions on which dog breeds are best suited to living the big city life. Regardless of what breed you eventually choose there are some traits that owners need to consider very carefully before this selection is finalized. Perhaps the most important consideration that any responsible owner has to consider is how well the dog will be able to adapt. Even if raised in the city from puppies some breeds are simply not going to adjust to confined spaces, lots of close living with others, and a lack of ability to simply get out and run and hunt. [...]

Apartment Living For Dogs

There are many breeds of dogs that have become very popular as apartment companion pets. These dogs, as can be imagined, tend to be the toy to smaller sized dogs, although some medium sized breeds are also on the most common city breeds lists. It is important to realize that with appropriate exercise time most breeds, but definitely not all, could adjust to be excellent apartment dogs. The key is finding the time and place to provide the exercise space and activities for higher energy breeds or those that simply stay calm and inactive while indoors. [...]

Exercising Your Dog In The City

Dogs that live in the city need just as much exercise as dogs that live in suburban areas or even in the country. Since most downtown dogs live in apartments or homes with smaller yards, owners are going to have to be more responsible for daily walks, exercise times and finding room for the dog to run and play. Before considering a dog if you do live in the city, it is important to make a commitment to providing the exercise the dog needs on a routine, multiple times a day basis. With this commitment you can rest assured that your dog will be content, calm and well-behaved, provided of course you also provide socialization and training on a regular basis. [...]

Daytime Activities For Pampered Pooches

For many people that live in suburban or rural areas, having a house also means having a fenced yard, it just goes along with the package. This also means that having a dog or dogs and keeping them occupied and not making a mess in the house during the day is easy. Working families can simply put good old Rover outside to enjoy the nice weather or to stay in the kennel while the family is at work and school. When they get home not only has the dog explored the yard and ran around some of the day, but the house is still clean and the dog is happy and content to come inside and just relax with the family. [...]

Myths and Misunderstandings with Giant Breed Dogs

Just as with many of the toy breeds which are often misrepresented as snarly, snappy and yappy, giant breeds of dogs also get a bad rap for many aspects of their behavior. In fact, as with any size of dog, the difference between a well behaved, well mannered dog and an out of control pet has a lot to do with how the owners actually handle and train these dogs. If owners assume the responsibility to socialize the dog, provide routine obedience and interact with the dog on a regular, ongoing basis these dogs will be ideal companion pets. [...]

Puppies, Growth and Exercise

All puppies have very rapid growth patterns when you stop to consider they start very, very small and within just two short months they are ready to head out to their new homes, leaving behind the comfort and security of their litter and their mother. Giant breeds of puppies really aren't that much bigger than the medium and large sized puppies when they are first born, but they do quickly become taller and heavier with faster growth and body development. [...]

Giant Dogs and Smaller Dogs - A Good Match

Some of the most famous teams in history have been matches between two very different types of individuals. Perhaps it is not surprising to find out that two very differently sized dogs often make some of the best companions, playing to each other's unique styles and character traits. It is, however, important for owners to take some time to consider how the general characteristics of the two or more breeds will interact with each other. It is also a great option to consider getting the two puppies at approximately the same time as this will allow for early bonding and socialization together. It does make it more challenging for issues such as obedience and housetraining, so this also needs to be taken into consideration, especially if only one person is taking on all the responsibility. [...]

Camping and Hiking With Your Dog

Regardless of the size of your dog, from a toy breed through to a giant breed, camping and hiking can make a terrific day, weekend or even several day outing. Most dogs love being in the outdoors and even those dogs that are a bit more comfortable in their houses will quickly adjust to living in a tent, camper or even a cabin, provided that owners help them make the adjustment. The biggest consideration that people have to make when planning a camping or hiking holiday with their dog is how reliable their dog is when it comes to responding off leash. If your dog is prone to chasing squirrels and birds or often doesn't return on your call but rather continues hunting or exploring, this can pose a serious issue. [...]

Keeping Cool In The Dog Days Of Summer

In their natural wild state canine species such as coyotes, wolves and even foxes tend to spend most of their time in the hot summer months deep in shady areas or in cooler, low areas along waterways. While not nocturnal, they do prefer to stay relaxing and sleeping in the heat of the day, then come out and hunt and travel in the evening, morning and night hours. This natural way to monitor their body temperature puts a lower demand on their respiratory and circulatory systems and helps to keep them at a comfortable temperature. Of course staying out of the direct sun as well as limiting movement at this time also helps a lot. [...]

Dogs and Kids - Summer Responsibilities

Summer is typically a time when the family is around the house a lot more than they are the rest of the year. Both adults as well as children in the family are off work and school for summer holidays, providing lots of time for interactions with the dog. This increased down time for kids can be a great way to add exercise, socialization and lots of quality time for your pet. There are also a lot of benefits that children can obtain from spending time with their dog, but how much responsibility they can reasonably take on has a lot to do with the age and comfort level of the child. [...]

Wolf Hybrids - Not For Everyone

There is something absolutely magnificent about the regal, noble and very beautiful wild wolf. In most of North American and Europe the wolf is known as the timber wolf or the gray wolf and is a true wild species, not a feral animal that was once domesticate and has returned to a wild state.Wolfdogs or wolf hybrids can be defined in different areas based on their heritage and ancestory. Most rescues and animal agencies consider a wolfdog to be any animal that has a wolf or wolf hybrid in the last five generations. This is most commonly used in the United States where the largest number of wolfdogs are found. It is estimate that there are between 300,000 and 500,000 of these dogs currently in the country, with the larger number using the 5 generation criteria for classification. [...]

Benefits Of Dogs For Older Adults

For a lot of older adults or senior citizens, living alone is a simple fact of life. Even if they are still living with family members often they may feel isolated or not up to all the activities that are going on in the family. For seniors that are caring for a spouse or loved one with poor health, it can be a very stressful and difficult time. It almost seems backwards that the "golden" years are often the most challenging, since they are supposed to be a time to relax, sit back, and just enjoy ourselves. [...]

Exercise and Training Considerations For Seniors and Dogs

Regardless of what type or breed of dog you may choose, all dogs need regular, routine exercise. It is also important to note that while some breeds are naturally more active or energetic, no breed of dog has been bred to be a complete couch potato. This means that even the toy dogs that love to just sit on their owners laps still need to get out and go for a walk, a run in the park or play games that encourage physical exercise. [...]

Getting The Whole Family Involved

Caring for a dog or a puppy is a great way to get the whole family involved and interacting with senior family members. By having everyone participating in the care, exercise and socialization of the dog the pressure is removed from the senior adult, allowing them to experience the joy of having a pet without the pressure of all the day-to-day aspects of care. It also helps family stay in touch with the senior on a regular basis without appearing to be checking up on the individual. [...]

Characteristics Of A Border Collie

The Border Collie is perhaps one of the most well known dog breeds and certainly one of the top popular breeds within the herding dog group. According to the registration number for the American Kennel Club the Border Collie in the US is the 51st most popular breed, however in the United Kingdom it is number 10 on the list and in the Australian National Kennel Club the breed is number 6 over all. [...]

Found [222] Articles :: Page 12 of 15
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