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Your Commitment To A Dog

Deciding to bring home a dog or a puppy is a big step in most individual's lives, and is not one that should be made on the spur of the moment. A dog is a living animal, that has both physical and emotional needs, just the same as any other type of pet. Dogs, through selective breeding, have become excellent companions, ideal for families, individuals and even for homes with small children. Understanding the complete commitment to having a dog as a pet will help you in deciding exactly what type of dog you will need, or even if a dog is the best type of pet for you and your family. There are four main areas to consider when deciding if you are prepared to make the necessary commitment to owning a dog. These areas include the emotional commitment you must make, the environmental space and areas you must provide, the training and socialization activities necessary to own a well behaved and well adjusted dog, as well as the dog experience you may or may not have. In order to understand the various aspects of these commitments, it is important to consider them one at a time. [...]

Keeping Your Afghan Hound Healthy

Afghan hounds are one of the most regal and elegant breeds of dog and as such, they require quite a bit of care. Keeping your dog well fed, groomed and exercised can be time consuming but the result will be well worth the effort. [...]

Favorite Sports and Activities of the American Eskimo

Whether it's mental stimulation or physical, the American Eskimo is a breed that requires, as well as enjoys, a high level of activity. In nearly every picture of an Eskie, they are seen in an outdoor setting. They thoroughly take pleasure in being out and about, interacting and regularly expecting to be included in daily household activites. [...]

Who Makes a Good Bloodhound Owner? - Five Reasons to Love a Bloodhound

A good Bloodhound owner is someone who has a leisurely lifestyle and spends time at home or in the yard. You should not have a fast lifestyle or do a lot of traveling. The best owner for a Bloodhound is someone who wants a dog for companionship and love. The owner of a Bloodhound should have plenty of time to train and play with the dog. You need to have patience and understanding. Plenty of understanding is actually required. [...]

Choosing a Toy Manchester for the Family

The Toy Manchester Terrier would not make a great pet for everyone so it is important for families to not only evaluate themselves but also understand the basic characteristics of the Toy Manchester. As a family, do you have an active lifestyle full of outdoor activities or are you more of the housebound, indoor type? Do you have patience and a sense of humor with the need to give love and feel love? If so, then you are probably a great candidate for a Toy Manchester Terrier. [...]

Lifespan Issues For The Greyhound

While larger dogs often suffer from shorter lifespan, the greyhound is different. It can live from up to 12 to 14 years. Since race dogs are between two and six years of age, you can adopt an ex-racer and still get many good years from the dog. There are still some lifespan issues that come with owning a greyhound, but for the most part they are a very healthy and long-lived breed. [...]

Boerboels need Room to Roam

Evaluating your living conditions is an important part of deciding which breeds are best for you. It's simply a fact of life that some breeds need more space than others in order to live a happy, fulfilling life and African Boerboels are no exception. Unlike other members of the mastiff family, these dogs are extremely energetic and need plenty of room to run around and exercise. It is for this reason that they are not considered to be appropriate for condominium or apartment living. Here we'll take a brief look at the Boerboel's background and why these big dogs need plenty of room to roam. [...]

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