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Hunting Dog

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The Scottish Terrier as a Hunting Dog

The Scottish Terrier, like most Highland Terriers, was originally bred in order to assist with the work of small game hunters and farmers in Scotland. Virtually everything about the breed was worked for with the singular idea of hunting in mind, and most of those traits still survive to this day, making the Scottie suitable as a working dog despite their rampant popularity as a family pet. [...]

Keeping A Single Hound Rather Than A Pack

All hounds are pack breeds and historically American Foxhounds and their relatives the English Foxhounds were only kept in packs of several dogs, often more than 10, that would eat, sleep, play and hunt together. [...]

Hunting Trials and Events and Training Your American Foxhound to Track

Dogs have always been able to track their prey, and for centuries man has used dogs to his benefit and often for survival. Tracking events are a way to show your American foxhound's power at recognizing and following the disturbed vegetation scent or scent trail left by another animal or person. [...]

The Use of Basenjis in Native Zaire

Though commonly known as the Barkless Dog, the Basenji is also referred to as the Dog of the Bush Hunters. Though the breed has existed for thousands of years, it wasn't until the late 1930's that the rest of the world found out about the Basenji. Before then, they were used as hunting dogs for the people of the Congo in central Africa. [...]

Belgian Tervuren for hunting

Reaching back to the dawn of man, dogs and humans have always been partners on the field when it comes to hunting. Thousands of years ago, ancient man and wolves worked together and shared the kill. Wolves were eventually mated with other breeds to create more able and loyal kinds of hunting dog. More so than their independent wolf fore bearers, today's hunting dogs tend to be satisfied with being their human partner's right hand man, hunting for the sport of the chase and to earn reverence in the eyes of their master. [...]

Labrador Retrievers as Hunting Dogs

Labrador retrievers, besides being one of the more popular dogs in the United States, are a very versatile dog. They can serve many purposes, all of which depend on the wishes of the owner. Some people get a Labrador retriever for their excellent qualities as a family pet. In some cases, the Labrador is trained for a certain services such as service dog, therapy dog or Seeing Eye dog. We must not forget one of their first purposes of years ago - their use as hunting dogs. Labradors were originally bred for waterfowl hunting, where they would go in the water to retrieve the birds as they were shot. They were also used many years ago to help the fishermen in Newfoundland bring in the fish they caught. [...]

Border Terriers and Earthdog Trials

Because of their long history as working hunting dogs, Border Terriers still retain much of their hunting instincts. While they have found success in present day agility and obedience trials, they really excel in Earthdog trials. As a matter of fact, more Border Terriers have won American Kennel Club Earthdog trials than any other breed. If you're looking for a way to get involved in competition and exercise with your Border Terrier, Earthdog trials are a great option. [...]

Border Terriers and Hunting

Border Terriers enjoy a long history as working dogs going back at least two hundred years. They were originally developed by the Robson family in the middle of the 19th century to hunt fox, rabbit, and other small animals around the border between England and Scotland, which is how they earned their name. While Border Terriers are not the most popular hunting dog in the world, they certainly are still used for hunting both in North America and in England. In this article, we'll take a look at training and where hunting is available in the United States. [...]

The Irish Setter as a Hunting Dog

The Irish Setter, like all Setters, was originally developed as a "gundog", that is to say a breed used in hunting small game, usually birds. Unlike other hunting dogs such as terriers who give chase and kill the prey themselves, the Irish Setter was always intended to hunt in conjunction with a human companion. On a hunt, the Irish Setter will use his or her keen sense of smell to track prey. Once they find the type they're looking for, instead of chasing, the Irish Setter will adopt a frozen stance that simply and silently points the direction towards the prey for the human hunter to pursue. This posture, called "setting" the direction of a quarry, is where the breed gets their name. [...]

The Brittany, Spaniel, Pointer or Setter?

The Brittany is revered by hunters as a brilliant and efficient gun dog. For many years the breed was referred to as the Brittany Spaniel. However, this often led to a confusing debate over its classification. Although it carried the markings of a spaniel, in the field the Brittany often froze or pointed out game, much in the tradition of a setter or pointer. Spaniels, on the other hand, were known to typically flush game from their hiding spots. While the Brittany is believed to be the result of a setter and spaniel cross, it would seem more than just being the only spaniel breed that points out game, they are actually a setter in a spaniel suit. [...]

Why Bird Hunters Prefer the Brittany

The relationship between a hunter and his or her gun dog is a unique one. There is a rapport based on companionship but there is also a distinct working relationship in place as well. The two relationships both have their times and places; and both hunter and dog each have their expectations in both of them. When out in the field, hunters want and need a dependable hunting dog that knows what it needs to do and when. The dog, in a away, also needs the same of the hunter. This keeps the gun dog safe while out doing what it loves best. [...]

The Brittany at Work in Law Enforcement

For the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, there is no better canine breed for sniffing out drugs than the Brittany. They are well known for always following their nose and having one of the most singular senses of smell in the dog world. When used for hunting out in the field, hunters are often amazed at the Brittany's ability to find lost or wounded birds that dive into the underbrush to hide. As many have come to find, it is better to let the laser focused Brittany find its quarry as it does not give up until what is lost is found. [...]

Golden Retrievers as Hunting Dogs

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dog in the United States. They make great companion dogs, and are also very popular for service dogs. But the Golden Retriever breed was created to be a hunting dog, and for many years this was their sole purpose. It took several years before people realized the versatility of this breed. Golden Retrievers retrieve instinctively, which is what makes them such good companion dogs for hunters. However, they are not true hunting dogs, like a blue tick or other breed of hunting hound. What this means is that they do not flush out the game for you, but rather retrieve the game once you've spotted and killed it. [...]

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever as a Hunting Dog

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a multi-functional dog. It is used in the show ring and field trials, as a watchdog and as a family pet. The reason most individuals are interested in the Chesapeake, however, is their great talent as hunting dogs. They are a great hunting dog that loves the water, which is another trait that adds to their hunting ability. [...]

Cocker Spaniels as Hunting Dogs

Cocker spaniels enjoy a very long history and have always been exceptional hunting dogs. While this might not mesh with many people's idea of a Cocker spaniel, with their flowing long coat and soulful eyes, the truth is that they have been beloved for their hunting skills for centuries. In this article, we'll take a look at the Cocker spaniel's history as a hunting dog and whether it can still be found hunting today.The Cocker spaniel with its very long coat and perfect posture is only a recent phenomenon when compared to its very long history. [...]

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Found [94] Articles :: Page 1 of 7
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