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Chinese Foo
Chinese Foo Content
Life Span: 10-12 years.
Litter Size: 3-6 puppies.
Group: Northern/Companion, Working, Guarding, Hunting
Recognized By:
Color: Any shade or combination of black, black and tan, blue, brown and blue, cream and sable, fawn (yellow-cream to brown), orange, red (light gold to deep mahogany), sable, wolfgray (medium gray to silver); (with or without minor, limited white markings).
Hair Length: Long, Short
Size: Toy/Small, Medium
Shedding: Moderate Shed
Male Height: Toy 10 in or less/25 cm or less, Miniature: 1-15 cms/2538 cm, Standard: over 15 in/over 38 cm
Male Weight: Small: up to 20 lbs/ up to 9 kg, Medium: 2150 lbs/95. kg.-22 kg, Large: 51 lbs and up/23 kg and up
Female Height: Toy 10 in or less/25 cm or less, Miniature: 10-15 cms/25 -38 cm, Standard: over 15 in/over 38 cm
Female Weight: Small: up to 20 lbs/ up to 9 kg, Medium: 21-50 lbs/95. kg 22 kg, Large: 51 lbs and up/23 kg and up
Living Area: The smaller Chinese Foo Dog (Toy and Miniature) will do fine in an apartment, motor home and trailer type homes. The larger types can weigh as much as 50 pounds and need to be kept outdoors since they have the tendency to become couch potatoes if they are not motivated.

About this Breed

Some other aliases are the Chinese Choo Hunting Dog, the Chinese Temple Forest Dog, the Chinese T'ien Kou (Chinese Celestial Dog) and the Chinese Lung- Kou (Chinese Dragon Dog). The Chinese Foo dog is compact and has a square profile. It comes in three sizes: Toy, Miniature or Standard. It has a moderately broad head with pricked ears and the tail is carried over its back (like other Spitz family members). Their chest is deep and moderately broad with a short, powerful and compact body, well-sprung ribs, and short, wide, muscular loins. It has a broad wedge shaped heal and the muzzle and back of the skull look to be of equal length when regarded from the side. The stop isn't large, but it is clearly defined. The nose is straight and usually black in color. Its ears are set high and are firm and erect when on alert. They are rather small considering the size of the dog, and are rounded at the tips. The Chinese Foo has wonderfully strong teeth that meet in a snug scissors or reverse scissors bite. Its mouth and tongue may be blue/black or pink/red. Eyes are usually dark brown, not protruding and are almond in shape. They are bright, showing their intelligence, fearlessness and inquiring nature. The Chinese Foo sports a very strong neck that is muscular with a slight arch as well as muscular and sloping shoulders. Their legs are straight and powerful, firm and moderate in length. Pasterns upright or slightly bent.

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