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Aliases: Arabian Hound, Persian Greyhound, Tanji, Gazelle Hound, Persian Sighthound.

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The Saluki: Are They A Good Children's Pet?

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Tags: Saluki, Family Breeds, Behavior

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The Saluki is a very well mannered and sensitive dog that makes a very good family dog. They enjoy being around children very much. They are particularly good with older children that treat them gently and with love and respect. This does not mean that they are not good with younger children, because they are very good. Many owners with young children often complain about the dog hovering over and licking the young children too much.

The way the Saluki is trained as a puppy plays a large part in what they will be like as an adult. When the dog is socialized around young children at a young age, they usually grow up loving, respecting, and enjoying time spent with the kids, young and old. The one thing most owners noticed about their Saluki was that when the dog wanted to be left alone, he should be left alone to relax or do what he wants. Many children need to respect the Saluki in that aspect. Because the dog is so thin in body size, the dog shouldn't be roughhoused too harshly.

The Saluki has a lot of tolerance with children, almost as though they know they are children and don't always mean to hurt or frighten the dog. Once they get to the point where they realize the children are their family, the dog can become very territorial and protective of the children. They will often protect the children from what they believe is a danger, even if it's not a true danger to the child. In the Middle East, as well as years ago, the Saluki has been used for flock guarding, so a lot of this protection of the children is in their blood.

They don't have the same qualities to become a guard dog, but they are very protective and loyal to their family members and will follow them wherever they can. Although they can be temperamental at times, they seem to know when they are around children, whether young or old. They put up with a lot from young children that don't know any better. They will always keep coming back to the child, always ready to just be petted and pampered by the child.

Being a very athletic dog, they enjoy walking and playing outdoors with kids, although sometimes they tend to cling to them too much. They are very submissive to children that tend to be more self-assured and dominant. The Saluki is a dog that often chooses one person to be "their person" - like many one-man dogs. When one of the children is the chosen person by the Saluki, the dog and child are inseparable. The bond that the Saluki forms with children is similar to a parent/child bond and the Saluki would lay down his life to protect what he considers as "his territory".

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The Saluki: Are They A Good Children's Pet?
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