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Aliases: Arabian Hound, Persian Greyhound, Tanji, Gazelle Hound, Persian Sighthound.

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Appropriate Training Methods for the Saluki

Just when you thought you knew everything about different breeds of dogs, you hear of a dog that is so smart and resourceful, he can open the refrigerator as well as most types of kitchen doors. Does this dog need training? Yes, but he will need a special kind of training. You are not dealing with a dog that is not a typical dog. The Saluki is a dog that is almost like a human in some of his thinking. At least, he thinks he is almost human. The Saluki definitely needs training, but not all training methods work with this dog. The Saluki needs firmness and an owner that will show him who the boss is and what is acceptable behavior and what is not acceptable. The difference with this dog, however, is that they are very intelligent and intuitive animals that want to feel that they are in control of the situation. They will balk at learning something unless they feel it is in their best interest to learn it. [...]

The Saluki - Nutritional Needs for the Picky Eater

Many dog owners don't understand the importance of feeding their dog good quality dog food. While it's true that many years ago, there were not as many choices to choose from, as there are now, the foods also didn't have as many chemical preservatives and additives as they now have. In addition, many people fed their dog leftovers. Their feelings were that if it was good enough for them, it's good enough for the dog. There has been much controversy in recent years about leftovers, some for it, but most against it. The main reason most are against it is that the dog is not always getting all the food groups he requires. If the dog was fed at the same time as we are, he would probably get a little of this and a little of that. However, since he is only getting what we do not eat, he may not be getting everything he needs. Here is where the dog food comes in for the Saluki. [...]

The Saluki and its Different Gaits

The Saluki is a dog of many talents, but mostly he is a hunting dog. As with most hunting dogs, they have two important gaits - the trot and the gallop. Of the possible gaits, the trot is the most important gait for a hunting dog like the Saluki, especially during the actual search for game. Many times the game was hard to find so the dog really had to work hard to get it. He needed a gait that would cover a lot of territory in the shortest amount of time as possible, while still being slow enough for the dog to actually get a good view of the land. [...]

The Different Types of Saluki

The Saluki dog, although unfamiliar to many, has been a very popular member of the Sighthound family. Very few dogs come in so wide a variety of styles and colors as the Saluki. The Saluki dog was used by different tribes to assist them in their hunting as well as being the dog of choice for the nobility. The Saluki not only come in different colors, but they also come in different types and have done since they were first developed as hunting dogs. There are smooth-coated Saluki and feathered Saluki. The smooth coated Saluki has short hair that is like silk all over their body. The smooth type is used a lot by the Bedouin tribes. The feathered Saluki has long and very silky hair that is like fringes on the ears of the dog as well as the rear and limbs. They actually have short coats, but have the longer silky hair on their body parts in addition to between their coats. [...]

The Saluki and its Special Coat Colors

The Saluki comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, probably more than most dogs. The American Kennel Club allows the Saluki many color variations as part of their registration. In many dogs, their colors are different solid colors such as black, gray, brown or white. Often they will have some secondary color mixed in. In most cases, the secondary color is some white spots or markings. The Saluki has a variety of different basic colors such as white, cream, fawn, black, red, silver, chocolate, silver and tan. The Saluki can be considered a solid and still be a color combination of black and tan, black and silver or chocolate and tan. Some Salukis are a solid color such as black, chocolate or tan with small patches of white on the chest, tail or feet. [...]

The Saluki as a Show Dog

You've been hearing all about the Saluki dog as a family pet, an indoor dog and a hunting dog. But let's not forget about their talent in the show ring as a show dog. They participate in many types of events such as lure coursing and open field coursing. The open coursing is used with real animals and gives the Saluki the opportunity to keep up with their hunting skills. Lure coursing is used with the aid of an artificial rabbit or a plastic motorized lure, which is thrown across a course for the dog to chase. The dog must, however, not cheat and cut across the field, but must stay in a certain course. [...]

Is the Saluki Dog a Good Indoor Dog?

The Saluki dog has been around for many thousands of years yet is very unfamiliar to many people. In fact, many people have not even heard of the Saluki dog. When they hear about the dog, they instantly become interested because of its wonderful qualities as a pet. More and more dogs are being kept indoors and treated as members of the family, rather than outdoor dogs as they were years ago. The Saluki dog is kept in the house by most owners and they become very attached. This is one quality of the Saluki - they cling to their owners. The Saluki makes a wonderful indoor dog. They are a very clean dog that doesn't shed very much, which is what usually discourages people from wanting dogs in the house. They are very beautiful dogs, especially when they have been freshly brushed. The Saluki is a topic of conversation for any visitors that come to your home. If you have a problem with mice in your home, you won't need a cat if you have a Saluki dog. [...]

The Saluki as a Hunting Dog

The Saluki has been around for over 5,000 years with a lot of their original origin unknown and uncertain. The one thing about this dog that is certain is they were used for their great hunting ability back then and are still used for their great hunting ability now. The tribes that existed in the Middle East bred the Saluki for its stamina, intelligence, speed, courage and endurance and used to hunt hare and gazelle. Their training began at an early age with the rat being their first prey, before working up to the gazelle. The dog was fearless, which contributed greatly to its success. The Saluki was the preferred dog of kings for hunting. They were also so treasured they were given away in the form of a gift or in exchange for wives or horses or camels. [...]

The Saluki - Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The Saluki dog is a unique-looking dog that, when perfectly groomed, is a beautiful animal. Although unknown to many, they are very popular in many parts of the world. They are probably one of the oldest dogs in the world, having been around for over 5,000 years. A recent study showed that they are almost considered as antiques based on their DNA, which showed them as one of the first breeds of dog to come from wolves. The Saluki was chosen by the Southern Illinois University to be their mascot for their sports teams. In honor of this, one of the newest Amtrak trains that services Illinois was given the name, "Saluki". This is the first Amtrak train named after a dog. The Saluki is also the mascot for the Red Hill High School in Bridgeport, Illinois. [...]

The Saluki Are They A Good Children's Pet?

The Saluki is a very well mannered and sensitive dog that makes a very good family dog. They enjoy being around children very much. They are particularly good with older children that treat them gently and with love and respect. This does not mean that they are not good with younger children, because they are very good. Many owners with young children often complain about the dog hovering over and licking the young children too much. The way the Saluki is trained as a puppy plays a large part in what they will be like as an adult. When the dog is socialized around young children at a young age, they usually grow up loving, respecting and enjoying time spent with the kids, young and old. The one thing most owners noticed about their Saluki was that when the dog wanted to be left alone, he should be left alone to relax or do what he wants. Many children need to respect the Saluki in that aspect. Because the dog is so thin in body size, the dog shouldn't be roughhoused to harshly. [...]

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