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Your American Bulldog and Your Home

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Tags: American Bulldog, Behavior, Socialization, Housebreaking, Training

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The American Bulldog is leaner, taller and less wrinkled than the English bulldog. This breed of dog is so powerful that it is often entered in very physically demanding sports like weight-pulling or carting. The wonderful thing about the American Bulldog, though, is that all the brawn hides a soft spot. This dog is happy and outgoing. It likes to be in the company of friends: human companions, other dogs, and even other animals.

It can be domineering, but not overtly aggressive. It is a very confident dog, with a high level of intelligence. This keen sense of thinking also gives them their stubborn streak.

If you plan to take care of an American Bulldog puppy, the training for socialization should start early. You can gradually introduce the puppy to a host of people, particularly young children. This will help your pet acclimatize itself to different forms of human persuasion. This helps too, in the development of emotional ties between your pet and the members of the family.

An American Bulldog has this tendency to develop strong bonds with their human companions - deep emotional ties that cannot be severed by time or distance. This breed of dog has an excellent memory and a large surplus of loyalty and devotion.

Also, if you have other pets in the house, it may be a good idea to gradually introduce them to your American Bulldog puppy. It is essential that you supervise these introductions, so as to assure yourself that no one will get hurt in the process. Animal socialization too is an essential learning experience for your pet that will give it an idea on how to behave around other animals when it encounters them later on in its life.

Teaching an American Bulldog puppy a few obedience instructions is also a good idea. Sometimes, this breed can be a bit stubborn so be firm but gentle; and yes, always be consistent with your training.

Housebreaking an American Bulldog may take longer than you think because the dog can be willfully naughty, and it tends to have an addiction with routine. So if your pet seems to favor one part of the house as a doggy bathroom - line that spot with a litter box so that the puppy uses that instead. You can easily clean out the contents of the litter box after he uses it.

Gradually (meaning: very, very slowly) ease the liter box outside the house, and into a part of the yard where the dog is allowed to do his business. On a conservative estimate, this process may take a month or so. This all depends on how quickly your pet learns new routines and the distance between his favorite spot in the house to the preferred doggy bathroom.

Also, make sure that you have some form of mental stimulation for your pet. Training, daily exercise and play should keep your American Bulldog pet happy. Remember, this breed of dog is actually very, very intelligent - so try a variety of games he could try. The destructive behaviors usually seen in dogs are caused by boredom.

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Your American Bulldog and Your Home
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