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Questions To Consider Before Bringing A Dog Home

Stopping to ask yourself and your family a few basic questions before bringing home your dog or puppy will help you decide what type, breed and size of dog is best for your home, but also help you be completely prepared for the big day. The following questions are the basic questions you will need to answer before getting ready for the new addition to the family. In order to really understand what type or breed of dog you should consider, take the time to actually write down the answers to these questions, being sure to ask other family members for their input and ideas - especially if they will be taking care of the dog or puppy some of the time. Keep in mind that all dogs or puppies within a breed will have their own unique requirements and characteristics, but most will fall within the particular attributes of the breed. [...]

The Pekingese and Housebreaking

Getting a new dog or puppy is a very exciting and fun experience for anyone lucky enough to own a dog. It entails a lot of responsibility and housebreaking is probably the least fun of these responsibilities. Many people think that housebreaking a Pekingese is easy because they are little dogs. They believe little dogs make little messes. While that part may be a fact, another fact is that the Pekingese, like many small dogs, are often more difficult to housebreak. [...]

Your American Bulldog and Your Home

The American Bulldog is leaner, taller and less wrinkled than the English bulldog. This breed of dog is so powerful that it is often entered in very physically demanding sports like weight-pulling or carting. The wonderful thing about the American Bulldog, though, is that all the brawn hides a soft spot. This dog is happy and outgoing. It likes to be in the company of friends: human companions, other dogs, and even other animals. [...]

Baying and Barking - How to Manage These Behaviors

Cousin to the English foxhound, American foxhounds are scent hounds that have a very melodious bark and like to bay. Originally used as hunting dogs, they have great stamina but tend to bark a lot while hunting, which is a characteristic bred in them. Although they are not normally what is called a nuisance barker, because of the American foxhounds deep, loud voice, it carries great distances. [...]

The Voice of the Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie will communicate with you through its voice. They begin doing this as puppies. Understanding the different sounds of this vocalization will promote a harmony and bond between you and your dog. [...]

The Unique Benefits of the Basenji Breed and Who Should Own One

There are many who would like to have a dog but are turned off by their dependence or the thought of pet odors and allergies. While there are a number of breeds that can offer less in the way of neediness or smells, the Basenji is a breed that offers these and a number of other benefits all in one package. This is because their bloodline is more African wild dog than anything else. Those who have never been able to call themselves dog people often appreciate the Basenji's independent mindset and lack of doglike odor. [...]

Bull Terrier Boot Camp: How to Train Your Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are ideal pets, even if they are not meant for a first-time dog-owner. Being full of energy and playfulness, it is imperative that it be trained to live with people and other household pets. Neglecting to train your Bull Terrier, or any dog for that matter, will give you many headaches, especially as the puppy grows and becomes more difficult to manage in terms of size. Here are some of the basics you need to know to train your Bull Terrier effectively. [...]

Quieting the Barking Collie

Collies are one of the best breeds of dog for family pets. But, they do require training, including training on when it is and isn't appropriate to bark. Collies are barking dogs by nature, as this is part of their herding instinct, and if not trained appropriately, they can be prone to excessive barking. But, there are ways to teach your collie to bark only when it's appropriate, especially if you begin training early on. [...]

Common Housetraining Issues With The English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel puppies have minds of their own. They are warm, loving, and cuddly, but also can be destructive and unmanageable without proper training. Housetraining the puppy is not always as easy as one would think. The number one issue with housetraining is the over excited puppy. The puppies and older English Cocker Spaniels get so excited when they see you or company that arrives that they will often urinate a little. This is common and some steps can be taken to prevent the accidental urination. [...]

Training your Australian Shepherd

Most often when people first get their Australian shepherd they are not sure as to what to do with them or how to train them. However, there are many different ways of training your dog; you have to find what is best for you and your Australian shepherd. [...]

Challenges Of Owning And Training A Basset Hound

All dogs have their desirable aspects and their less desirable aspects. Basset hounds can make wonderful pets but can present many challenges too. Some of their less appealing characteristics have to do with stubbornness, noise, shedding, gassiness, and chronic health problems. Let's take a look at some of these challenges a little more closely. [...]

Establishing Who's The Boss With A Basset Hound

Basset hounds can make wonderful companions. However, they are stubborn, strong-willed, and can be difficult at times. Some specific areas of life in which you need to establish some dominance, or at least a plan of attack, are when it comes to food, house training, and their masterful escapes. This article will try to explain and give helpful hints to give you a leg up on your short legged competition. [...]

Tips for Housebreaking the Dalmatian

If you are the proud new owner of a Dalmatian you are probably wondering just how difficult house training your pet is going to be. Dalmatians are incredibly intelligent dogs but it will take some time and much patience on your part to housebreak your dog. Here are a few suggestions to make the process easier. [h]Prevent Accidents[/h] An accident on the carpet isn't just messy for you to clean up; it can also mean a major setback in training your dog. Dogs can smell things that we can't and will often return to the scene of the crime because they associate it with relieving themselves. [...]

Clumber Spaniel Obedience Training: Tips And Strategies That Work

The Clumber Spaniel is a very interesting dog in that it provides a range of qualities that many families are seeking including friendliness and obedience. Yet, these qualities often have to be taught to the animal from the start. Understand this breed and you will have an easy time of training him to obey you. Most importantly, realize that the best method to get them to obey is through respect and reward training, rather than punishment or abandonment. Clumber Spaniel pups are more than willing to learn from you, if you have a steady hand and the time to devote to the process. [...]

Training Your Chihuahua

Bringing a brand new Chihuahua home is a time of great excitement. After the joy wears off, however, the work needs to start. Just like any other dog, Chihuahuas require training to really fit well into a home environment. [h]Housebreaking[/h] One of the first problems to overcome as with any new pup is to housebreak your new pet. You will not want your Chihuahua to have accidents all over the house. [...]

Found [46] Articles :: Page 1 of 4
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