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Gifts of Comfort - Dog Beds for those Special Pets

Topic: High End Dog Gifts

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14 Plus Great Dane Pups Merles & Mm M…

RTG in 2 weeks...taking 200.00 dep now. They are all boys except 2 of the mismarked mantles.........GREAT DANE PUPS Midas and Tuti litter I have 2…


Wharton, , OH

Great Dane

Dog beds are really a fantastic gift, either for a dog or for a dog owner that wants to really pamper their pooch. Not only are dog beds comfortable and luxurious for the dog, they also can greatly help with providing a relaxing space for the dog and even preventing muscle and skeletal pain problems. Dog beds can also be a very practical way to keep a dog off of furniture and your bed, especially if they are equally as comfortable as the human equivalent.

One of the major features to look for when selecting a dog bed is to select the most size appropriate model possible. Dog beds that are too small will lead to discomfort for the dog and he or she simply won't use them, while dog beds that are too big generally aren't as much of a problem. With some breeds a very large type of dog bed is a great idea, especially if you have more than one dog or if the dog likes to be surrounded by his or her special toys and objects.

Ideally each dog should have his or her own bed area, even if they are close together in the room. For some pets, sleeping in a group has always been acceptable and many dogs or even dogs and cats tend to like to snuggle up to each other to sleep. In this situation a larger single bed is often the best answer. If there is an issue with dominance or if one dog doesn't appreciate the other dog in close proximity for sleep; two or more beds is essential to prevent fighting and territorial issues.

Look for dog beds that are well designed and strong. Buying a very cheap type of bed can be a serious mistake both in the economic sense as well as with regards to your pet's safety. Poorly made beds will come apart at the seems, especially if your dog plays and digs around in the bed. This will allow the dog access to the stuffing or padding which can pose choking risks. Some dogs may also be allergic to the materials used in the padding, so avoiding any of this by staying with those models that are strongly reinforced on seams is a must.

It is also important to consider the type of fabric used to cover the dog bed. There are so many different patterns, colors and themes of fabric that finding one to match the house's décor won't be a problem. Different fabrics are more versatile and practical however, which may be a consideration for long haired or outdoors types of dogs that may need more frequent washing of the dog bed. Cotton and cotton blend fabrics are typically very good for running through a washer and even a dryer, while pre-treated fabrics that resist stains and water are also a good option. Berber types of fabrics are very durable and strong, plus they tend to resist hairs working into the fabrics and lodging in the bed.

For colder climates, lined dog beds with fluffy fabric in microfibers or even Sherpa styles of lining are great options. These beds are typically molded in either a round, oval or rectangular shape and tend to be very thick and soft, perfect for dogs of any age. Typically with these types of dog beds the cover is removable and can be washed, however the foam and padding itself cannot.

Very fluffy and soft pillow types of dog beds are popular and easy to travel with. These beds are perfect for small to medium sized dogs and literally conform to the shape of the dog's body for a comfortable bed that can be placed anywhere. For larger dogs these pillow type of beds are often too small or simply too bulky to be practical, however two or more pillows can be used inside a molded or shaped dog bed for an additional layer of comfort. This is a great idea for senior dogs or dogs recovering from surgery, illness or just for the special extra touch.

Dog beds can also be custom made to match whatever style of furniture, upholstery or design is in the house. These custom designed dog beds can include a raised sleeping platform and extra thick bedding and padding right through to beds that look just like miniature human beds. Custom designed beds can also be developed to help senior dogs by allowing them to be slightly raised above floor level, making entering and exiting the bed easier for the dog. These orthopedic types of dog beds often have additional safety features such as all non-skid or slip backing and options to permanent fix the bed to the wall or floor to prevent any accidental movement that may cause difficulties for the dog in sitting or standing.

Heated dog beds are also a great idea for senior dogs or dogs with any type of injury or mobility issue. These heated beds use a radiant type of heating system that is only designed to provide very low levels of heat so safety concerns are addressed. Many of these heated types of beds also feature massage options, perfect to help soothe sore muscles and promote circulation even when the dog is relaxing. It does take a bit of time for the dog to adjust, but once they experience the very low intensity massaging action of the bed they will quickly learn to love it.

There are many different options styles of chaise loungers, sofas and even armchairs specially designed for toy to medium sized dogs that also double as dog beds. Being creative and working with the dog to understand the concept that the bed is now their very own is the first step in having your pet enjoy their new gift. Some dog beds from the traditional round or rectangular styles through to the miniature furniture models also have options for adding cedar ships or eucalyptus leaves in the mattress or padding, perfect for helping to keep away mites, fleas and other insects.

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Gifts of Comfort - Dog Beds for those Special Pets
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