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The Lakeland Terrier as a Show Dog

You've heard of the Lakeland terrier, the hunter, and you've probably heard of the Lakeland terrier, the family pet. Now you'll hear and read about the Lakeland terrier show dog. This is a role the Lakeland terrier has done for many years and has done well. There are many groups and organizations just for the Lakeland terrier dog shows and competitions. [...]

Miniature Australian Shepherds Take to Flyball

Over the past 30 years, the have been many agility-based sports invented and organized throughout the United States and the world. One of those sports, Flyball, is an exciting, fast-paced event that draws thousands of competitors and fans every year. All dogs are welcome to participate in sanctioned Flyball events, and the Miniature Australian Shepherd excels in this event. [...]

Are Miniature Australian Shepherds Good for Agility Training?

Bred to be a working dog, the Miniature Australian Shepherd is an athletic, agile dog that loves to be active. To that end, the Miniature Australian Shepherd excels in the sport of Dog Agility. Possibly the most recognizable sport for dogs, Dog Agility competitions are often shown on cable television. [...]

Are Miniature Australian Shepherds Good for Agility Training?

Bred to be a working dog, the Miniature Australian Shepherd is an athletic, agile dog that loves to be active. To that end, the Miniature Australian Shepherd excels in the sport of Dog Agility. Possibly the most recognizable sport for dogs, Dog Agility competitions are often shown on cable television. [...]

Activities Otterhounds Enjoy: Hunting, Agility Training, Tracking

The Otterhound, referred to as a scent dog, was interbred with bloodhounds and Southern hounds for the specific purpose of tracking Otters in the United Kingdom. Though no longer used for this purpose, Otterhounds still enjoy hunting as an activity and hunt Mink in the U.K. They serve as a means to rid the farmer of these dreaded pests. In North America, they are used to hunt raccoons, bears and even mountain lions. Of course since these scent hounds love hunting they would no doubt love agility training. Agility training originated in England around 1978; this sport for canines was borrowed from horse steeplechases, a jumping activity. Today this sport is very popular and is growing in leaps and bounds. Both large and small dogs can participate in the fun. [...]

The American Staffordshire Terrier and French Ring Sport

Dog owners are always on the lookout for new sporting events in which to register their canine friends; many are looking for outlets to help the dogs work off the energy that comes with being bred for a specific purpose. There are a variety of canine competitive events in which dogs can participate; it's just a question of finding which one or ones best suit your breed. Amstaff owners are no different and love to show off the skills of their amazing, yet poorly understood, breed. One of the events in which Amstaffs often participate and at which they often excel is French Ring Sport. This sport originally hails from France and was originally developed about one hundred years ago for the purpose of testing breeding stock for their ability to be good protection dogs. [...]

The Energetic Bearded Collie

By virtue of its very nature, the bearded collie is a working dog. That doesn't mean, however, that you cannot transform it into a family pet, but you have to remember it will not be content to sit at your feet or be confined to the backyard. They require a great deal of exercise, and are happiest when they are doing something. In spite of their need to have frequent exercise, they prefer to be indoors with their families when they are not working or exercising. [...]

Caring for a Bearded Collie

While your bearded collie is still a puppy it's important for you to learn how to take care of him. One of the most important things to know is that the bearded collie has an abundance of energy. If you are going to use him as a working dog to herd sheep or cattle, he will get plenty of exercise in the performance of his duties. On the other hand, if you are planning to use him as a family pet, it's important to understand the amount of energy he possesses so that you can make certain you make accommodations for exercising him on a daily basis. One important thing for those with children is the bearded collie is very good with children. [...]

Competitive Events for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

As mentioned many times elsewhere, all dogs were bred for a purpose. Today's society is more technologically advanced than the society in which many dog breeds came into being, and many things have changed; quite a number of the old canine job opportunities are no longer available. Furthermore, more and more people own dogs, choosing breeds not based directly on the type of work they do, but based on their looks and their temperament. This has led to many dogs finding themselves in situations which they were not bred for and with no natural outlet for their inbred instincts. The answer to this is a canine competitive event. [...]

Underground Earthdog Testing

Because of the small size of a Dandie Dinmont Terrier, they are quite capable of being successful in underground earthdog testing. The tests are conducted as non-competitive trials in order to assess the hunting ability of an individual dog during the performance of an underground hunting expedition. Owners don't have to be concerned with their dogs being in danger as the encounters are controlled. [...]

Rottweilers and Rally

Rottweilers are an active, intelligent breed which loves nothing more than to be kept busy doing something fun and challenging. There are a number of activities which you can take part in with the breed including agility, tracking and carting, but a new type of dog sport is also proving to be a big hit too. Dog Rally is a new, extremely fun sport for dogs. It is mainly a sport which is undertaken in America and it involves obedience, agility and it has taken its inspiration from sports car driving. [...]

Rottweilers and Their Agility Ability

The Rottweiler is often seen as a powerful and bulky dog. More recognised for its guarding ability, most people assume that the breed is not really overly active. However, if you look into the history of the Rottweiler then you will see that it has always been a working breed. This means that it has plenty of energy and if that energy is not used up then it could potentially cause behaviour problems in the dog. [...]

Harriers and Agility

Agility is a fun dog sport that many dog owners and dogs enjoy immensely; it is probably the most popular fun dog sport at the moment, with owners having their dogs participate both for simple exercise and for competition. Agility began at the end of the 1970s, in England, at the prestigious Cruft's Dog Show. Originally, there were two main attractions at Cruft's: the obedience championship and the group judging. There was nothing interesting going on in between these two events and so the Show Committee wanted something to entertain spectators between one exhibition and the next. John Varley was the Committee member that was asked to invent the entertainment. Fortunately for modern agility enthusiasts, Mr. Varley was much more interested in horses than in dogs and so thought up the dog version of horse-show jumping, essentially a fancy dog obstacle course. In 1978, the obstacle course was shown to the public, with two canine teams in competition with each other. It was an enormous success and continues to be an enormous success, all around the world. [...]

Papillon As A Sporting Dog

If you were to take just a glance at a dog of the Papillon persuasion, their delicate features, the large, butterfly shaped ears, the fluffy coat, and the large eyes, you might assume that the Papillon is something of a dainty breed of dog. While this is certainly understandable, nothing could be further from the truth. The appearance may suggest a dog afraid of getting their paws dirty or putting much effort into anything, but nothing could be further from the truth. As anyone might expect, the breed are amongst the most intelligent and agile, but some people might be surprised to find the Papillon to also be incredibly resilient, confident, relatively strong and, should the occasion call for such an attitude, willful and stubborn in dealing with larger dogs. [...]

The Irish Terrier in Obedience and Agility Competition

If you'd like to pursue some form of dog competition with your Irish terrier, obedience competitions and agility competitions are great choices. Irish terriers are athletic and intelligent, giving them the ability to excel in either filed of competition. [...]

Found [77] Articles :: Page 4 of 6
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