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Runway Material: The Telltale Signs of a Toy Manchester Terrier

The lineage of the Toy Manchester Terrier can be traced back to Manchester, England where someone bred a Whippet with a Terrier known for killing rats to create an entirely new type of dog. This new breed of dog has the slightly bowed back of a Whippet but with black and tan markings. This is the dog we know today as the Manchester Terrier. Soon, people were breeding these terriers to a smaller toy size to better get into tight spaces to catch rats. In fact, the Toy Manchester Terrier's body is sleek and sturdy with excellent musculature, all stuffed into a condensed package. The muscles on this Manchester Terrier provides him great speed, power and agility - all qualities perfect for a ratter. [...]

What Does The Keeshond Like To Do?

The Keeshond is mostly fond of being with its family. They do like to play, take walks, sleep, and follow you around. They are great in agility shows as long as they do not pull any little tricks on you and cause an embarrassing scene. Many dog handlers have stories of a perfectly well trained dog upstaging the entire show with a few antics of their own. These are just more stories that attract people to the breed itself. They are clowns at some times and can make you laugh. That is why they are so good for family living. [...]

Activities of Flat Coated Retriever

The Flat Coated Retriever is a very confident dog. It has an outgoing attitude and maintains a great desire to please people. The Flat Coated Retriever is also extremely athletic, and is more than happy to get its dose of daily exercise like fetching, running and even swimming. Its playfulness and affectionate manner are signs that the Flat Coated Retriever thrives upon the lavish attention that its human handlers give it. [...]

The Standard Schnauzer as an Athlete

Depending on your climate, Standard Schnauzers are adaptive to both indoor and outdoor living. However, the Standard Schnauzer is a very athletic dog. He must receive lots of exercise and stimulation. He has a keen and sharp mind and high energy level. He must receive exercise regularly. A casual walk around the block won't cut it. They need to walk briskly, not short distance running and need it regularly. A Standard Schnauzer has a natural athletic ability and loves, if not craves to play games and other stimulating activities. They need and love a play session where they can just run freely. If you are currently out of shape, your Standard Schnauzer will help you get back into shape. [...]

Poodle and Competitive Events

While it may be hard to believe, Poodles weren't bred just to be show dogs. They were originally developed as gun dogs, or retrievers. They have also excelled at a number of other different activities, such as hunting, tracking and herding. Many Poodle owners around the world still use their dogs in some of these traditional roles, though hunting activities in general have faded in importance over the years. Nonetheless, there are a still a variety of competitions in which dogs can show off the talents that characterize them as a breed and Poodles perform with success in many of these competitions. Some of the competitive events in which Poodles are seen include agility, tracking, herding and obedience. [...]

Exercising the Belgian Sheepdog

Before you invest in a Belgian Sheepdog, make sure you have both the time and room to exercise him. This highly intelligent breed requires a great deal of human interaction and exercise. They are not well-suited to apartment living unless you have a large area where you can exercise them frequently. This dog breed is not happy to sit around at your feet and be petted. They are herding dogs, and herding dogs always have to have something to do to keep them busy. If you don't use your Belgian Sheepdog for herding, you have to find activities to keep him busy so that he doesn't become bored. [...]

Belgian Sheepdogs and Their Tracking, Herding, and Other Abilities

The Belgian Sheepdog is a highly intelligent breed that must always have plenty to keep him busy. Unlike many other breeds, he is not content to just stand beside you and wait for something to happen. They need to be busy doing something whether it's herding, assisting the blind or disabled, working with agility exercises, or working as a police or guard dog. They must be busy at all times or they will find their own entertainment, which may not suit your idea of a challenging activity. [...]

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers in Agility and Flyball Events

The Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers are an intelligent, outgoing, active dog that loves their human family, is patient, and easy to train. This breed is excellent in events such as agility, fly ball events, tracking, hunting trials, and obedience trials. Many clubs and organizations now offer dog agility competitions, which have continued to increase in popularity making it one of the fastest growing of all events or dog sports. [...]

Sports and the Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Spaniel is quite the athlete in the dog world. It is active and it enjoys stretching its legs. There are many sports competitions in which the Irish Water Spaniel can showcase its talents and its skills. Among these are the more popular competitions such as conformation show, field trial, and flyball. [...]

The Lowchen as a Show Dog

The Lowchen is a great dog that fulfills many purposes such as a family dog, companion dog, watchdog and a beautiful little show dog. If the dog is competing for conformation, there are specific guidelines that must be met concerning their appearance and demeanor. The Lowchen is also known as the "lion dog" because of their lion hair cut. This is a necessity in the show ring. The coat must be cut in the lion clip that the judges are accustomed to seeing along with a clipped tail with a plume on top. The coat should be long and wavy, but not curly. [...]

Keeping Your Miniature Bull Terrier Busy

Miniature bull terriers are very active, funny, fearless, loyal dogs that love being with their family but they require both physical and mental exercise to keep them busy and out of trouble. They need extensive socialization and obedience training so they do not become unruly or aggressive. Most adult miniature bull terriers require suitable daily exercise such as long brisk walks and are great pets for older children that throw balls and play games with them. If you have a miniature bull terrier puppy, often a short playtime is sufficient exercise for him, often followed by a nap. Puppies bones need time to mature so never take your puppy on a long or strenuous walk. Always talk to your veterinarian first to find out what is suitable for a young puppy. [...]

Events and Competitions For A Mini Bull

For an active miniature bull terrier that has done well in obedience training, possesses excellent social skills, and you want something fun and physical to do together with your pet, then competitions and events are a great way to spend quality time with your dog. This is also a great way to socialize and be with other miniature bull terrier lovers and their pets. Mini bulls love agility training because they get to jump, run, and burn off some of their excess energy. Events such as an agility training competitions are exciting and fun for you and your dog to compete in and just as enjoyable when watching the other dogs compete. [...]

Whippets in Agility Trials

While Whippets may be best known for their participation in racing events, the truth is that they are very versatile dogs and can excel in a wide variety of events, including Agility trials. The best feature of Agility trials is that the handler and dog have to work together towards a common goal and appear together in the event. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what tasks are included in an Agility trial and how interested owners can learn more information about this exciting event. In an Agility trial, a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in which they are racing against the clock but are also judged on accuracy. Each obstacle course is different, as they are designed by the judge before each event, and no dog will run the same course twice. The courses are designed to be just difficult enough that a dog couldn't complete the course without the direction of the handler, and the handler's job is to study the course before an event begins to determine the safest and fastest route for his dog, which he must run off leash and without the aid of toys or treats. [...]

Performance abilities of Smooth Fox Terriers

The smooth fox terrier is a dog that is capable of many abilities as well as tasks, from hunting to show dog the smooth fox terrier can prove to be a loyal and capable companion. Depending on what type of performance the smooth fox terrier is required to do it is likely that it will be able to do what it is trained for; whether it be for dog shows or hunting. It is best if the smooth fox terrier is trained from when it is a pup to ensure that it will have the right qualities needed for various tasks. If you plan on having the smooth fox terrier entered in dog shows then you will want to prepare it from an early age by training it how to walk properly as well as sit, stand, and obey direct orders. If your smooth fox terrier will be used for hunting then you will also want to start it off from a pup, as it will grow and adapt to the required performance abilities of a hunting dog. [...]

Activities You and Your Chinese Foo can Enjoy

Chinese Foos are inherently clever dogs that are devoted to their handlers and tend to learn new tasks rather quickly. While they are known as excellent guard dogs, their natural talents seem to make them excellent candidates for competitions like Obedience and Agility trials. Both of these activities are excellent ways to spend quality time with your Chinese Foo while working towards a common goal. In this article, we'll take a look at both Obedience and Agility trials and how you can get involved. [...]

Found [77] Articles :: Page 3 of 6
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