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American Water Spaniels

Aliases: Amerikanischer Wasserspaniel

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American Water Spaniel Articles

Wisconsin's American Water Spaniel Honor

It's not everyday that a dog is given the honorary title of State Dog but Wisconsin certainly found the American Water Spaniel worthy of the designation. After all, the breed is believed to have gotten its start in the Wolf and Fox River Valleys of Wisconsin in the late 1800's. Upon crossing an Olde English Spaniel, the Irish Water Spaniel and the Curly Coat Retriever, the result was a compact water dog called the American Water Spaniel. Used for retrieving, the breed had everything hunters needed for swimming the marshy waters to locate and return downed waterfowl. [...]

Mating and Pregnancy or the American Water Spaniel

Because the American Water Spaniel is such a rare breed, mating and pregnancy should be approached with great care. While there are several American Water Spaniel breeders in existence, there are only three bloodlines left in the entire world. This makes it extremely important to do the proper amount of research before taking on this task. At twenty five to forty pounds the female American Water Spaniel is a medium size dog that generally sails through uneventful episodes of mating and pregnancy. [...]

The American Water Spaniel That Can't Swim

It would seem strange to come across a Siberian Husky that doesn't howl or a Greyhound that doesn't like to run. The same can be said for the American Water Spaniel that doesn't like to swim or has an aversion to water. Nonetheless, these quirks can be found in a number of breeds from time to time. Though it can depend quite a bit on environment, and temperament, an American Water Spaniel's personality may just lead it to be the type that does not enjoy swimming or hunting altogether. [...]

Toys the American Water Spaniel Will Love

The American Water Spaniel is a spunky breed that loves nothing more then to spend time with its owner. One of the benefits of having a dog that hunts often comes in the opportunity to combine training exercises with play. The Spaniel gets in a good amount of exercise while owners help their dogs learn valuable hunting skills. When training is kept short and exciting, the Spaniel is then able to keep a more positive attitude when out in the field. Spaniels who are put through rigorous drills and training are likely to give a less than successful performance. It is also a great way for the dog and its owner to bond and learn each other's cues. [...]

The Difference Between Irish and American Water Spaniels

The American Water Spaniel and its look a like cousin, the Irish Water Spaniel, share many commonalities. They were both bred to hunt on land and water, have shaggy coats that help protect them from cooler temperatures and are well renowned with hunting enthusiasts around the world. They are both intelligent, lively breeds that thrive on human companionship. The American Water Spaniel and Irish Water Spaniel are also rare breeds and locating one can mean spending months on a waiting list. [...]

Ear Care for the American Water Spaniel

When it comes to dogs that like to swim, ear care becomes of utmost importance. This is especially true for the American Water Spaniel. The ear canal of a dog has a much different shape than a humans. Furthermore, with the American Water Spaniel's ears covering the canal's opening, air flow is greatly reduced. Even in dogs that don't swim, this can provide a warm moist place where bacteria easily flourish. With dogs that do like to swim, adding water to the equation can make things even worse. Ear infections are known to be a very common problem for water dogs. Those who opt for an American Water Spaniel should expect to make ear care a weekly routine. [...]

Feeding the Active American Water Spaniel

The American Water Spaniel is one that loves to be on the go and it is likely that he or she will see most of their activity out in the field. Many do not realize just how demanding a sport like hunting can be, especially on the medium sized American Water Spaniel. Whether in the field or in the water, retrieving on just a half day trip of hunting can burn up a good amount of calories. A dog that has poor nutrition will not only tire easily but will most certainly fail to perform effectively out on the field. Owners must always be sure to give their Water Spaniel good calorie support before, during and after hunting trips. [...]

What Not to Expect from the American Water Spaniel

Many are fascinated by the American Water Spaniel's unique, sophisticated look. Many are also intrigued by the idea of having a dog that doubles as a great family pet and a hunting dog as well. The American Water Spaniel is a dynamic breed that very much enjoys activity and is likely to be wherever the action is. However, providing a good home for this type of Water Spaniel will not only rely on the ability to provide activity but the expectations of the prospective owner. It is not unheard of for these expectations to crash with the realities of dog ownership, especially when concessions for the breed are not willing to be made. [...]

Uncommon Jobs for the American Water Spaniel

Specially developed for hunting, the American Water Spaniel is a lively breed that thoroughly enjoys the outdoor life. However, their high intelligence mixed with a need to have and provide companionship has proven them highly capable of a life beyond ordinary petdom. Many individuals working in unique fields have also found unique purposes for their American Water Spaniels. Though not commonly used as service animals, the breed loves to be of use and they have many ideal physical and temperamental characteristics for a very fulfilling work life. [...]

The American Water Spaniel Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The American Water Spaniel is breed that has a number of rarities to its credit. Not only is it one of five dog breeds ever developed in the United States, it also has only three bloodlines left in the entire world. The American Water Spaniel has also caused more than its fair share of controversy in the American Kennel Club. This is due mostly to the breed's versatility. Two clubs, the American Water Spaniel Club and the American Water Spaniel Field Association are both recognized by the AKC. While one side stands firm that the breed is a spaniel, the other insists it is a retriever. [...]

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American Water Spaniel Articles
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