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Aliases: American Brittany, Epagneul Breton, Breton Peasant's Hunting Dog

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The Brittany, Spaniel, Pointer or Setter?

The Brittany is revered by hunters as a brilliant and efficient gun dog. For many years the breed was referred to as the Brittany Spaniel. However, this often led to a confusing debate over its classification. Although it carried the markings of a spaniel, in the field the Brittany often froze or pointed out game, much in the tradition of a setter or pointer. Spaniels, on the other hand, were known to typically flush game from their hiding spots. While the Brittany is believed to be the result of a setter and spaniel cross, it would seem more than just being the only spaniel breed that points out game, they are actually a setter in a spaniel suit. [...]

Why Bird Hunters Prefer the Brittany

The relationship between a hunter and his or her gun dog is a unique one. There is a rapport based on companionship but there is also a distinct working relationship in place as well. The two relationships both have their times and places; and both hunter and dog each have their expectations in both of them. When out in the field, hunters want and need a dependable hunting dog that knows what it needs to do and when. The dog, in a away, also needs the same of the hunter. This keeps the gun dog safe while out doing what it loves best. [...]

How Easy Is It to Train the Brittany?

Basic obedience training is a must for any dog owner. Starting this training at a young age helps to establish lines of communication early so that there is no confusion between what an owner expects and what a dog provides. Many owners forget that the commands they communicate must first be processed through the mind of a dog before being carried out. A lack of patience, understanding and consistency is often what leads to frustration, not only in the owner but for the dog also. [...]

Appropriate Activities for the Brittany

The Brittany is a breed of dog that will need much in the way of both physical activity and mental stimulation throughout most of its life. Otherwise, as with all dogs who become bored, destructive behaviors are likely to follow. The young Brittany pup can be somewhat impulsive, prone to whimpering and submissive urination. As the rule goes, a tired pup is a good pup. [...]

Traits of the Well Bred Brittany

The Brittany is a breed of dog developed centuries ago from a combination of the spaniel and setter classes. This led to very unique traits in both its physical features and temperament. The gun dog looked like a spaniel but was much smaller than its counterparts. It was a natural at hunting and made a remarkable family dog off the field. For years, the breeders continued to develop the Brittany into a versatile gun dog that was at home on land or in the water. The breed's popularity caught on and found itself a recognized by reputable kennel organizations in a very short amount of time. [...]

What the Active Brittany Needs to Eat

The Brittany is a high energy dog but never in a neurotic sense. They are a grounded breed that simply loves to be out and about or where ever their owner is. Nonetheless, their lean towards an active lifestyle will make certain calorie requirements an issue. Dogs have a number of various systems to support and the improper balance of protein, fatty acids and vitamins can lead to health problems that span from the minor to the major. [...]

The Brittany at Work in Law Enforcement

For the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, there is no better canine breed for sniffing out drugs than the Brittany. They are well known for always following their nose and having one of the most singular senses of smell in the dog world. When used for hunting out in the field, hunters are often amazed at the Brittany's ability to find lost or wounded birds that dive into the underbrush to hide. As many have come to find, it is better to let the laser focused Brittany find its quarry as it does not give up until what is lost is found. [...]

The Everyday Life that Will Make Any Brittany Happy

No matter what the activity is or where it takes place, being included is the Brittany's favorite activity. Whether it's sitting in front of the TV at the end of the evening or taking off for a family hike in the woods, the Brittany will expect to either lead the way or bring up the rear. Though they are a high energy breed, they are not hyper but perceptive and intelligent. Those who seek out a Brittany for their own can look forward to many years of having a good family dog or a great hunting buddy, both with an all round champion heart. [...]

Brittany Coat Care and Tail Docking

While it varies from dog to dog, for the most part the Brittany's coat will be wavy or somewhat feathered; especially on the chest, the legs and the hindquarters. The Brittany does shed regularly but many owners report that with the amount of time the dog spends outside, the quantity seems quite minimal. One of the main draws of owning this breed is their lack of doggy smell as compared to other types of dogs. This is also part of their benefit as a gun dog; no odor allows the Brittany to get as close to its quarry as possible before setting up the point. [...]

Weird Facts About Did You Know: The Brittany

To see the origin of a Brittany, one merely need look to its home country and the French wall hangings and tapestries of the 17th century. The early likenesses of the breed show them in great hunting poses and sitting at the feet of their masters. Bred from the Braque du Bourbonnais, the breed has an inherently pleasing temperament, keen nose and ability to move well over land and water. They became such an asset to the hunt that they soon became status symbols for wealthy French royals and other aristocrats. Even those who did not hunt kept a Brittany or two for the sake of keeping stature in well to do circles. [...]

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