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The Great Pyrenees in Books TV and Film

The Great Pyrenees is a majestic dog that makes its mark not only with people but in various books, movies and TV specials. Their white coat is stunning and attractive while their calm demeanor makes them easy to work with on movie and TV sets. Though bred to mostly work as guard dogs, the Great Pyrenees has also worked as a therapy dog with both children and the elderly. Their large demeanor belies their gentle nature and many are surprised at how easy it is to work with the Pyr. Unlike small dogs, there is no element of anxiety to deal with and they tend to easily bond with trainers. In Laura Weiss's book, Such a Pretty Little Girl, a character by the name of Nigel owns a Great Pyrenees by the name of Gilly. The Great Pyrenees is a strong animal that offers a good sense of protection to the children in the book. In real life, the Pyr will readily stand up and protect his or her property and all who dwell on it. [...]

Famous Barb Horses

Unfortunately many of the famous Barb horses in history have been attributed to other breeds, most commonly to the Arabian horse. Since there are many different types of Arabians, but since most people group them all as the general term "Arabians" it was easy for the true Barb to be classed as an Arabian with people that had little experience with the breed. Since the Barb, also known as the Berber, was originally bred in the areas of Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria in North Africa, it was a very tough and hardy horse that was known for its athletic ability, stamina, endurance, and ability to survive on very little. It is also a very fast horse, considered to be one of the most versatile of the Oriental type horses although it is not as famous or well known as the Arabians and Turkomene horses, the other major Oriental horse types. Why the Barb did not become a worldwide breed such as the Arabian is likely due to the somewhat limited export of the breed from its native land. Although the Barb was an outstanding military and all around horse, typically they were used as limited foundation stock in many breeds to add endurance, speed, and toughness to the line. [...]

Famous Bavarian Warmbloods

Although there are several Bavarian Warmbloods who do well in competition, there are a couple of horses that really stand out from the rest. These horses have become legendary in their own right and have set a standard for all to aspire to become. The offspring of these horses are also proving themselves to be winners and champions worthy of mention and aspiration. [h]Lord Sinclair[/h] - This horse has qualified four times for the German Federal Championships. Lord Sinclair was also a two time German Young Horse Champion. He was a principal premium winner at the Oldenburg Stallion Days. This horse also proved to be a commanding winner in the 1999 Stallion Performance Test. He is also a Prix St. George Winner. Lord Sinclair is one of the top level dressage stallions and he possesses an abundance of performance genes which are deeply coveted. As a dressage sire, he is currently one of the most famous in the world and of all time. Few horses can match his quality in character strength and the scope of his movement. [...]

Palominos In Hollywood

Throughout the history of television and the movies there have been famous palomino horses that have been much loved by both the audience and the stars. One of the first and probably the most famous of the show horses that were palomino in coloration was Trigger. Trigger was ridden by Roy Rogers in almost all his western movies starting in 1938. Trigger, originally named Golden Cloud, was sired by a Thoroughbred stallion and an unregistered grade palomino mare. Although Golden Cloud was originally a movie rental horse, Roy Rogers first saw him in 1938 and immediately bought him and then renamed him Trigger. It is reported that Trigger was renamed from Golden Cloud due to his lightening fast ability to learn new tricks and his almost human ability to understand what Roy Rogers wanted. [...]

Famous Dutch Warmbloods

Despite the fact that the Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook has only been open since the 1960's, Dutch Warmbloods have arguably become the most popular competition horse since the end of World War II. Thanks to a rigid testing and breeding program and exportation to all corners of the globe, Dutch Warmbloods can be found on equestrian teams and it winners' circles all over the world. Here are just a few of the most famous Dutch Warmbloods that have made a name for themselves: [h]"Olympic" Ferro[/h] was once considered to be the number one dressage horse in the Netherlands. Nicknamed the "Black Pearl" by the KWPN, Ferro rose to fame in 1998 when he won the team silver at the World Equestrian Games, the European Championships in 1999 and the Olympics in 2000. Under the direction of rider Coby van Baalen, their career highlight is said to be their second place finish at the World Cup Finals in 2000 when they scored an impressive 80 percent for their kur to music. Unfortunately, Ferro died suddenly at the tragically young age of 18 after a sudden case of colic in 2005. [...]

International Competitions And Famous Oldenburgs

There are many famous Oldenburgs in the history of the breed, but some of the most famous stallions will continue on in history through the performances of their offspring. Some of the most famous Oldenburgs include Zeus, Donnerhall, Relevant, and Gameboy. Each one of these Oldenburgs has proven themselves both in the ring as well as in breeding programs both in Germany and North America. [h]Inschallah[/h] Considered to be one of the most important stallions in the Oldenburg breed, Inschallah has sired an amazing number of championship and Olympic medal winning dressage and show jumping Oldenburgs. Inschallah added a long, showy gait to the breed and also was considered to have the ideal disposition for an Oldenburg, kind and gentle without any signs of poor temperament, even when at stud. His offspring are considered to have the same temperament and the line is highly desirable in Europe as well as in the United States. [...]

Famous Morgan Horses

With a foundation horse that was born around the same time as the United States, the Morgan Horse has made important contributions to its nation's history. Morgans made appearances in the Civil War on both sides of the conflict, delivered messages with the Pony Express, served as mounts for the United States cavalry, all the while making a name for itself as a trotting champion. Throughout the years, several Morgans became so famous that their names are still remembered today. [...]

Friesian Horses in the Movies

There is no question that the Friesian horse is absolutely stunning to look at. With its shiny black coat, long flowing mane and tail and feathered locks, this breed is as beautiful standing still as when it is moving, when its aristocratic carriage is shown off as well as its powerful gait. Good looking both standing still and in movement, it should come as no surprise that the Friesian has been appearing in motion pictures over the last twenty years, which has certainly contributed to the popularity of the breed. Here we'll take a look at the history of Friesians in the movies. [...]

Famous Thoroughbreds

Thoroughbred horses have become a part of most North American sports knowledge and interest. There are few people that haven't heard of the famous racing horses such as Secretariat, Man O'War, Seabiscuit, Seattle Slew, Phar Lap, and Northern Dancer are all famous Thoroughbreds that have become household names, many which also have books and movies made about their life. Some of the most famous Thoroughbreds such as Man O'War were bred specifically as race horses but for one reason or another almost didn't make it to the track. Man O' War was one of the fasted horses of his time and won an amazing 20 out of 21 races, only loosing one due to the poor start at the gate. In the Sanford Memorial Stakes race in the 1919, the horses were started not with a solid gate but with a thin barrier that was pulled up to start the race. Prior to the barrier being pulled up the horses were circled to keep them under control. It is reported that the barrier was pulled when Man O'War had his back to the barrier, causing him to loose time and ground. It is amazing that he still finished second, beaten only by a single horse on the track. [...]

Famous Hanoverians

The Hanoverian is one of the most popular Warmblooded breeds of horses used in riding competitions today, and with good reason. These horses are well known for their beauty, agility, intelligence and athletic ability, and these traits have helped the breed win gold medals in all three Olympic equestrian events. Along the way, there have been some amazing Hanoverians that have stood above the cream of the crop, whether they were remarkable for their breeding influence or their success in competition. Here are just a few of the most famous Hanoverians. [...]

Sires And Famous Mares

As with any type of competitive horse there are those that rise to the level of championship based on their athletic ability, intelligence and ability to perform. The Trakehner breed has had several famous championship stallions and outstanding mares in its history, many which have gone on to be considered the foundation stock for different breeding programs around the world. Typically, as with most types of competitive horses, stallions and geldings tend to be the most frequently used in competitions and the best mares are usually kept as breeding stock once they complete a year or two of competition. All Trakehners must go through a pre-set inspection to be considered eligible for registry in the breed. This is considered to be effective in keeping the high standards of the breed and preventing any breeders from moving away from the breed standards. The horses are examined separately with different judging criteria for mares and stallions. For the inspections owners must have x-rays completed no more than 75 days prior to the inspection and must produce them at the inspection. [...]

Famous Dog Heroes In History

Looking back through history there are a great number of dogs that have quite literally left a lasting impression. Unfortunately there are just as many unsung heroes in the canine world that did outstanding things to help people that are not recorded or recognized. Most of the dogs that have become famous in history are not purebreds, nor were they particularly trained for anything, they were just very intelligent dogs that did what had to be done. Some of the famous dogs even gave their lives to save humans or help humans in some way, making them true heroes. [...]

Found [42] Articles :: Page 3 of 3
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