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Boomer the Acting Shiba Inu

As many owners of the Shiba Inu know, the breed is extremely animated which is part of its charm and appeal. They are very spirited as well as loyal and trainable, when a disciplined regimen is applied. And as dogs are known to do, a particular Shiba Inu was there in his owner's time of need and an interesting life was stumbled upon by her and him. Boomer the Acting Shiba Inu is a member of the breed who has catapulted his natural attributes into a successful and meaningful venture for both his owner and himself. [...]

Famous Belgian Tervurens

Perhaps the most distinguished of all Belgian Tervuren police dogs would be Albert. Albert, a male from Holland, went to work with the Amsterdam police force sometime around 1920. His duties mostly consisted largely of tracking and he quickly proved himself a strong, capable public servant. During his time on the force, the population of the city was rising from about 523,577 to roughly 750,000 (today the population stands at this number) between 1900 and 1930. That he managed to track down no less than two hundred fugitives during the city's period of growth should serve as a testament to the breed's capability of adapting to new situations. [...]

Did You Know...? About the Belgian Tervuren

The Belgian Tervuren goes by different names in various circles. In its homeland of Belgium, the breed is referred to as the Chien de Berger Belge. In most countries, the various subdivisions are not recognized as individual breeds and they are simply referred to by their parent breed's name as Belgian Shepherd Dogs. The Belgian Tervuren was, perhaps not surprisingly, named for the Belgian village of Tervuren (in some dialects it can be spelled Tervueren). [...]

Celebrity Bull Terriers

They're definitely not Lassies. Bull Terriers may not be the prettiest dogs on the block, but they sure had their moments. Their comical looks, distinctive egg-shaped head, and jaunty gait make them a breed with tremendous character. Here is a list of Bull Terriers that made it to the spotlight, and they can be considered celebrities in their own ways. [...]

Bulldogs in Popular Culture and as Mascots throughout the Years

The bulldog has been around for many years and has always been a popular, if misunderstood dog. While many still associate the bulldog with the dog that was involved in bull baiting many years ago, others have discovered what a versatile and wonderful family pet the bulldog can be. In addition to being a great pet, the bulldog has served many other purposes through the years. Research has shown that music is very relaxing for dogs, specifically the bulldog. Classical music was the music chosen to make the dog more mellow and relaxed. [...]

Weimaraner Supermodels

The Weimaraner is known as one of the best sporting dogs, and it has been used for hunting throughout its history. However, you may be surprised to discover that some Weimaraners have found a different line of work, and these are the Weimaraner Supermodels. In a way, it makes sense. The Weimaraner is a medium sized dog that is famous for its aristocratic look. It is a picture of grace and beauty, and it has a noble bearing that adds to its charm. [...]

Borzoi: Weird Facts Did You Know?

The most famous Borzoi today is probably the one who is the ancestor of almost all of the Borzoi bred in the United Kingdom. The majority of the British Borzoi bloodlines alive today are from the same female Borzoi named Tasha. Tasha was born during World War II in the UK and she belonged to the founder of Denes Natural Pet Foods, Buster Lloyd Jones. Another famous Borzoi is the one who graces the covers of all books from Alfred A. Knopf publishing. The logo for Knopf publishing is a Borzoi in silhouette. [...]

Famous Chihuahuas and Chihuahuas in the News

Chihuahuas are noted for their distinct looks and unique personalities. They are so beloved in fact, many notable Chihuahuas have been made famous in the media and movies. Here are some of the most notable uses of these loveable little dogs in the media: Restaurant Promotions the Media and Internet [-]Taco Bell introduced the Taco Bell Chihuahua in September of 1997. Gidget, the actual name of the Taco Bell mascot became a marketing success. Not only did he appear on the Taco Bell commercials, but the toy and souvenir manufacturers got in on the craze and started producing Taco Bell dogs with the cute little Mexican accent and catch phrases such as "Yo quiero Taco Bell." [...]

Famous Jack Russell Terriers, Jack Russell Terriers In The News

The playful Jack Russell Terrier has made its way into people's homes and hearts. The breed is well known in the news, on the big screen and even in television. Some examples of famous Jack Russell Terriers follow. Bothie is the only dog in recorded history to visit both the North and South Poles. He accompanied Ranulf Fiennes on his expeditions. Bothie was voted dog of the year in 1982. Wishbone is perhaps the most popular Jack Russell of all time. The feisty Wishbone was the star of the children's television series of the same name, which aired on American television from 1995-2001. [...]

Bloodhound Weird Facts/Did You Know

[h]Famous Movie and Television Bloodhounds[/h] The Beverly Hillbillies' Bloodhound Duke was portrayed as a lazy dog that just lies around all day. This is not like the breed at all, they are full of energy for the most part. The first Bloodhound to play the part was named Stretch who retired at the age of thirteen when a younger version took over the role of Duke. Stretch was also in the movie "No Time for Sergeants". [...]

Brussels Griffon: Weird Facts/ Did You Know?

The tiny toy breed Brussels Griffon is known for his human expressions. Often he is seen looking inquisitive, with his head cocked to one side. This is in fact exactly what the look means to communicate: the dog is curious about something. Because of his expressiveness, the Brussels Griffon is a well known and widely used dog in the world of art and cinema. Though not as popular as an actual pet, the Brussels Griffon can easily be recognized by his most famous movie role: the dog in the movie As Good As It Gets. [...]

Cairn Terrier: Weird facts/Did you know?

The Cairn Terrier is one of the oldest and the smallest terrier breeds of dogs in the world. It was originally bred in the Scottish Highlands, among the vast open plains where the only permanent form of landmark markers were piles of stones called cairns. The Cairn Terrier was named after these, for they hunted vermin and small game that resided in and around the cairns. This dog is often considered "natural" looking because of its often unkempt and raggedy like coat, not to mention that mischievous twinkle in its eyes. [...]

Famous Cairn Terrier Owners

Indubitably, as far as Hollywood popularity is concerned, Liza Minelli has to be one of the most famous Cairn Terrier owners. Aside from the fact that she is the daughter of screen legend Judy Garland, Minelli has also achieved Hollywood prominence in her own right. She is a well-known actress, singer and true blue modern pop icon. Minelli is also known as a long time animal lover, and has taken care of many pets, mostly dogs. [...]

Famous Cairns

Hollywood has always had a loving relationship with very talented acting animals. Aside from horses, cats and of course the orca whale named Keiko, dogs are the number one animal actors in the world. Hollywood has portrayed the man-and-dog relationship from different angles, and audiences still hold great fascination regarding animal actors. This fascination holds true with several cases of Cairn Terriers who got their "big break" on TV or in films. [...]

Celebrity Shar Pei

Anyone who sees a cute little wrinkled dog like a Shar Pei in a movie or on a television show will immediately fall in love with it. The truth is that the Chinese Shar Pei makes a wonderful actor because of its ability to follow directions. Obedient by nature, the Shar Pei can be trained to do a wide variety of things, including being a star on the big screen! [...]

Found [42] Articles :: Page 1 of 3
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