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Eye Care for the Miniature Poodle

Eye care for your miniature poodle is very important. It is your job as a responsible pet owner to check your dog's eyes daily, keep them clean and free of debris, and seek medical attention for your poodle if you suspect there is a problem. Miniature poodles, like all dogs, are unable to clean their eyes themselves. Rubbing their faces against furniture, carpeting, or other objects is ineffective. Some dogs use their paws to try to remove gunk or buildup from their eyes but this is unsafe and not effective. If you find that your miniature poodle has excessive tearing, the first thing you should do is take him to your veterinarian to have his eyes checked to rule out any type of medical problem. [...]

Preparing Your Miniature Bull Terrier For Show

Miniature bull terriers have a strong, sturdy, square proportioned body with a flat, sloping head and closely set small eyes. Their short coat is harsh and flat with colors such as pure white, red fawn, brindle, black, and tricolor. The miniature bull terriers coat is easy to maintain. Although your terriers coat only requires occasional brushing, when you brush him often it helps keep your pets skin healthy and moist by stimulating the oil in its skin. It also helps reduce shedding as it removes the dead hair. [...]

Grooming the Puli, Myth versus Fact

There is, quite unfortunately, a lot of misinformation being spread and, even more unfortunately, practiced, regarding the grooming and proper maintenance of the breed known as Puli. Chief amongst these half-facts and myths is the false belief that the Puli requires little to no grooming in order to maintain a healthy, attractive coat of locks. Nothing could be further from the truth. As anyone who has actually owned or cared for a Puli can tell you, they are in fact, an unusually high maintenance breed when it comes to the matter of grooming, and any mistreatment might just wind up with the dog needing to be completely shorn of their trademark curls. The origin of the low-maintenance myth might have to do with the breed's aesthetic similarity to the dreadlock hairstyle, which is equally misconstrued as requiring little to no maintenance. In fact, Puli owners and Rastafarians alike should be urged to take proper care of that hair. [...]

Showing a Puli

Trimming and prepping a Puli for a show is a delicate affair. Where other breeds may require nothing more than a bath, a trim and a brushing, the Puli's complex coat of locks demands careful styling and trimming if he or she hopes to look like anything more than an indistinct ball of fluff. Perhaps one of the more important things to remember is to make sure that the face is neatly visible. However much time is invested in the Puli's coat, it may all be for naught if the face cannot be seen. Remember that the face is what a judge will identify with, what will charm them. Leaving the face covered with messy bangs will prevent the dog's personality from immediately shining through. The mouth and eyes should both be especially prominent. [...]

Bathing Rules for West Highland White Terriers

West Highland White Terriers are prized for their white, long coats. These coats are plush and thick thanks to a double coat consisting of a cottony undercoat and an outer coat of hard, straight white hair. The white coloring makes a distinctive looking dog, but can be the bane of an owner's existence when a Westie loves nothing more than diving down holes or digging in the backyard. However, Westies do have sensitive skin and should be bathed very sparsely. Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, bathing is sometimes needed rather more frequently. In this article, we'll take a look at why Westies should be bathed infrequently and some tips if bathing more frequently is needed. [...]

Catahoula Leopard Dogs and Grooming

Catahoula Leopard dogs are mostly considered to be working dogs as opposed to pets, and because of this their grooming needs are very minimal. According to its breed standard, the coat should be short to medium length that lies close to the body. This single coat does shed from time to time but this is not considered to be a major drawback of the dog. Despite the fact that Catahoula Leopard dogs don't require a lengthy grooming routine, there are a few grooming tips that every dog owner should know, as grooming involves more than the care and maintenance of the coat. In this article, we'll look at the most important parts of the grooming routine for Catahoula Leopard dogs keeping the coat clean, keeping an eye the eyes and ears and keeping the nails trimmed. [...]

Coat Care for the West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terriers are much loved for their high energy, perky personalities, and their dazzling, long white coat. But bringing home a Westie means making a significant commitment to keeping that thick, white coat neatly trimmed and well taken care of, even if he's not destined for the show ring. In this article, we'll take a look at three of the important parts that make up coat care for Westies - stripping vs. clipping and care between baths. [...]

When Shedding Season Strikes

The Tibetan Spaniel has a double coat that is thick and lush. It does shed year-round minimally with one or two actually shedding seasons, depending on the gender of the dog. The bitches can lose their undercoat twice a year, while the dogs will lose them only once during the spring or summer. The shedding season can vary based on your climate but it is usually early summer in warmer climates. The dog does not need a whole lot of grooming unless it is during shedding season. Most of the rest of the year they do shed, but not as much. If you do not like having dog hair in your apartment, brush them regularly during shedding season. Otherwise, grooming them occasionally is enough to keep them looking good and your home from being too swamped in dog hair. [...]

The Central Asian Ovtcharka and the Practice of Ear and Tail Docking

The Central Asian Ovtcharka traditionally has both its ears and tail docked; indeed, engravings and drawings dating back to Assyrian times shows dogs similar to today's Central Asian Shepherd with their ears and tails cut. Owners claim that this is due to the fact that these dogs often had to do battle with large predators, as well as prove themselves in dog fights. Natural ears and tails provided convenient locations for opponents to grab on and pull, causing damage. A major blood vessel runs through the ears of dogs and if the ear is bitten badly, this vessel could break; a great deal of blood could be lost and the dog could die. [...]

Grooming Issues With The Sussex Spaniel

The Sussex Spaniel has a very unique coat. It is a golden liver color that matches the bark of trees at sunset, effectively camouflaging it during a hunt. The coat also protects it in cold and damp weather and allows it to retrieve fowl from waterways. When properly groomed the Sussex Spaniel is a beautiful dog that is very showy and lustrous. There are some grooming issues that need to be kept up with regularly to keep the Sussex Spaniel in tip-top shape. The Sussex Spaniel does shed a bit. You can keep the amount of stray hair down by brushing it down twice a week. They do have hair in between the pads of their feet that also need to be trimmed. Like all dogs the nails should be trimmed to keep the dog well groomed. The ears and eyes should also be checked during a weekly grooming session for signs of disease. [...]

Coat colors of a Smooth Fox Terrier

The smooth fox terrier is a smaller sized dog that makes an ideal family pet as their small size makes them appealing to many. The smooth fox terrier is named such because of its coat, which is smooth, flat yet hard and dense when compared to the wire fox terrier, which has a dense wiry texture to its coat. The smooth coat of the terrier is short and easy to maintain when compared to the wire fox terrier, and often this appeals to many people who prefer a dog that is low maintenance and required little grooming. The coat colors of the smooth fox terrier are typically base colors of tan or black and tan. Often the coat of the smooth fox terrier is white with few spotting of black or tan patches. Often the colored patches will be found around the eye or ear as well as other areas of the smooth fox terrier. If the smooth fox terrier has colored patches around the eye you will find that the eye rims will almost always be black, but if the eyes are surrounded by white then the eye rims may gradually get pigment but sometimes it may not occur at all. [...]

Preparing Chinese Foos for Competition

Participating in dog shows with your Chinese Foo is a great way to spend quality time with your dog while getting know other dog fanciers in a wonderful atmosphere. Unfortunately, Chinese Foos are not yet eligible for competitions sponsored by the American Kennel Club, the oldest kennel club in America, but fanciers of the breed hope that this will change one day. For now, they are welcome to participate in shows hosted by other organizations, including the American Rare Breed Association and the National Canine Association. Participating in exhibitions also help to get the breed wider known and this will hopefully help the breed become accepted in larger associations. [...]

Tail Care for the Chinese Foo

A common misconception about the Chinese Foo is that their tails, which typically curl up over the back, are difficult to care for. The truth is, with regular grooming the tails of the Chinese Foo are no more difficult to care for than any other dog with a longer coat. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the grooming of Chinese Foos, with particular attention to their curled tails. [...]

Showing Skye Terriers

There are very few experiences that can be shared between a dog and an owner that will have quite the profound impact upon the relationship as showing your Skye Terrier will have. Showing any dog can be a stressful event. Showing a dog that is headstrong and has natural tendencies to be aggressive to strange people and animals adds another level to the insanity. This isn't meant to discourage you from showing your Skye Terrier only to paint a fairly accurate picture of some of the challenges that await you. [...]

Curly Coated Retrievers in the Show Ring

Curly Coated Retrievers have long been a popular breed in the show ring thanks to their unique, tightly curled coat and wonderful temperament. First exhibited in 1860 in England, the breed nearly disappeared during the two world wars of the 20th century but steadily gained in number in the later half of the century. Today, the Curly Coated Retriever is not widely known in the United States, but still enjoys popularity in Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia, where it does consistently well in the show ring. If you're interested in showing your Curly in the show ring, here are a few tips on preparing your dog for the spotlight. [...]

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Found [193] Articles :: Page 8 of 13
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