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Labrador Retrievers

Aliases: Lab, English Retriever, St. John's Dog, Black Water Dog

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Labrador Retriever Articles

Different types of Labrador Retrievers

As many people are finding out, there is more than one type of Labrador Retriever to choose from. In fact, many people are not aware that there are three different types of Labrador Retrievers. Although there are three different types of Labrador Retrievers, this does not mean that there is a significant difference between all three dogs. In fact, there is not much difference at all between them; the most obvious difference is the coloring. One of the most widely known types of Labrador Retriever is the Yellow Labrador. [...]

Labrador Retriever Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The Labrador retriever has long been known as one of the most lovable dogs in the world. It also has the title of being the most popular family dog, especially for families with children. There are many fascinating little tidbits of information about the Labrador retriever that many probably don't know. They are also referred to as Labrador or just simply "Lab". In fact, they are so popular and well known that when people say, "I have a Lab", everyone knows exactly what is meant. [...]

Labrador Retrievers and Weight Issues

Labrador Retrievers are mellow, laid back and friendly dogs that have easily won their place in the hearts of many families. They are ranked as the most popular of all family dogs. Although they are classified as working dogs, the average Labrador retriever has a fairly easy life style as a pet and family dog. The Labrador retriever is a large dog with an even larger appetite. Their weight can range anywhere from 45 pounds to over 80 pounds, with males usually weighing more than females. Although some Labrador retrievers do have an active lifestyle, most don't have the activity level to match their appetite. [...]

Labrador Retrievers as Hunting Dogs

Labrador retrievers, besides being one of the more popular dogs in the United States, are a very versatile dog. They can serve many purposes, all of which depend on the wishes of the owner. Some people get a Labrador retriever for their excellent qualities as a family pet. In some cases, the Labrador is trained for a certain services such as service dog, therapy dog or Seeing Eye dog. We must not forget one of their first purposes of years ago - their use as hunting dogs. Labradors were originally bred for waterfowl hunting, where they would go in the water to retrieve the birds as they were shot. They were also used many years ago to help the fishermen in Newfoundland bring in the fish they caught. [...]

Labrador Retrievers Being Used For Work Dogs

Labrador Retrievers are one type of retriever and very possibly the most popular. They were originally bred to be bird dogs for waterfowl hunting. They loved the water and seemed to thrive and excel at going in the water and retrieving the game that was shot. To this day, the Labrador retriever still loves water and swimming. Although the Labrador is a wonderful pet, both loving and affection, they also make excellent working dogs. In the United States, there are actually two lines of the Labrador retriever: the field line and the show line. [...]

Labrador Retrievers, Do They Make Great Pets?

The Labrador retriever is the most popular breed of dog in the United States and United Kingdom. One only has to be around the Labrador retriever for a short amount of time to see why. They are very intelligent, energetic, helpful and lovable dogs. They are probably one of the most popular dogs to be kept as pets, as well. They love giving and getting attention and respond very well to praise. It takes a lot to make the Lab aggravated or annoyed. Labs love going in the water and splashing around having fun, which many do with members of their family. [...]

Life with a Labrador retriever

You may have finally decided you and your family are ready to get a dog, but can't decide what breed to get. You've done all your research, talked to friends and neighbors with dogs and you still can't decide. You've probably found one name mentioned a lot: the Labrador retriever. You're wondering what life with a Labrador retriever would be like. Nothing will prepare you for the joy and fulfillment your Labrador retriever (Lab) will provide you with. All he or she will ask for in return is your unconditional love. [...]

The Labrador Retriever As A Pet

The Labrador retriever has long been recognized as the most popular dog for many people, whether as a pet or just in general. They have been around for many years, starting as dogs in Newfoundland in the 1800s that were used to assist fishermen in retrieving fish and nets. They were later used for waterfowl hunting, where they were expected to go in the water to retrieve the game. Their water repellent coat was very helpful in these feats because they didn't drag along excess water with them. Eventually, people began to see the Labrador retriever as the wonderful dog it was as well as the extraordinary traits it possessed, and people starting keeping them as family pets. Today they are probably one of the most favorite dogs to be bought as family pets. [...]

The Coat Coloring of a Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever comes in three different colors: yellow, chocolate and black. Any other color is not acceptable according to the AKC standards for the Labrador retriever. Occasionally, you may see some slight variations of the three colors such as brindle, black and tan or gold, but these colors are unacceptable as true Lab colors. A yellow Lab, however, may have some different shades of yellow which range from tan to gold to reddish fox. The majority of them are just yellow, however. Some breeders may even advertise a "rare" Lab color. It's rare because it shouldn't be part of the Labrador. You may occasionally see white markings on the chest, but these are the only variations allowed according to the AKC Labrador Retriever Standard. [...]

The Labrador retriever's Most Common Health Ailment

There are several different health problems that affect the Labrador retriever throughout their life. Some are easy to spot and others may go undiagnosed until it's too late to really help the dog. It would be nice if all dogs were the same so we would always know what to expect. Unfortunately, this is not the case as many of the health ailments the Labrador retriever (as well as other dogs) develops are hereditary. This answers many of the questions about why one Labrador is perfectly healthy and another got seriously ill in his or her lifetime. [...]

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Labrador Retriever Articles
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