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Aliases: English Mastiff, Old English Mastiff

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Mastiff Articles

Grooming Your Mastiff

The Mastiff is a dog that not only has to be fed properly, and taken for daily walks, but it also has to be groomed well. As a Mastiff owner, you have to follow a daily grooming regime for proper upbringing of the Mastiff. The typical grooming regime includes cleaning of the Mastiff's eyes and ears, clipping of claws, brushing its coat and a periodical bath. Though all these need not be done everyday, it is preferable that brushing and ear-checking be done on a daily basis. [...]

Health Care for the Mastiff

No dog is perfect; different dogs have different health conditions and problems. Likewise, your Mastiff is also susceptible to certain health problems. It is important that you know the signs that indicate that your Mastiff is suffering from illnesses, whether they be mild or serious conditions. The Mastiff tends to bloat when it eats or drinks too fast. This can be a very serious condition. With bloating, the Mastiff's stomach tends to twist or flip upside down while eliminating blood supply to its stomach. [...]

Life with a Mastiff

As the owner of a Mastiff, you have to be ready to show a lot of care and adoration for your Mastiff. This is because the Mastiff is a loyal and loving dog that just loves being around you. In fact, it is so devoted and attached to you that it will want to accompany you on rides in your car to the beach, park and even to work. You should ensure that your Mastiff gets its daily routine of exercise by walking it and playing with it. Keep your yard fenced, and spend some time everyday with your Mastiff out on the yard. [...]

Mastiff: Weird Facts Did You Know?

The origins of the Mastiff can be traced back to thousands of years BC. Later on, they were used in battles and fighting competitions against gladiators, bears and lions. With the passing of time, they became recognized as loyal companions to humans and they were trained and used as guard dogs for estates and households.Here are some interesting facts about Mastiffs: The Mastiff was portrayed in Egyptian paintings that date back to 3000BC, and the earliest mention of a Mastiff in literature was in 1121BC. [...]

Mastiff as a House Guard

Mastiffs are dogs that make wonderful companions for people who love animals. If you wish to keep a Mastiff in your home, you have to be prepared to put in valuable time and effort to make it feel comfortable. A Mastiff needs constant human contact and it feels as if it is part of the family. Other than just a companion, a Mastiff is also an ideal house guard as it is a fearsome presence that will keep intruders at bay. [...]

Temperament of the Mastiff, Is the Mastiff Dangerous for your Children?

The Mastiff is generally a large sized dog, but despite its menacing size, it is basically a gentle giant at heart. It is the benign and benevolent personality of a Mastiff that makes it a great companion and addition to any household. If you have children around, you may have some doubts about getting such a big and fearsome dog, but depending on the age of your children, a Mastiff may make a great playmate for your kids. The Mastiff is generally wonderful with children. To the Mastiff, children are more like puppies which it tends to treat gently. Being a patient and protective animal, you can very well trust it to look after even small children. [...]

Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a member of the working group and it is used today as a watchdog, family pet and a show dog. It is a massive dog, being a descendant of the mammoth war dogs of the Middle East, the Molossus. This dog was originally bred to fight against bears, gladiators, and lions as a form of entertainment. It was also used as a war dog. Neapolitan Mastiffs fought alongside the Roman legions during the conquest of Europe, and they spread their breed throughout the land. [...]

The Pyrenean Mastiff

It was during the trading of Assyrian and Sumerian type dogs in the Mediterranean by Phoenicians over 30 centuries ago that a massive flock of guarding dogs arrived in the Iberian Peninsula. Most of these dogs were left in Spain for employment with great flocks and when spreading through the peninsula, these dogs underwent variations. Those dogs that moved north into the kingdom of Aragon developed into the Pyrenean Mastiff. [...]

The Spanish Mastiff

The Spanish Mastiff is a descendant of the ancient Molosser dog which was believed to have existed around 2000BC. It was the Phoenicians who brought this breed to Spain by the southern trade routes. The Spanish Mastiff was used as a sheep and guard dog to defend livestock from predators. Today, it is still very much used for the same purpose in Estremadura where it is considered a native dog. The Spanish Mastiff is a powerful and protective animal with infinite color variations. Like most large animals, the Spanish Mastiff has no need of showing its obvious strength to others. [...]

The Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a rare and ancient dog that originated from Tibet and the neighboring regions that practice a nomadic culture. The history of the Tibetan Mastiff can be traced back to the bronze or stone age, and it is believed that it is the ascendant of most of the Mastiff breeds known today. The Tibetan Mastiff is a large breed of dog, a heavier form of Mastiff and a moderately sized mountain type. It has a sturdy bone structure with a large and wide head that makes it look larger than dogs of similar height. [...]

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