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Norwegian Buhunds

Aliases: Norsk Buhund, Norwegian Sheepdog, Homestead Dog, Farm Dog

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Norwegian Buhund Articles

About the Norwegian Buhund's Health

All dogs have health problems, whether hereditary or acquired. Compared to other breeds, the Norwegian Buhund is considered a naturally healthy breed. Because it is a hardy breed with good resistance against diseases, it does not get ill as often as other dogs. One of the basic measures to ensure the health of your Norwegian Buhund is regular checkups at the vet. You should bring your dog for vaccination and health tests once a year. A Buhund is prone to ear and eye infection, but if you check its eyes and ears regularly, such illnesses can be easily taken care of. [...]

Adopting a Norwegian Buhund for a Pet

Dogs usually bring joy to their owners, but taking care of them can be quite a daunting task. If you are planning to adopt an intelligent dog like the Norwegian Buhund, you will need to have quite some patience to manage it. It is important that you understand its personality first before you decide to keep it as a pet, so that you will know if it is indeed the right dog for you. You can consider keeping the Norwegian Buhund as a pet if you like a medium-sized dog which is energetic and affectionate. It is a well balanced and compact dog that doesn't need much maintenance. A Buhund is naturally healthy and it does not have any serious hereditary conditions. All you need to do to ensure that your dog remains healthy is to bring it to the vet regularly for checkups. [...]

Breeding Norwegian Buhund

Dog breeding is not easy, especially for medium and large-sized dogs. The Norwegian Buhund is one of those dogs that require quite a lot of patience to breed. To ensure a healthy and happy Norwegian Buhund, you have to invest quite some time and effort. If you are planning to breed such a dog, there are a few things that you need to consider first. First of all, a Norwegian Buhund dog has its own distinct health conditions. Generally, this breed of dog is reasonably healthy. However, it is important that you bring it for routine health checks to make sure that it remains healthy always. In rare cases, there are some dogs that have recessive genes that make them more vulnerable to certain diseases. It is important that you are always aware of your Norwegian Buhund's physical well-being so that you can start treating any medical conditions early as soon as they begin to cause health problems for your dog. [...]

Finding Good Norwegian Buhund Breeders

If you are planning to get a Norwegian Buhund, it is best that you try to get one that is of quality stock. Dogs of the same breed can differ from one another in terms of quality, and to ensure that you find a Buhund that is healthy and pure in lineage, you have to find the right breeder. You may not be able to find many Norwegian Buhund breeders because this breed of dog is not very popular among dog lovers around the world. However, there are quite a number of Buhund enthusiasts in Europe as well as America. If you are living in these continents, you should be able to find good Norwegian Buhund breeders in your locality. You can even ask the vet or the pet store if they know of any reliable breeders of the Buhund, or you can even go to a Norwegian Buhund club to do some research. Once you have information about the breeders in your area, you can start to find out which of them supply quality Buhunds. [...]

Norwegian Buhund: Weird Facts Did You Know?

As a dog owner, it is very important that you know as much information as you can about your dog. From its history to its special characteristics, there are so many interesting facts about your dog that will make you appreciate it more. If you are an owner of a Norwegian Buhund, you will be delighted to find out the long history of your dog's breed. Here are some facts about the Norwegian Buhund that you may find interesting. [...]

The Farming Dog of Norway The Norwegian Buhund

While most people may consider dogs as pets nowadays, there are other people who would use dogs to do chores in their households. Dogs that are used for work, such as hunting dogs, sight dogs, work dogs and herding dogs, are called utilitarian dogs. One of the utilitarian breeds that have found its place in American homes is the Norwegian Buhund. While the Norwegian Buhund may be classified as a herding dog from the Spitz family, it is better known as the farming dog of Norway. This dog is still used in the country as a farm dog, and one of the tasks it is assigned to do is to herd livestock. In fact, the Norwegian Buhund was originally used as a herding dog, and it has become quite an expert in this line of work throughout the years. With its exceptional alertness, the Buhund is very quick to sense danger, and it will protect the herd with its life if the situation calls for it. [...]

The Norwegian Buhund The Spitz Family Shepherd

It is quite amazing what utilitarian dog breeds can do. There are hunting dogs that can track and retrieve game for their masters and work dogs that can do a variety of household chores and farm work. These dogs are highly regarded by their owners because they have proven their worth in making life easier for their masters. One of these seemingly all-purpose dog breeds is the Norwegian Buhund. The Norwegian Buhund, which is also considered Norway's farm dog, is a herding dog that comes from the Spitz family. This dog has the typical characteristics of a Spitz when it comes to being active and self-confident. It also has an independence that is typical of a Spitz, and like the other dogs in its family line, the Buhund also loves its home and it can be easily trained to do a variety of chores. However, unlike the other Spitz breeds that are used as draft and hunt dogs, the Buhund does not have much of an inclination to hunt. This is because it was primarily bred as a herding dog. [...]

What are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Norwegian Buhund?

Dogs have their own distinct features. Most of them will bring joy to your life, but they also have negative characteristics that may not be desirable. If you are planning to get a Norwegian Buhund, you may want to find out the pros and cons of owning this breed. [...]

What are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Norwegian Buhund?

Dogs have their own distinct features. Most of them will bring joy to your life, but they also have negative characteristics that may not be desirable. If you are planning to get a Norwegian Buhund, you may want to find out the pros and cons of owning this breed. [...]

What is the Norwegian Buhund and What it is Not?

When getting a dog, there are many factors you have to consider. It is important that you know what the dog is and what it is not, so that you can decide whether it is suitable for you. You can compare the personality of the dog with your own, and see if it is a suitable companion that will fit into your lifestyle. If you want to get a utilitarian dog that you can take along for physical activities, then the Norwegian Buhund could be the dog for you. It is a loyal and affectionate dog that will make a great companion for active owners. Its medium-sized build makes it a perfect playmate for your kids and it also possesses qualities that make an excellent watch dog. [...]

Where to Find and Join Norwegian Buhund Clubs?

As a dog owner, it is quite imperative that you join a kennel club that is dedicated to your dog's breed. It is beneficial to join such a club because you will have access to a lot of valuable information concerning your dog, and you can also get some useful tips on dog management. Other than these, it will also provide you an avenue to socialize your dog. Through this club, you will be able to expose your dog to dogs of its own kind. Being a member of a kennel club will also allow you to share stories and photos of your pride and joy with other dog owners. [...]

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