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Norwich Terriers

Aliases: Jones Terrier, Cantab Terrier

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Norwich Terrier Articles

Norwich Terriers and Respiratory Problems

When it comes to healthy breeds, the Norwich Terrier is close to the top of the list. Many websites will actually claim that this breed is not particularly prone to any health issues at all; while this is not entirely true, serious health issues in the breed are rare and the Norwich is definitely a hardy little dog. One of the most concerning health issues to be found in the breed has only recently become a problem, due to its seemingly increasing appearance in a few lines. [...]

Differences between Norwich Terriers and Norfolk Terriers

The breed known today as the Norwich Terrier was recognized in England around the end of the 19th century. Its origin is still debated, with some experts claiming it descended from small red or Irish terriers, while others sustain that other breeds, such as the Trumpington, Yorkshire, Skye, English Smooth, Scotch, Dandie Dinmont, Bull and Crossed Scotch, probably contributed to varying degrees. When it was officially recognized by the Kennel Club in 1932, two varieties were registered, the Prick Ear and the Drop Ear. After recognition, a great deal of debate arose as to which type of ear carriage should be considered "superior" and awarded in the show ring; indeed, breeders were so attached to one or the other type of ear that there were very few crosses between the varieties. Finally, the British Kennel Club split the varieties into two officially recognized breeds, the Norwich and the Norfolk, in 1964, with the Canadian and American Kennel Clubs following suit in 1979. [...]

Living with a Norwich Terrier

If you're thinking of adding a Norwich terrier to your family, you'll have to make sure that you can guarantee a certain type of lifestyle and environment to your potential new housemate. As with all dogs, Norwich terriers have specific needs and you'll really need to do some research on the breed and its requirements before making the final decision. It's helpful to visit breeders or owners that have had a lot of experience with these dogs, check out dog shows and hop on to the Norwich and Norfolk Terrier Club (NNTC) website. [...]

Showing Norwich Terriers

After coming to the decision that a Norwich terrier is definitely the furry addition that your family needs, you'll also have to consider whether you have any intention of breeding and/or showing your dog, or if you're simply looking for a lovable companion. If companionship is all you're interested in, then it is highly recommended that you ask around at shelters or rescue organizations to find adult or puppy Norwich in need of a good home. If, however, you're seriously considering showing your Norwich, then it's a good idea to find a reputable breeder from which you can purchase a puppy. [...]

Norwich Terriers as Therapy Dogs

Each breed of dog officially recognized by any one of the numerous Kennel Clubs around the world was created for a particular job, like pulling sleds, herding sheep, or hunting vermin. While many of the original dog jobs still exist, others have gradually been phased out, often substituted by some type of competition that represents the original purpose for which a particular dog was bred. The dogs, however, don't know that many of their skills are no longer needed in a traditional sense and many are just bursting at the seams to perform some kind of work. [...]

Norwich Terriers as Watchdogs

One of the first and most important jobs for which dog breeds were created was that of the watchdog; humans have taken advantage of the dog's natural instincts to protect its territory and/or its family and directed them towards protecting the property or family of the dog owner (a dog will consider his human family his pack if trained properly). There are a number of breeds that have been traditionally viewed as watchdogs, such as German Shepherds or Rottweilers, though many dog owners are finding out that there are a variety of different dogs that make excellent watchdogs. [...]

Norwich Terriers and Tail Docking Issues

As mentioned in other places, each breed of dog was created to fulfill some kind of purpose and the ideal characteristics of that breed, as outlined in the breed standard, reflect that purpose. For example, Greyhounds are thin and aerodynamic for running down fast prey, while Bloodhounds have long droopy ears to catch scent. Some breed standards call for docking, or the surgical removal of part of a dog's tail or ears; this practice seems to be quite old, dating perhaps back to Roman times, and was purportedly performed to prevent injury to dogs who could have gotten bitten on the ears or tail or had burs or thorns stuck on their tails or ears. [...]

Common Complaints about Norwich Terriers

Norwich owners, as with the owners of each breed of dog, will swear that their dog is the most wonderful breed around. While there is a great deal of evidence that Norwich terriers are great little pets, they are not without their negative points. If you’re in the process of searching for a canine companion for you or your family and you’re considering the possibility of bringing home a Norwich, make sure you do your homework and read about the breed’s good and bad aspects. This article will deal with some of the common complaints owners have had with the smallest of the terriers. [...]

From Working Dog to Companion

The Norwich terrier is not among the oldest breeds, but it has a rich history at being good at what is was bred for. The original ancestors of the breed were present in England since the beginning of the 1800s, though they didn't have an official name or any type of recognition at this point. They were essentially common farm mixed breeds, owned mainly by gypsies and used to keep a check on the rat, fox and general vermin population. Someone got the bright idea to breed these little terriers and sell them as efficient and useful ratters. The group that most enthusiastically took to this little wiry red-haired canine were Cambridge University undergraduates. Around the 1880s, undergrads were looking for a dog to keep their dorms free of rats; they needed a hardy, fearless dog that did not require a great deal of maintenance, was not a bothersome animal and was nice and small so as to not suffer in small spaces for limited amounts of time. [...]

Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The dog that won Best in Show at the Mayflower Dog Show in the comedy Best in Show was a Norwich Terrier named Winky. After Winky's owner/handler injures herself, she forces her husband, who has the strange condition of having two left feet, to show the dog. Despite his complete inexperience in the ring, he leads Winky to win the title. The movie is a parody of the intense and complex emotions and interactions experienced by show dog handlers, breeders and owners. Simon Heffer, a very vocal right-wing British journalist, lives with a Norwich Terrier named Bert. [...]

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