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Service Dogs

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Jack Russell Terriers Are Hunting Dogs

The Jack Russell Terrier was originally bred in Devonshire, England, in the 1800s for the purpose of hunting fox. They get their name from the Rev. Jack Russell who, besides his ministry, had a passion for the fox hunt. The fox hunt is a deeply routed rural tradition of England. Many animal activists object to the hunt as they see it to be a cruel, barbaric sport elicited by the idle rich. The fox hunt is carried out by trained working dogs, which pursue a fox until the ultimate kill. The dogs are followed by humans either on foot but mostly on horseback. For the advocates of the fox hunt, it is more than a sport. It is a method for conservation and pest control. In North America, the pesky coyotes is the "tod" or target predator of the hunt. [...]

Jack Russell Terriers And Their Role In Police Work

The Jack Russell Terrier may be small in stature, nevertheless it is a working dog. It is wrong to assume that its size necessitates less exercise than that which is necessary for the larger breeds. In fact, this tenacious breed is even deemed suitable for police work. Originally bred for hunting foxes, these small dogs are strong and well built. They must be allowed to vent their energy, either through work or exercise. They are also fierce and courageous animals that will stop at nothing to protect their loved ones. They have shown their loyalty and bravery in the line of duty time and again. [...]

Are Pugs Good Watchdogs?

Throughout time, dogs have been used to alert their owners to signs of danger. Some dogs make better watchdogs than others, and this article will take a look at where pug dogs might fall along this continuum. We will look at how pug dogs are alert, stubborn, and friendly. Believe it or not, all these can come into play when you're wondering if a pug would make a good guard dog for your home. [h]Intruder Alert![/h] We all want a dog who will let us know if there is anything suspicious going on around or outside of our houses. Pug dogs will notify you of such activity by barking at any such sign. They will respond mostly to strangers or odd noises in this fashion. They are very protective of their owners, which is also a desirable quality in a watchdog. [...]

The Unique Personality of the Anatolian Shepherd

The personality of the Anatolian Shepherd is unique as they are guardians of the flock. You as their owner are considered their flock and take pride in protecting you. However, the Anatolian is a stubborn dog with territorial instincts. If early training is not received to control temperament and personalities that are natural to the breed, they can become a dominant dog with an obstinate personality. [...]

Large, Strong, and Fast: The Anatomy of an Anatolian and Appearance

The Anatolian Shepherd is a strong, fast dog that has endurance, power, and agility. The appearance of the dog reflects its ability to overpower and conquer any animal or person trying to enter its territory without permission. The Anatolian is a large breed that is all muscle and strength. The large build of the dog shows its tolerability to endure months of being in the mountains taking care of the flock protecting them from animals such as wolves. [...]

Buying a Female or a Male, Puppy or an Older Anatolian Shepherd

If you are thinking about owning an Anatolian Shepherd, you need to consider a few things. The first thing to consider is whether you want a female or a male. There are some differences between the Anatolian female and male that you should consider when you start your search. The next thing you want to consider is if you want a puppy or an older dog. Taking into consideration how much time you have to spend with the dog is also a factor. [...]

Training The Anatolian Shepherds To Guard The Flock

As soon as the puppy reaches the age of three months, it should be placed with the flock. What this is doing is letting the natural guarding instinct of the dog know this is his flock to take care of and protect. Now when you do this, you do have to keep an eye on the puppy, since he is likely to try to play with his flock. He will out grow this in a few months, but if the puppy over does it, the flock can actually become overworked and die. [...]

Five Reasons Why an Anatolian Shepherd is not For Everyone

There are five good reasons why an Anatolian Shepherd is not right for everyone. The reasons are that they are an overly protective dog, they need plenty of room in the yard, they are harder to train, they have socialization issues, and they have a tendency to dig and chase. [...]

The Beauceron as a Leader

The Beauceron is a dog with a natural affinity for leadership. Indeed, when he walks into a room, he commands attention with his take charge attitude. [...]

The Beauceron as a Watchdog

The Beaceron has a natural affinity to guarding people and things. It is an excellent guard dog whose appearance and demeanor command respect. [...]

The Beauceron as a Family Dog

The Beauceron can be an important addition to your family if you know how to integrate him properly. It is important to be patient. Your diligence and patience will have positive and lasting results! [...]

The Beauceron on the Job

The Beauceron is bred to be primarily a working dog. He loves to work and needs to have a job to do! He has many talents that bode well for many different jobs for him to do. [...]

Maturity of the Beauceron

The Beauceron is a wonderful dog in many ways, but it does have its drawbacks. One of those is the length of time it takes for this dog to mature. [...]

Beauceron: Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The Beauceron is an interesting dog with many fun facts within its rich history. It is a noble and wonderful dog and there may be a few things that will surprise you about its past! [...]

Puppy Behavior of the Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a terrific pet. Whether you are using him as a home companion, a working dog, a police dog, or a personal protection dog, if you have enough time to train the dog, you will greatly enjoy the breed. Of course there are a few things about the Belgian Malinois that should be considered, especially when a potential owner is deciding whether or not he or she has the time or experience to raise and train this breed. [...]

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Found [214] Articles :: Page 5 of 15
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