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Weird Facts

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Weird Facts Did You Know?

Stone implements and bones were found in Viste Caves, Jaeren, in Western Norway that date back to between 4000 and 5000 BC, older than the first pharaoh of Ancient Egypt and the start of construction at Stonehenge. Along with these remains, archeologists found the skeletons of at least four dogs. Two of them have been classified as of Elkhound-like origin, making some consider the Elkhound among the oldest of dog breeds. There has been some controversy regarding this belief, however, as many experts say genetic and skeletal evidence suggest that modern Elkhounds are "recreations" of older types of dogs. [...]

Chinese Shar Pei: Weird Facts/Did you Know?

With so much research to do before making the decision to adopt a Chinese Shar Pei, you hardly have time to find out all the fun and interesting facts about your new pet. Fortunately for you, owning a Shar Pei will give you more interesting facts than you could ever read about online. From their unique coats and colors to their independent and borderline stubborn personalities, Chinese Shar Peis are indeed quite weird. [...]

St. Bernard: Weird Facts Did Your Know?

The St. Bernard was a watchdog for the monks of the hospice and monastery of the Great St. Bernard Pass in the Alps between Italy and Switzerland. He was also originally a companion dog. It was not until the mid-seventeenth, early eighteenth century that the dogs started their legendary jobs as rescuers. Until the early nineteenth century, all St. Bernards were short-haired. In around1830, the monks tried breeding St. Bernards with Newfoundlands to create a long-haired St. Bernard that could stay warmer in the snowy climate of the Alps. Unfortunately, the long-haired dogs were immobilized in the snow by the weight of the icicles that formed in their long coats. While the short-haired versions of the St. Bernard were once again used for rescuing, the long-haired variety has survived as a companion dog. [...]

Coton de Tulear: Weird Facts Did you Know?

There are many interesting facts about the Coton de Tulear. Such a lively dog deserves to have great stories and tales in its past. One tall tale related to the Coton is that it swam ashore to Tulear along with the remaining crew members after their ship sank. Sure, this story is interesting, but it is more likely that the Coton was brought to Tulear by tradesmen. [...]

Norwich Terrier: Weird Facts/Did You Know?

[-]The dog that won Best in Show at the Mayflower Dog Show in the comedy Best in Show was a Norwich Terrier named Winky. After Winky's owner/handler injures herself, she forces her husband, who has the strange condition of having two left feet, to show the dog. Despite his complete inexperience in the ring, he leads Winky to win the title. The movie is a parody of the intense and complex emotions and interactions experienced by show dog handlers, breeders, and owners.[/-] [-]Simon Heffer, a very vocal right-wing British journalist, lives with a Norwich Terrier named Bert. [...]

Lhasa Apso Weird Facts Did You Know?

The Lhasa Apso is one of the more distinctive dog breeds in the world today, not only because of it's unique look but also because of its unusual history. All existing dog breeds originated from wolves well over 100,000 years ago. All modern dog breeds retain 99% of the wolves' genetic structure. That's when the domestication of lost or abandoned wolves began, and as the population of grew, ancient peoples started rudiment interbreeding to select the traits they most valued. [...]

Keeshond: Weird Facts Did You Know?

Here you will find some interesting and weird facts about the Keeshond, a very unique and interesting start to a popular dog breed. [h]The Start of the Breed[/h] The American Kennel Club recognized the Keeshond in 1949. It was, however, introduced to the American Kennel Club in 1930 as a non-sporting dog. The Keeshond Club was established in 1935. There are a total of eighteen dog breeds including the Keeshond in the Non-sporting group according to the American Kennel Club. [...]

Pointer: Weird Facts/Did You Know?

Pointers are an interesting breed of dogs that has been around for some time now. Here are some interesting facts worth reading about Pointers. It is interesting to learn that Pointers are considered to be the oldest breeds of sporting dogs. Proof of this can be seen in the paintings of Pointers that have been seen since 1500. It is said that the first likeness of a Pointer is a pencil sketch of its head. It was done by an Italian, Pisanello. There are other renditions of a Pointer in a painting by Titian and a picture by Bassano in Madrid. If you own a Pointer, and you take it hunting with you, remember that when it points, it should never be called to. Instead, it should be encouraged with the word "gently" with which the Pointer stands still until you get your fowling-net ready. [...]

English Toy Spaniel Weird Facts/Did You Know?

There are may interesting facts about the English Toy Spaniel. This dog is commonly referred to as the "Charlie". It is believed through evidence that the Charlie was a favorite of Mary Queen of Scots. It is said that her favorite English Toy Spaniel refused to leave her when she was executed. The executioner is said to have found the blood stained dog within the folds of her skirt. [...]

Fila Brasileiro: Weird Facts Did You Know?

The Fila Brasileiro is a Brazilian guard dog that was bred to hunt jaguar and guard livestock. The dog is very large, standing about three feet tall in some cases and weighing up to 200 pounds. Their handlers know them for their extreme faithfulness, with a natural suspiciousness towards strangers. This suspiciousness expresses itself in aggressiveness that the dog doesn't bother to hide when faced with a stranger. This is called "ojeriza" which is Portuguese and means a loathing or sharp aversion of strangers. They can be very fast and, despite their massive frames, can jump very well. [...]

Komondor: Weird Facts Did You Know?

The Komondor is a fascinating dog to encounter and it has a colorful history. It is one of three breeds that have acted as guard dogs to livestock for over ten centuries. This proud legacy is suspected of having started with the Magyars. The lineage had its beginnings with Tibetan dogs that were bred into the Hungarian Sheep Dogs eventually. While the dog is highly protective of the flock, it isn't really a herder. It is mostly a watchdog and was highly prized in this function. Its temperament makes it uniquely suited to this role, as it is very suspicious of strangers, aggressive towards other animals not in its flock, but very loving and protective with those charges within the family or flock that it attends. [...]

Portuguese Water Dog: Weird facts/Did You Know?

The Portuguese Water Dog almost faced total obliteration as a breed. Once his job as a fisherman was lost to the emerging technologies in the fishing industry, the dog was not needed any longer. He was no longer bred, and he almost completely died out. In fact, at one point of time in the 1970s, there were only 25 Portuguese Water Dogs in existence anywhere in the world. Resurgence of the breed was thanks to a Portuguese shipping mogul named Dr. Vasco Bensuade who took on the repopulation of the breed. He had seen the benefits of the breed as working dogs and he took a great interest in them. [...]

Flat Coated Retriever: Weird Facts/Did You Know?

Did you know that apartment living is actually detrimental to the health of your Flat Coated Retriever? It's true. This dog breed remains quite inactive indoors; its energy level remains so low that it hardly moves from its chosen spot. It needs to romp "wildly" outdoors to remain healthy. Without proper exercise and a lot of mental stimulation, the Flat Coated Retriever can become destructive. [...]

Irish Wolfhound :Weird Facts/ Did You Know?

The Irish wolfhound is the largest or tallest breed of dog in the world. It is also the largest breed in the Sighthound family as well as one of the oldest. John Entwistle, a bassist from the famous rock group, The Who, owned many Irish wolfhounds in his life and felt they were his favorite. [...]

Rat Terrier: Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The Rat Terrier breed has always fascinated Man. It can be described as a potent concoction of brains, brawn and beauty. The Rat Terrier is known for its agility and sweet disposition, its ability to hunt down small game, and its laid back attitude when it comes to staying indoors. Here is a list of things you may want to learn about that tiny terror called Rat Terrier: In Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird," (1960) there was a brief paragraph mentioning a Rat Terrier. Ever wonder why you can't seem to Rat Terrier proof your backyard or your fenced yard? Rat Terriers are avid diggers, and they are small enough to squeeze through loose soil under the fence. [...]

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