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Is a Wheaten Terrier a good show dog?

Believe it or not, most show dogs are not purebred animals. In fact, show dogs are judged on many other characteristics, such as presentation, quality of their coat, a proper gait, attention to instructions and much more.Nevertheless, the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier must display the most pleasing characteristics of its bread, such as a soft, silk-like and wavy wheat-colored coat with perhaps some darker colorings on its ears or muzzle. The animal must carry itself as a proud member of its breed, which should be easy for any well cared for, groomed and healthy Wheaten. [...]

Training Issues of the Airedale Terrier

Training a dog is a very important part of dog ownership. Too many owners get a dog, give him just the basics, and are surprised later in life when they start having problems with the dog. When a dog gets older, he is more set in his ways and will be more difficult to train when he's been allowed to behave in a certain way for so long. When the dog is confused and stubborn, the owner gets upset with the dog. A dog is only as good as his owner allows him to be. [...]

What Makes a Good Airedale Terrier?

An Airedale Terrier is a very versatile animal. They can serve many purposes in life. They are a watchdog, a companion dog, a show dog, a hunting dog or they can be all of these things. When you decide to get an Airedale Terrier, you know what you have in mind for this dog and what you can do with him or her. [...]

The Making of a Champion Akita

Everyone is saying that your pet Akita could win any dog show competition just by the way it looks, and you are thinking, "Well, why not?" [...]

Training an Akita

Training an Akita entails a lot of patience and hard work, but the pay-off can be great. Akitas can become possessive, territorial and even destructive when not properly trained. It is an intelligent breed of dog which is usually known to be docile and non-aggressive. These traits can be achieved through proper training, early lessons in socialization and a lot of mental stimulation. [...]

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs: The Thinking Guard Dog

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are quite rare; not everyone agrees on a number, but some reports indicate that there are presently less than two hundred Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs in the world. That being said, there is enough information on these rare dogs to piece together some important facts about the personality of the breed. While there are some disagreements about its history or its standard, everyone agrees that these dogs have remarkable temperaments. Often described as protective, one interesting facet of its temperament stands out: its ability to pause and reflect before acting. This lends credence to the idea that Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are not just guard dogs, but thinking guard dogs. [...]

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a Natural Guardian

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are well loved for their docile temperaments, their energy and agility and their devotion to their families, but the one characteristic that that stands out and makes them prized by their owners is their natural guarding and protecting instincts. [...]

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs and Children

Those that have families with small children or are planning to start a family in the future that are considering adopting a dog should always be concerned as to whether the dog they have in mind will be suitable in a household with kids. Some breeds are certainly less suitable than others, but fanciers of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs tend to agree that these dogs make wonderful companions for children and adults alike. However, just because a breed is known as being kid friendly doesn't mean that new owners won't have a little work cut out for them to make sure both dog and children play safely together. In this article, we'll take a look at Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs with children and what you can do to ensure that your dog and your children will be comfortable with each other. [...]

Making Your Sheltie the Perfect Family Pet

Shelties are one of the best choices in family pets. They are sweet and gentle dogs with a lively personality and a great sense of fun. They are also one of the most intelligent dog breeds, ranked number 6 in intelligence by the American Kennel Association. But, like all breeds, shelties have some particular personality traits that must be managed during training if you're to make your sheltie the perfect family pet. [...]

Showing Your Sheltie

Purebred shelties make excellent show dogs. They are intelligent and beautiful and usually enjoy the experience of being in the show ring. If you're interested in turning your sheltie into a show dog, here are some tips to get you started.Your dog must be registered - In order to compete in AKC competition, your dog must be registered with the AKC. Both his sire and his dam must be registered and his litter must be registered. It is your breeder's responsibility to register the litter; you will need to register your own puppy. [...]

Scottish Terrier Training Issues

The Scottish Terrier, like most similar breeds, can pose some interesting challenges when it comes to training. This is because dogs of this type were usually bred for work, and often that work needed to be carried out away from human supervision. [...]

Are You an American Bulldog Type of Person?

How we choose our pets reflects the kind of person we are. These pets are often extensions of our personality and figuring out what kind of a dog you want as a pet may be tantamount to the kind of person you are. How does one figure out if one is cut out to take care of an American bulldog? Does a bulldog fit the kind of person you are? [...]

The Pekingese and Aggression

There are many terms that can be used to describe the temperament of the Pekingese dog, but the one that most often comes to mind is stubborn. The Pekingese is also a very jealous dog and often this jealousy shows in the form of aggression. They may get very aggressive towards other dogs in their house or even in the neighborhood if they're nearby.Whereas most dogs can be socialized into getting along with other dogs, the Pekingese is a hard and stubborn dog to budge. [...]

The Pekingese and Housebreaking

Getting a new dog or puppy is a very exciting and fun experience for anyone lucky enough to own a dog. It entails a lot of responsibility and housebreaking is probably the least fun of these responsibilities. Many people think that housebreaking a Pekingese is easy because they are little dogs. They believe little dogs make little messes. While that part may be a fact, another fact is that the Pekingese, like many small dogs, are often more difficult to housebreak. [...]

How to Train Your American Bulldog

An American bulldog can be a very obedient and loyal pet if you know how to train it properly. These dogs are pretty well known for their loyalty and have been raised previously as dogs that are supposed to protect property. [...]

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Found [397] Articles :: Page 2 of 27
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