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Is A Golden Retriever A Good Match For My Family?

The good natured, lovable and loyal Golden Retriever is a wonderful breed of dog. However, like all dogs, they will require ongoing training, attention and exercise, and are definitely a high maintenance breed when it comes to grooming. In addition the Golden Retriever does have a higher rate of some types of cancers and eye conditions than other breeds, so owners have to be diligent in getting the dog to routine vet appointments as well as caring for the dog. [...]

Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel, although now not a well known or easily recognized breed, was actually one of the first of the nine breeds of dogs ever recognized by the American Kennel Club. These spaniels, bred and developed in England, specifically in Nottinghamshire at the estate of the Duke of Newcastle, are the most stocky and heaviest of the spaniel breeds recognized by the AKC. They are somewhat similar in appearance to the Sussex Spaniel, which is also AKC recognized. [...]

Owning A Spaniel - What You Need to Consider

For most people, several types of spaniels are a great option to consider. They are, as a group, a very outgoing and easygoing type of dog that is really geared towards pleasing the owners. Most types of spaniels will the great for first time dog owners, with the exceptions being the American Water Spaniel and the English Spaniel, which may still be great options for first time owners, but the owners have to be prepared to work with dogs that can sometimes show various degrees of dominance. This doesn't mean that the dogs are aggressive; rather it means that the dog may not be compliant at times as it tests to see if the humans or the dog is the boss of the family. Consistent, firm and positive training methods are the keys to ensuring that working with a dominant type of dog is not a problem and that your relationship with the dog stays just the way you both need it to be. [...]

What Makes A Hound A Hound?

Most people are very familiar with the characterization of the hound dog group; however there are really a very wide range of breeds that fall within this specific category. Understanding the typical traits and temperaments of the hounds will then allow individuals to decide if this is the group that will most closely match your specific requirements for a dog. Prospective owners can then make the determination as to which specific breed and type of hound is the best option. [...]

Hounds As City Dogs

Since the hound group has breeds of many different sizes, some hounds have been companion and city dogs for many years, while others are less commonly found in the city. Some of the more common and popular hounds that have adjusted very easily to life in the big cities are the smaller sized hounds, both in the sight and the scent categories. [...]

Hounds In The Family

Deciding to buy or adopt a hound is a great option for many families. Hounds in general are loving, affectionate and very loyal dogs that are good as watch dogs, but definitely not good as guard dogs. Some hound breeds, more specifically the Rhodesian Ridgeback, is a great watch dog and will naturally be more protective than is typically seen with the other hound breeds. In general the sight hounds will bark, but are a bit more timid or leery of strangers and tend to be non-threatening in their presentation. Some of the very large breeds of sight hounds such as the Scottish Deerhound or Irish Wolfhound may be intimidating simply because of their height, but still these gentle giants rarely show any type of aggression towards humans [...]

Health Concerns With Hounds

Hounds, as a group of dogs that were bred for hunting and not for show, are generally very healthy dogs. The major health issues that are seen are no different than for many of working dogs and they tend to be issues that are either genetic or those that can be relatively easily managed, treated and prevented provided owners are aware of the symptoms and respond quickly. [...]

Is A Basenji Right For Me?

The Basenji as a breed has a great personality and temperament and a good size for almost any type of living condition. As with any breed there are also concerns with Basenjis and some types of households. It is important to remember that simply because the Basenji is not always a good match doesn't mean the breed of dog is not outstanding; it just means that like every dog there are some situations that are unsuitable or at least undesirable for the breed. [...]

Basenjis As City Dogs

Unlike a great many of the sight hounds or hound breeds in general, the Basenji is a dog that can make a good adjustment to city life provided the owners are willing to work with the dog. In general the smaller size, the relatively quiet behavior and the willingness to spend time indoors with the family makes the Basenji a good choice for a city dog. [...]

Living with a Black and Tan Coonhound as a companion pet

There are several of the hound breeds that make outstanding companion pets and really do adjust very well to being indoor and outdoor dogs. They are not suited to living situations where the dog has to stay indoors for prolonged periods of time however and are recommended only for urban households with medium to large sized well fenced yards. This because the Black and Tan Coonhound, like all others in this group, has been bred to travel long distances on the trail of an animal and needs to have lots of physical exercise in order to stay physically as well as mentally in shape. [...]

American Foxhound - Is This The Right Breed For You?

The American Foxhound is a much admired dog that is beautiful to look at, smart, affectionate and very loyal as well as being highly athletic and a great hunter. As with any breed, the American Foxhound is not a good match for each and every family and owner and for all types of living situations. Knowing some characteristics of this breed will help you decided if an American Foxhound is a good choice for a dog or if another breed may be a better option. Temperament wise it is really difficult to imagine a better dog for almost anyone. They are very loving, sweet and friendly, but they also will make outstanding watchdogs. This is due in part to their very distinctive baying bark that is both loud and penetrating, very quickly alerting the family to the presence of animals or people that aren't part of the family. [...]

The Basset Hound - A True Family Dog

Even those individuals that are not familiar with different breeds of dogs are typically able to identify the Basset Hound. These heavy set, low backed dogs are really often considered to be the mascot of the hound group by many people. Although the Basset Hound is a very popular hound it also has some characteristics that differ significantly from the other hounds in the group, particularly the long legged, light framed and incredibly fast sight hounds in the group. [...]

Living with a Beagle

Beagles are some of the most popular dogs in the United States and have long been a tradition in homes in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and other countries around the world. The popularity of the Beagle is largely due to the breed's ability to adjust to a wide variety of different living conditions, which is not true of all the dogs in the hound group. [...]

What you need to consider before buying a Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound is one breed of the hound group that is very different in appearance than the other dogs within the group. In addition the Norwegian Elkhound also has a non-typical type of personality for a hound, however there are definitely traits and instincts that make this smaller sized, northern type of dog a perfect match for the group as a whole. Overall the Norwegian Elkhound is a true spitz type dog complete with a fox-like face, pricked erect ears and the high tail carried in a full curl over the back. [...]

Training an English Foxhound

The history of the English Foxhound can be traced back through an organization known as the British Masters of Foxhounds Association, which was originally developed in Great Britain in the early 1800's. This group, comprised mostly of dedicated fox hunters, kept records of the various hunting packs, mostly owned by the wealthy royalty of the time, including breeding records and statistical information. The English Foxhound was developed from several breeds of dogs and was designed to produce a dog that had strong hunting and pack instincts, a good ability to scent, as well as an ability to keep ahead of mounted hunters. [...]

Found [222] Articles :: Page 14 of 15
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