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Common Problems with Belgian Tervurens

If you're thinking about adopting a Belgian Tervuren, the first thing to consider is going to be the environment you're taking the dog into. There are a lot of homes that are, quite frankly, just not well suited to this particular breed. Ideally, the dog needs a decent sized home with a big yard to run in and an energetic, healthy family that can give the dog the attention it needs... [...]

Your Restless Welsh Springer Spaniel

As the owner of a Welsh Springer Spaniel, you should know that most don't reach adulthood until about four years of age. This can be a great thing because you get four full years of cute, adorable puppy that's full of energy! But, it can also mean that you'll have to put up with typical puppy behaviors like separation anxiety and restlessness much longer. The good news is that there's something you can do to stop or redirect the destruction that generally follows these behaviors.It's not that your puppy is punishing you for leaving him home all alone. [...]

What Does The Keeshond Like To Do?

The Keeshond is mostly fond of being with its family. They do like to play, take walks, sleep, and follow you around. They are great in agility shows as long as they do not pull any little tricks on you and cause an embarrassing scene. Many dog handlers have stories of a perfectly well trained dog upstaging the entire show with a few antics of their own. These are just more stories that attract people to the breed itself. They are clowns at some times and can make you laugh. That is why they are so good for family living. [...]

Equip Yourself For Outside Siberian Husky Adventures

If there is one thing a Siberian Husky can be almost guaranteed to do, it is run at the first opportunity.Siberian Huskies are nomads and athletes by nature; they are extremely intelligent, easily bored, and ever-curious. Perfect attributes for a dog that likes to run. And running is what Siberian Huskies do best.It takes only seconds for a Siberian Husky to see and capitalize on an opportunity for a good run and exploration. And being dogs bred for speed and agility, a Siberian Husky is virtually impossible to catch. To add to the dilemma, Siberian Huskies are not notably obedient dogs and are unlikely to obey your commands to come when called. All of this regardless of the quality or level of training. [...]

Knowing how to play with a Smooth Fox Terrier

Because the smooth fox terrier is a dog that requires a lot of attention due to its active nature, you will want to be sure that you will have the time to spend with the smooth fox terrier as they can become aggressive and display inappropriate behavior. One way of ensuring your smooth fox terrier will receive the right attention it needs is by playing with it, especially if it is a puppy. From a young age the smooth fox terrier is a very lively, active dog that will always have the energy and the drive to play for extended amounts of time, whether it is with you or with another dog. That is why it is important that you prepare yourself by reading and studying about the smooth fox terrier if you want the best relationship between your smooth fox terrier and your family. [...]

Indoor Exercise Facilities For Dogs

There are several different reasons why owners may want to consider taking advantage of indoor exercise facilities that are geared towards their pets. Not only are indoor facilities great to use year round, but they are also more likely to be appreciated by the humans in the family, providing motivation to actually get out and exercise. People and their dogs interacting provides a real bonding opportunity for the team as well as the obvious benefit of not having to worry about the weather and how you are going to find time to squeeze in a walk between rain or snow storms. [...]

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