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Life with a Labrador retriever

You may have finally decided you and your family are ready to get a dog, but can't decide what breed to get. You've done all your research, talked to friends and neighbors with dogs and you still can't decide. You've probably found one name mentioned a lot: the Labrador retriever. You're wondering what life with a Labrador retriever would be like. Nothing will prepare you for the joy and fulfillment your Labrador retriever (Lab) will provide you with. All he or she will ask for in return is your unconditional love. [...]

Is the Irish Setter the Right Breed for You?

The Irish Setter is one of the most beautiful breeds and with a very affectionate and winning personality, their appeal can be awfully hard to resist. Before you jump right in and rush out to adopt one, however, make certain that your home is the kind of environment that an Irish Setter can thrive in. If you jump the gun, you'll soon find that you've gotten yourself, and your dog, into a situation that makes you both miserable. [...]

The Great Dane and Home Security

Keeping a Great Dane in your home has its advantages and disadvantages. Owning and raising a Great Dane is a big responsibility - as big as the breed itself! Make sure that you have a loving home which is suitable for your Great Dane. Great Danes are people dogs and are actually wonderful pets despite the size. The size of this breed may fool and intimidate you. However, a properly trained and sociable Great Dane is a dog that's affectionate and submissive to humans. Know the advantages of having a Great Dane as your home security, and the disadvantage of having a Great Dane that can ruin a home. [...]

Raising and Taking Care of Your Great Dane - Pros and Cons

A Great Dane in the home has its pros and cons. To raise a Great Dane, adequate care and attention is needed. A Great Dane is a large breed of dog so you will need to be more cautious in keeping such a type of dog. Owning a Great Dane is a serious responsibility. It's like raising another baby in your household. [...]

Golden Retrievers Make Perfect Family Dogs

If you're looking for a family pet, you can't go wrong with a Golden Retriever. Goldens are one of the best dogs for families with children, and make great companion dogs for single people, too. The patience and temperament of a Golden Retriever is nearly unmatched by any other breed. Golden Retrievers are great with children because they are so patient and tolerant. Though it's always critical to teach your children proper behavior with a pet, you can count on a Golden Retriever to be far more tolerant of the clumsiness and sometimes roughness of a toddler or young child than many other breeds. [...]

Why Golden Retrievers Are One of the Most Popular Dog Breeds

According to the American Kennel Club, Golden Retrievers are the second most commonly registered breed of dog, coming in after the Labrador Retriever. There are many reasons why this breed of dog is so popular today, and has been so for many years: [li]They're great show dogs - Golden Retrievers excel in dog competitions. They are superb at agility and obedience competitions in particular. Many people who like to compete in dog shows prefer Goldens because their temperament and behavior are so predictable. [...]

The Bullmastiff as a Family Pet

The Bullmastiff is a large dog that in spite of its size makes a very good family pet. They have a great disposition and love to play and be loved by their owners. They do have the reputation for being stubborn and very willful, but training at an early age can often eliminate many problems that may arise from this. [...]

Getting a German Shepherd-Female or Male?

You've finally decided you and your family are ready for a dog. This in itself is a big decision. The next decision you have to make is on the breed. Your choice of a German shepherd is an excellent one, as this breed is known for their loyalty, intelligence, and ease with which they can be taught to behave well. The one choice you have yet to make is on the gender. You have probably heard good things about both sexes so it's a tough decision to make. [...]

Owning a German Shepherd

So you're thinking of getting a German shepherd dog. No doubt, you are very excited. You've heard wonderful stories about the German shepherd dog and all their work as seeing eye dogs, search and rescue, and their work as a police dog. They are, without a doubt, one of the most wonderful breeds you could consider getting. But some points must be taken into consideration before purchasing or getting your new German shepherd. Failure to consider all the factors can result in disappointment for you and the dog. [...]

The German Shepherd as a Family Pet

Finding the perfect dog as a pet for your family can be a big decision. You'll probably look at many different breeds and talk to friends and family that have dogs. In many cases, people tend to steer towards the breed they had while growing up. In other cases, they go with an entirely different breed. One dog that is very popular is the German shepherd. Because of their excellent skills as police dogs, many people mistakenly think they are attack dogs. The German Shepherd dog is also used as a seeing eye dog and search and rescue dog, to name just a few of the jobs their attributes are suited to. They were not trained for these jobs because they are mean or attack dogs, but rather because of how easy they are to train, and their superior intelligence. [...]

How to prevent an Estrela Mountain Dog from running away

Estrela Mountain Dogs are high-energy animals with a constant need to walk, run, and play. If your Estrela doesn't get enough, he will likely try to jump the fence and run off on his own. Just due to the fact that your dog may not feel he is getting the attention he deserves, he may bolt on you when least expected. Other reasons may include the dog being abused or frequently yelled at. Even if there is a lot of yelling or other loud noises in your home not directed at your dog, he might want to get away because his hearing is much more sensitive than yours. Also no dog enjoys being mauled or harassed too much by children or adults. [...]

Estrelas show loyalty to their master

If there was ever a canine that you could totally rely on, it is an Estrela Mountain Dog. Though they tend to be a bit rebellious and single-minded as pups, Estrelas are intelligent dogs that can be trained with little trouble and quickly become faithful companions to a single master. There is a saying that Estrelas will either run you or you run them, so get a handle on this soon after you bring your puppy home. [...]

Helping an Estrela adjust to new surroundings

If you are planning to move to a new home or apartment, your Estrela Mountain Dog will likely take some time to adjust and might even suffer from anxiety. It is in their nature to be territorial animals that become accustomed to specific sights, smells, and sounds both in his home and in the surrounding neighborhood, so don't be surprised if your Estrela is traumatized to some extent by all the changes. Dogs that don't get outside much are likely to be more severely affected by a move. [...]

Caring for an English Foxhound

The English foxhound is a relatively easy dog to care for, as they often need only the basic level of care compared to other dogs. The one exception is that they need plenty of exercise because of their high energy levels. They need a large area to run around in and play. Although they could live in an apartment, this is not the most suitable arrangement as they may raise havoc in a small area if they are not given ample exercise. They are not the type of dog that can be left home alone all day or they may get very bored. [...]

The English Foxhound and Their Temperament

The English foxhound has a wonderful disposition that can be described in many different ways. They are friendly, lovable and very easy going. Although known for having a mind of their own, they are eager to please their owners, providing their owners are keeping their minds stimulated. If they are feeling bored, they won't want to be too cooperative. They have tons of energy and are extremely social. They are sometimes leery of strangers and other times not. Their social nature doesn't allow them to be standoffish for too long. They don't mature quite as quickly as most breeds, so they are still going to have that playfulness you see in puppies at least until they reach two years of age. [...]

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Found [343] Articles :: Page 3 of 23
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