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Aliases: German Boxer, Deutscher Boxer

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The "White Boxer"

The boxer is an iconic breed, and is known for its beautiful brown or striped coats. Though the shades of a boxer’s coat may vary from a soft tan color to a deeper almost red shade (or from thin black stripes to stripes so thick that the dog almost appears to be black), there are occasionally some other variations of color that show up as well. The most well-known of these is the “white boxer”, which is a dog that lacks the pigment necessary to form a brown or striped coat. [...]

Showing a Boxer

Boxers are one of the more popular dog breeds in existence today, and a large part of this popularity centers around the fact that in addition to being loyal and loving pets they are also excellent show dogs. Many people don’t realize it, but the breed was actually introduced to the world during a dog show in the 1890’s and has been a staple of the show dog world ever since. [...]

Boxers - Police Work

Because of their size and their overall intelligence, boxers can be ideal dogs to be trained to assist law enforcement officers with police work. Boxer dogs are large enough and strong enough that they can take down or restrain a perpetrator if needed, and are smart enough that they can be taught a variety of different skills which can help the police with their work. The boxer breed carries with it a long tradition of police work, as even the early boxers of the beginning of the 20th century were being used as police dogs in Germany while the breed was still becoming popular in the rest of the world. [...]

Boxers Make Great Family Dogs

Though many people think of boxers as fierce guard dogs that shouldn’t be allowed around children, most boxers are actually very lovable animals who make truly wonderful family pets. These dogs tend to be fiercely loyal to the families that own them, but at the same time are usually gentle and fun-loving dogs which relish any affection that the family gives them. Like any pet, however, the boxer might not be right for every family; it’s important that potential owners take the time to match their lifestyle with what the dog they’re considering buying will need in order to be healthy and happy. [...]

Boxers and Cancer

No one likes to think about their pets getting sick, but it’s important that pet owners be aware of potential health problems that their animals might face so that they can deal with them in an effective manner should they occur. Boxer owners need to keep a close eye on their pets, as boxers tend to have a higher chance than some other breeds of developing potentially severe health problems such as certain types of cancer. Early detection of cancers can lead to effective treatment, which will result in your boxer being around for many years to come. [...]

Ear Cropping for Boxers

A sensitive topic in many boxer communities, ear cropping was once considered to be more or less standard practice but in recent years has fallen into disfavor as being cruel and potentially dangerous to the dogs. Both sides of the argument raise several valid points, and when it comes down to it whether or not to crop the ears of a boxer remains a matter of the owner’s preference. Here are some of the main arguments both for and against ear cropping so as to help you to make the decision as to what’s right for your boxer puppy. [...]

Coat Colors and Breeding of the Boxers

Boxers as a dog breed are relatively young… the first boxers didn’t appear until the late 1800’s and were originally bred to be hunting dogs for use in the hunting of wild boars, deer, and even bears. For such a young breed of dogs, however, the boxer is known for its exceptional breeding and the beautiful shades that appear in their coats. There is actually a fairly exact science that goes into the breeding of various bloodlines of boxers in order to achieve the coloring and markings that are familiar to most boxer lovers. [...]

Boxers and Hyper-Activity

When most people think of hyper-active dogs, they usually envision small dogs such as the Chihuahua or Pomeranian as opposed to larger dogs such as the boxer. This can lead to pet owners being surprised when they purchase a boxer and the dog turns out to be very energetic and hyper-active, and may result in the dog not receiving the amount of exercise that he needs in order to stay healthy and happy. Many potential pet owners overlook warning signs of a hyper-active boxer and dismiss it as simply the playfulness of a puppy, only to find out too late that the particular dog that they picked is much more work than they had bargained for. [...]

Do Boxers Really Box?

According to popular legend, the name of the boxer breed came from the fact that the dogs tended to begin fights by rearing up on their hind legs and striking at other dogs with their front paws. Very little support is given to this name origin, as many linguists have noted historical records which suggest that the name most likely comes from other sources such as nicknames of similar breeds or simply the names of some early well-known specimens of the breed. With the origin of the name and the accuracy of the legend in question, one must stop to ask… do boxers really box, or is that simply another legend that has arisen because of the breed’s name being associated with the sport of boxing? [...]

Weird Facts/Did You Know?

An intelligent and loyal breed of dog, the boxer is very well known among breeders and pet owners alike. As well known as these dogs are, though, there are still a number of interesting facts about this breed that many people most likely aren’t aware of. Boxers are one of the more popular breeds of dogs in the world, and taking the time to learn more about them can help potential owners to further appreciate exactly how special these dogs truly are. [...]

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