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Canaan Dogs

Aliases: Canaan, Kelev K'naani

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Canaan Dog Articles

The Canaan Dog and Its Aggression

The Canaan Dog is still a relatively rare breed of dog in the world, especially in some circles. Those that are familiar with the Canaan know what a great family dog, companion, pet and multi-functional dog they can be. Many have heard stories about the Canaan Dog being aggressive, if not as a puppy then when they are adult dogs. [...]

The Canaan Dog as a Family Pet

Although the Canaan is a rare breed of dog, even today, they make an excellent family pet with an experienced owner. The Canaan will come into your household believing that he is going to run the show and dominate. That is, until he is shown otherwise, repeatedly with firmness and affection. [...]

The Canaan Dog as a Working Dog

The Canaan Dog has a long history of having many purposes. They are used as pets, companion dogs, for the show ring and as working dogs. The Bedouins had the Canaan dog to guard their camps during the night as well as watching the flocks. This dog was made by nature to survive, which helps to make him such a versatile dog, able to meet any one's needs. The Canaan was used as a working dog during World War II for patrol work in addition to helped the army in any way they were needed. Their use as sentry dogs for the army was invaluable as well as tracking dogs whose purpose was to detect any landmines. This dog has repeatedly put his life on the line to help his owner or master. [...]

The Canaan Dog - Weird Facts Did you Know?

The Canaan Dog got their name from the land of Canaan, where they were first found. The Canaan that we see today is not the same as the one that was first seen and used for breeding by Dr Rudolphina Menzel, a breeding specialist. Today there are still the two different types of Canaan dog. Dr Menzel is the professor that bred the Canaan to be a working dog as well as training them to be Seeing Eye dogs. She also created the Institute for Orientation and Mobility for the Blind, which is where she trained her Canaan dogs. [...]

The Canaan dog It Is a High Tolerance Dog?

The Canaan dog is a very intelligent, sensitive and independent dog. This dog got its origin in Israel and has through the years gained popularity in many other countries including the United States. The Canaan dog is a very versatile dog that excels in many sports and events such as herding, conformation, agility, obedience and tracking. The Canaan is a very strong and independent dog that has a high tolerance rate for certain things and a low tolerance for others. [...]

The Canaan dog : Pros & Cons of Owning One : Is the Canaan the Right Dog for You

The Canaan dog is a beautiful, if somewhat rare, breed of dog that resembles the pariah dog. It has its beginnings in Israel. In addition to its beauty, many people are attracted to it because of its uniqueness and rarity. There are pros and cons with the Canaan, as with all dogs. However, before you get this dog as a family pet, do as much research as you can check out some of these facts on the breed and determine is the Canaan is the right dog for you or your family. [...]

The Different Types of the Canaan Dog

The Canaan is a medium sized dog with the appearance of the Pariah dog. Although they are one of a kind, many people claim to have dogs that are Canaan, when in fact, they are some other breed. The Canaan dog is still a very rare dog. After much research, dog breeders of this breed say that there are actually two types of Canaan dog. This announcement came about due to much controversy as to what the "correct Canaan dog" should and does look like. They claim that even though they are both Canaan dogs, they are actually very different types of Canaan. [...]

The Canaan Dog as a Show Dog

The Canaan Dog is not only a beautiful dog to have as a family pet, but they also impress many with their beauty and talent as a show dog. The Canaan dog is intelligent and easy to train provided you keep the dog stimulated and motivated. They get bored with too many repetitive commands, but like doing things that require independent thinking and the ability to do things on their own. They excel in many different categories in dog shows. The Canaan dog, which is very independent, makes an excellent show dog in the obedience, agility, herding and tracking events. They have earned many titles in many shows around the world and continue to keep the audience captivated with all the skills they possess. [...]

The Best Type of Training for the Canaan Dog

When you get a new dog in your life, whether it's for you or the entire family, you will want it to become yours and accustomed to your way of living. The first step towards accomplishing that goal is to begin training the dog, whether it's a puppy or an adult dog. [...]

The Canaan's Nutritional and Exercise Needs

The Canaan is a medium to large size dog and as such will need exercise to keep it in good condition, as well as to vent some of the excess energy this dog possesses. The Canaan dog is a very good watchdog, but has a tendency to become territorial in its home. With many dogs, territorial often turns to aggression, if it is not kept under control. In many cases, all the dog needs is more exercise so they don't have quite so much energy. [...]

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