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Clumber Spaniels

Aliases: Clumbers

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Clumber Spaniel Articles

Clumber Spaniel Obedience Training: Tips And Strategies That Work

The Clumber Spaniel is a very interesting dog in that it provides a range of qualities that many families are seeking including friendliness and obedience. Yet, these qualities often have to be taught to the animal from the start. Understand this breed and you will have an easy time of training him to obey you. Most importantly, realize that the best method to get them to obey is through respect and reward training, rather than punishment or abandonment. Clumber Spaniel pups are more than willing to learn from you, if you have a steady hand and the time to devote to the process. [...]

When The Clumber Spaniel Isn't The Right Dog For You

The Clumber Spaniel is a very good looking dog. At first glance, they are affectionate and they are very loyal pets. They work well in most family situations and often with other dogs and pets that they do not see as their prey. They are not the right dog for everyone though. In fact, the Clumber Spaniel may not be for you if you are looking for a couch dog or lap dog. These dogs may look cumbersome and boring, but they are anything but. With their sharp mind and their key sense of adventure, you may be in for a surprise if you leave them unattended! [...]

Socializing The Sometimes Shy Clumber Spaniel

By normal means, the Clumber Spaniel is not a shy dog. In fact, it is often considered one of the best Spaniels for the family home because they will interact and get along with everyone in the family. To get to this point, all Clumber Spaniels will need some coaching and encouragement, something that all owners must take the time to invest in. If you do not socialize your dog enough, chances are he will become very introverted and shy beyond what is considered reasonable. [...]

Questions To Ask Breeders Before Purchasing Your Clumber Spaniel

When purchasing a Clumber Spaniel from a breeder, there are key pieces of information that you need to know before you make that purchase. You may be dedicated to raising a well bred, beautiful animal but many times this is not what the breeders have in mind. More so, there are many breeders that are inexperienced or can not provide you with the best investment in a pet. Therefore, you should ask questions and know what type of dog you are actually getting. The Clumber Spaniel will live up to his breed standards but only if he is breed correctly. [...]

Introducing The Clumber Spaniel To Your Family

The Clumber Spaniel is an ideal dog for many families. Their general nature is to be genial, easy to get along with and even friendly. While these dogs were once used by hunters, it was more for their companionship rather than their skill of hunting. The characteristics of that companionship are still found in today's breed. If you are considering adding the Clumber Spaniel to your family, know what you will get from them. You may be impressed with just how easy it is to add them to your life. [...]

The Clumber Spaniel Is A Lover, But A Worker, Too

The Clumber Spaniel is an amazing pet in that it provides a range of entertainment to your life. You will find that these dogs are great companions. They are willing to cuddle and play with you. They are definitely likely to get into things, but still have that low energy that makes them so easy to appreciate in most family lives. Believe it or not, these dogs used to be hard working dogs, and that is still seen today in some of them. [...]

Breeding A Clumber Spaniel

Breeding a Clumber Spaniel is a process that can be done successfully with the right education and dog. There are several elements that can disqualify the dog from breed standards. For example, dogs that are excessively shy or those that are vicious are considered faulted. In addition, any color of Clumber Spaniel other than the white with lemon or white with orange is also considered a disqualification in the breed. Choosing the right dog to breed is key! [...]

Overcoming The Clumber Spaniel's Weight Problem

The Clumber Spaniel is a dog that has been breed for its hunting and agility. These dogs accompany hunters on foot for long excursions into the wooded areas to hunt or just to keep the hunter company. They are work dogs and sport dogs. In other words, the Clumbers are physical dogs and because of this they need to be exercised properly if they are to remain at a healthy weight. If these dogs do not receive enough exercise, chances are good that they will become overweight. This leads to serious health problems! Many of these problems can be overcome with proper exercise. [...]

The Clumber Spaniel As A Hunting Companion

The Clumber Spaniel is a fit, capable and willing participant for hunting expeditions. The dog was first recognized in the 1800's and the where breed for the benefit of the hunter. Many take one look at these dogs and do not believe that they are able to be such physical dogs considering their low and heavy frame. Yet, these dogs are agile and they enjoy the hunt. Those considering a companion for their next hunting trip should definitely consider adding these dogs to that trip. [...]

Weird Fact/ Did You Know About Clumber Spaniels

Clumber Spaniels are interesting and intriguing dogs that are sure to inspire smiles and giggles but should never be overlooked. Here are some interesting facts and tidbits about these dogs that all Clumber lovers need to know. Think Those Cookies Are Safe? The Clumber Spaniel is an obedient dog and will take well to their owner's rules. But, do not put anything within his reach that he is going to want, because he will obtain it. These dogs are known for pulling out drawers to climb to counter tops and to move chairs to get on top of the table. [...]

Cesky Terrier Weird Facts/Did You Know?

There are many interesting facts about the relatively new breed of the Cesky Terrier. Here are just a few: Did you know that unlike many other breeds, you find Cesky terriers in the show breed ring and used for agility, obedience, working, junior handling and other events? Although they are extremely intelligent, obedient, love working and enjoy showing off, their main motive is usually the fact that the wonderful little Cesky terrier will do almost anything for food, treats, and tid-bits. [...]

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