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Miniature Bull Terriers

Aliases: English Bull Terrier

Miniature Bull Terrier For Sale

Miniature Bull Terrier Articles

Apartment Life and the Miniature Bull Terrier

The strongly built, small miniature bull terriers each have their own distinct temperament just like humans. Some are extremely energetic, intense and always ready for anything while other miniature bull terriers are easy going, mellow, and happiest when lying on your lap or the sofa. They are very smart, curious, loving dogs that make a great pet for people of all ages. If you live in a house but are moving to an apartment with your miniature bull terrier or live in an apartment and would like to get a miniature bull terrier, these dogs are very adaptable and a great choice for someone with limited space. [...]

Keeping Your Miniature Bull Terrier Busy

Miniature bull terriers are very active, funny, fearless, loyal dogs that love being with their family but they require both physical and mental exercise to keep them busy and out of trouble. They need extensive socialization and obedience training so they do not become unruly or aggressive. Most adult miniature bull terriers require suitable daily exercise such as long brisk walks and are great pets for older children that throw balls and play games with them. If you have a miniature bull terrier puppy, often a short playtime is sufficient exercise for him, often followed by a nap. Puppies bones need time to mature so never take your on a long or strenuous walk. Always talk to your veterinarian first to find out what is suitable for a young puppy. [...]

Skin Conditions in the Miniature Bull Terrier

Miniature bull terriers are wonderful small dogs that are full of energy, playful, love people and older children, but are sometimes a little stubborn and willful. They can be stubborn and are not always good with other animals so early socialization and obedience training is extremely important. Miniature bull terrier’s have glossy, fine, short coats that does not require a lot of grooming. Some dogs, just like humans, are prone to skin rashes, skin allergies, and other skin diseases that are often painful, unsightly, and very uncomfortable for your pet. [...]

Color Variations of the Miniature Bull Terrier

The color variations of today’s miniature bull terriers go back to the eighteenth hundreds when they crossed old English terriers with the now extinct old English bulldog breed resulting in a new dog breed called the Bull and Terrier. This breed split, in the eighteen sixty’s, into two branches which were the colored bull terriers and the pure white bull terriers. Selective breeding over the years miniaturized the bull terrier. The only difference in today’s standard bull terrier and miniature bull terrier is the size of the dog. A miniature bull terrier stands from ten to fourteen inches and weighs from twenty-five to thirty-three pounds while a standard bull terrier stands from twenty-one to twenty two inches and weighs anywhere from fifty to seventy pounds. [...]

Preparing Your Miniature Bull Terrier For Show

Miniature bull terriers have a strong, sturdy, square proportioned body with a flat, sloping head and closely set small eyes. Their short coat is harsh and flat with colors such as pure white, red fawn, brindle, black, and tricolor. The miniature bull terriers coat is easy to maintain. Although your terriers coat only requires occasional brushing, when you brush him often it helps keep your pets skin healthy and moist by stimulating the oil in its skin. It also helps reduce shedding as it removes the dead hair. [...]

Kids and Miniature Bull Terriers

Miniature bull terriers are a small to medium sized dog that weigh up to approximately thirty-three pounds and stand anywhere from ten to fourteen inches tall. These sturdy, muscular, thickset dogs have a distinctive oval shaped head and a dense, very short coat that comes in tri-color, white, black, bridle, fawn, and red. Most miniature bull terriers are playful, active, clownish, stubborn, extremely loving, and attached and devoted to their human family. They are very smart, independent thinkers, creative, very high energy and are courageous, confident, and good-natured. Miniature bull terriers crave human companionship and are not a good choice for a busy family that is away from home eight hours a day. [...]

Resources on Miniature Bull Terriers

For people considering a miniature bull terrier as a pet or for someone wanting to show, train, or enter their dogs in events or competitions, it is important to have as much information and accurate facts as possible. There are a great number of resources available on the internet with websites that have information on anything you need to know about miniature bull terriers. Books are another great source of important information along with Kennel Clubs, the miniature bull terrier association, and breeders. [...]

Events and Competitions For A Mini Bull

For an active miniature bull terrier that has done well in obedience training, possesses excellent social skills, and you want something fun and physical to do together with your pet, then competitions and events are a great way to spend quality time with your dog. This is also a great way to socialize and be with other miniature bull terrier lovers and their pets. Mini bulls love agility training because they get to jump, run, and burn off some of their excess energy. Events such as an agility training competitions are exciting and fun for you and your dog to compete in and just as enjoyable when watching the other dogs compete. [...]

Caring for a Pregnant Miniature Bull Terrier

It is a very exciting time when your miniature bull terrier becomes pregnant and you have the joy of anticipating some adorable, newborn puppies in the near future. Caring for your pregnant miniature bull terrier is extremely important so you have a healthy mother and a litter of healthy puppies. The first thing you need to do as a responsible pet owner, is take your dog to your veterinarian and have her checked over to confirm that she is pregnant and healthy You must be prepared to give your miniature bull terrier the best prenatal care possible. Unlike humans, dogs are pregnant approximately sixty-three days until the actual big event. [...]

Miniature Bull Terrier Weird Facts/Did You Know?

Did you know that it was the 1987 Super Bowl ad for Bud Light Beer that made the bull terrier Spuds MacKenzie a household name? Spuds’ was a sly ladies-dog and his real name was Honey Tree Evil Eye. There was much controversy after Spuds’ sensational rise to fame when people found out that Spuds was actually a female dog and not a male. Although Spuds died on May 31, 1993 from kidney failure, there are many urban legends about how this bull terrier died. [...]

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Miniature Bull Terrier Articles
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