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Siberian Huskys

Aliases: Siberian husky, Sibe

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Siberian Husky Articles

Are You Right For A Siberian Husky?

Siberian huskies make excellent pets and companions, and they are extremely well-noted arctic working dogs. But on the flip side, Siberian Huskies are high-maintenance pets not well suited to everyone. If you think a Siberian Husky is in your future, read on and find out if you are up to the task of owning a Siberian Husky, and if your lifestyle, home, and style of dog-ownership is right for the breed. [...]

Colors Of The Siberian Husky

Many people-even breeders and lovers of Siberian huskies-hold mistaken impressions in regards to what the "right" and acceptable colors of the Siberian Husky are; this is true of Siberian Husky coat colors as well as of Siberian Husky eye color. In this quick overview, you'll find out what the truth about Siberian Husky coat and eye color is, which may make choosing a Siberian Husky an easier task for you. [...]

Optimal Arctic Work Dog The Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are recognized the world over as hard working, long lasting work horses of the arctic. The distinction comes as no accident-these are dogs that have been bred for generations to perfectly suit their need. Siberian Huskies descend from the dogs of the Arctic Chukchi tribe in Siberia. They were selected for their optimal cold-weather design and bred for traits that would situate them as working animals in a climate that was not fit for many other animals. [...]

The Limits To Siberian Husky Obedience

Siberian Huskies are valued for many excellent temperament and physical characteristics; among those are intelligence, endurance, strength, friendliness, speed, and agility. What is not among those characteristics is extreme loyalty, and hence, Siberian Huskies are known to have limits to their obedience. In fact, Siberian Huskies are not classified as "obedient" by dog standards at all. Siberian Huskies do excel at feats of athleticism and agility, but would only be expected to do so under controlled conditions. Only the most skilled obedience trainers have a prayer of succeeding at making a Siberian Husky obedient, and even for them the success is often tenuous at best. The average owner is simply not up to the task of fully mastering the Siberian Husky. [...]

Siberian Huskies And Property Destruction

Siberian Huskies are good pet or working-dog choices for experienced dog owners because of their many positive traits and characteristics. Siberian Huskies are not considered good choices for novice dog owners, and even for the well-experienced, Siberian Huskies should only be owned by people who can understand and prepare for life with the breed. For the unprepared, one of the biggest challenges to owning a Siberian Husky is property destruction. [...]

The Work Ethic Of The Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies were born and bred to be working dogs; their ancestors' early life in arctic Siberia required that they be active, productive animals even before they were used for human benefit. After generations of usefulness and breeding under the hand of man, the Siberian Husky has proven to be a dog that excels at working. But many owners never seem to enjoy the benefits of owning the Siberian Husky because they do not understand the dog and its work ethic. [...]

Siberian Huskies And Kids

Siberian huskies are loving dogs that crave companionship, and as such, tend to make very good dogs to keep with children. Siberian Huskies are known for their sweet, good nature. They are known to be friendly and energetic, playful, and eager to have fun-characteristics that pair well with the high energy of children. Siberian Huskies are pack dogs that are used to living in a family community; this translates well into the household, where the dog will take to the humans in its life as its equal pack members. The dog will enjoy being a part of the family and will enjoy the good-natured play of children. As a pack dog, a Siberian Husky might display concern for their fellow pack-mates and offer some guardianship, but in whole, Siberians are no guard dogs and cannot be relied upon as protectors of anything or anyone. [...]

Equip Yourself For Outside Siberian Husky Adventures

If there is one thing a Siberian Husky can be almost guaranteed to do, it is run at the first opportunity. Siberian Huskies are nomads and athletes by nature; they are extremely intelligent, easily bored, and ever-curious. Perfect attributes for a dog that likes to run. And running is what Siberian Huskies do best. It takes only seconds for a Siberian Husky to see and capitalize on an opportunity for a good run and exploration. And being dogs bred for speed and agility, a Siberian Husky is virtually impossible to catch. To add to the dilemma, Siberian Huskies are not notably obedient dogs and are unlikely to obey your commands to come when called. All of this regardless of the quality or level of training. [...]

Siberian Huskies: Human Saviors

Siberian huskies are working dogs whose endurance, intelligence, and tenacity suits them well to many jobs that have helped mankind tremendously. Siberian Huskies are proven companions with superior canine intelligence; as such, huskies have made very good guide dogs. They are also excellent Search and Rescue animals, particularly because they love to seek and find, and they have strength and endurance that far surpasses many other breeds. Historically, Siberian Huskies served humans well in the northern reaches of the arctic. Teams of Siberian Huskies were used for transportation to isolated Alaskan gold mines. Siberian Husky sled dog teams carried food and supplies to mining outposts, and brought back the sick and the inured. [...]

Interesting Facts About The Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are well-loved dogs that have been valued as service animals, working dogs, human saviors, and treasured family pets. There is much to be read about the famed Siberian Husky as pet and working dog, but perhaps here are a few fun and interesting facts you didn't know about the Siberian Husky. [...]

Zinc Deficiency Can Lead To Skin Disorders In Northern Breeds

Malamutes and Huskies are two very hardy breeds of dogs that have been developed to withstand horrifically cold temperatures and work in the most inhospitable climates and conditions. These wonderful dogs, though healthy and hardy, can have one major health problem and that is an inability to absorb and use the zinc in their diets. Some of the giant breeds such as the Great Dane may also have inherited problems in absorbing zinc, leading to long term zinc deficiencies that do not respond to typical feeding routines. Zinc deficiency can also occur in dogs that are not fed enough meat in their diet or are fed a mostly vegetarian diet. In some cheap types of foods the zinc may be bound in unusable forms to the dog and therefore is just the same as not having it in the diet at all. [...]

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