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Temperament Changes and Socialization

Senior dogs typically continue to have the same temperament that they have exhibited when they were younger. Highly active, very human-centered puppies will mature into very active, human-centered senior dogs, although the level of activity will gradually decrease as the dog ages. Owners need to understand that a breed that is known for high energy will not become a very laid back adult or senior dog, nor will a very sedate type of puppy suddenly develop high energy levels and want to go jogging with the owner every day as he or she matures. A healthy senior dog will continue to have the same typical behaviors as he or she has always exhibited and any changes in temperament should be taken very seriously. [...]

Puppies - The Key Time for Socialization

When someone gets a new canine addition to the family, it is such an exciting happy time and everyone can hardly wait to hold, play and snuggle with the puppy. Along with the responsibility of feeding and looking after your puppy properly there is also the tasks of socialization and training to consider. Socialization is the very important process of introducing a young puppy to new and unfamiliar things including places, people, animals, surroundings, situations, objects, sights and sounds. [...]

Introducing Kids To Puppies And Dogs

One of the most important things that parents can do to ensure that their children grow up with a positive and respectful attitude towards dogs in general is to make sure that the first few experiences that the child has with a dog are positive. This means carefully selecting what dog and what owner you are going to have your child interact with if you don't have your own dog at home. [...]

Socialization and Dog Parks

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why many dog owners shy away from bringing their dog to a dog park is because they know that their dog is likely to behave badly or they are afraid of their dog being attacked by another dog. These are very real concerns for dog owners and people need to understand that just because you have a dog you may not be welcome in a dog park, especially in an off-leash area. Dogs that are aggressive, non-compliant to their owners or dogs that are behaving badly for any reason should not be taken to a dog park until they are fully trained and able to act appropriately. [...]

How To Tell If Your Puppy Is A Genius

Whenever you are in the position of picking out a new puppy, either from a breeder, a rescue or just from a litter down the street, most people want to get the smartest and easiest to train puppy they possibly can. While a lot has been made about dog aptitude and temperament testing, there is really no IQ test for dogs, at least not one that has been researched and proven accurate. Some breeds have specific aptitude tests, especially for police, search and rescue, and guide and assistance dogs that can be completed at early ages and before formal training begins. [...]

Working With The Intelligent Dog

It is true that most dog owners believe that their dog is naturally very smart and gifted and that certainly may be very accurate, at least from the individual owners perception. If, however, you happen to own a breed that is considered a highly intelligent dog, you may find out that your dog may be challenging in many different ways. Often owners of the most intelligent dogs find that these pooches find very unique ways to keep themselves entertained, plus they often require both mental as well as physical exercise and stimulation to stay out of trouble. [...]

The Importance of Mental and Physical Exercise

As people we know that when we become bored or disinterested in being around the house we have lots of options to find something else to do. We can always read, play on the computer, get caught up with work or even go out for a lunch and a movie to break up our day. Unfortunately for your dog, they don't have the options that humans do, but they do get bored just as we do. [...]

The Importance of Socialization

There are literally whole books and training programs dedicated to the development of the understanding of the importance of socialization in training a dog. Dogs need to learn how to interact with each other, other non-canine animals, humans and even new environments. A dog that is not properly socialized is a potentially dangerous animal, regardless of his or her size or typical temperament. [...]

Best Traits To Look For In Uptown Dogs

If you talk to 20 different dog owners, breeders or just dog lovers you are sure to find at least 20 different opinions on which dog breeds are best suited to living the big city life. Regardless of what breed you eventually choose there are some traits that owners need to consider very carefully before this selection is finalized. Perhaps the most important consideration that any responsible owner has to consider is how well the dog will be able to adapt. Even if raised in the city from puppies some breeds are simply not going to adjust to confined spaces, lots of close living with others, and a lack of ability to simply get out and run and hunt. [...]

Apartment Living For Dogs

There are many breeds of dogs that have become very popular as apartment companion pets. These dogs, as can be imagined, tend to be the toy to smaller sized dogs, although some medium sized breeds are also on the most common city breeds lists. It is important to realize that with appropriate exercise time most breeds, but definitely not all, could adjust to be excellent apartment dogs. The key is finding the time and place to provide the exercise space and activities for higher energy breeds or those that simply stay calm and inactive while indoors. [...]

Exercising Your Dog In The City

Dogs that live in the city need just as much exercise as dogs that live in suburban areas or even in the country. Since most downtown dogs live in apartments or homes with smaller yards, owners are going to have to be more responsible for daily walks, exercise times and finding room for the dog to run and play. Before considering a dog if you do live in the city, it is important to make a commitment to providing the exercise the dog needs on a routine, multiple times a day basis. With this commitment you can rest assured that your dog will be content, calm and well-behaved, provided of course you also provide socialization and training on a regular basis. [...]

Socialization and Toy Dogs

Socialization, as it pertains to dog training, is a very important part of the development of a well-rounded, calm and obedient dog. Socialization includes introducing your dog to new people, events, places and other animals in a safe and non-threatening way so that the dog becomes comfortable in any situation. This is important because a dog that is relaxed and comfortable is not going to become possessive or defensive, which are the two triggers for dog aggression. [...]

Space and Living Considerations for Giant Breeds

There are a great many considerations when you decide to bring home a giant breed puppy or dog. The most obvious is the amount of food that these dogs consume, which is not always what new owners expect. Another consideration and one that is often overlooked is one of simple logistics. A dog that weights upwards of 200 pounds is going to take up a lot of physical space. Stretched out on the floor some of these dogs can measure over six feet in length, more with the tail stretched out as well. In addition to just length, you are also looking at a distance of up to one yard from the tip of the toes to the top of the shoulder. Given this general measurement it really means that when a giant breed dog decides to really stretch out on his or her side to relax, they are going to need at least 18 feet, which is much more than the average human needs. [...]

Training Essentials For Giant Breeds

Giant breeds of dogs, while often the calmest and most friendly of pets, are often seen by the general population as scary and aggressive dogs. In many cases this is because of poorly trained and socialized giant breed dogs that have been in the headlines, but also because their very size, rather stern and thoughtful facial expressions and even their loud, deep barking just frightens people. [...]

Farms and Rural Areas

Planning a summer get-away to a farm, rural area or the countryside is a great way to just relax, unwind and enjoy your vacation in a less stressful environment. It is also a great way to spend some time with your dog taking long walks or just giving your pet some much needed outside space and time. While countryside living has its definite advantages, there are some issues and possible concerns that owners need to be aware of before their vacation. First and foremost is that while your dog is out of the city they are much more likely to engage in more "doggy" type behaviors. [...]

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Found [196] Articles :: Page 10 of 14
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