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Catahoula Leopard Dogs With Strangers And Children

If you are looking for a dog that loves every stranger it meets, the Catahoula Leopard Dog is not the breed for you. Catahoula Leopard Dogs can get extremely aggressive with strangers. If not, they will definitely shy away from unfamiliar faces. They may act afraid, shake or back away. They may perceive strangers as a threat and act accordingly. They may scratch and bite. [...]

Whippets and Children

Whippets are renowned for their calm, laid back nature. They are considered to be patient and tolerant and very affectionate. In short, Whippets are, in most cases, excellent pets for families with children. That being said, just because a dog is reputed to be excellent with children doesn't mean it will automatically be so without training and intervention. Responsible parents must teach both their dogs and their children how to play together safely. In this article, we'll take a look at how to make sure Whippets and children can get along with each other. The best way to help children and dogs to learn what is expected of them is to attend an obedience class, sometimes called a Puppy Kindergarten, very early in the young dog's life. This is an activity that the whole family can participate in. This is a good opportunity for both the dog and the kids, as dogs will learn how to tolerate the presence of other people and dogs while the children will learn the correct way to interact with the family pet. [...]

West Highland White Terriers as Family Pets

West Highland White Terriers are high energy, intelligent little creatures that make wonderful pets. But, like other small breeds, there are questions as to whether Westies are appropriate pets with small children or for families that plan to expand their family during the Westie's lifetime. The West Highland White Terrier Club of America recommends that Westies are not suitable for families with children under the age of ten, while others say that they are fine, as long as the children and dog are under constant supervision. In this article we'll take a look at the pros and cons of West Highland White Terriers as family pets. [...]

Chinese Foos as Guard Dogs

Devoted to their families and wary of strangers, Chinese Foos make excellent guard dogs. While this can be said about any number of other breeds, Chinese Foo fanciers claim that their dogs are naturals thanks to thousands of years of experience. While there is some controversy whether today's Chinese Foos are the direct descendants of the guard dogs of legend, there is no question that they take the protection of their family and possessions very seriously. In this article, we'll take a look at the Chinese Foo guard dogs of legend and how that translates into the guard dog of today. [...]

Children and the Chinese Foo

Chinese Foos are reputed to be very patient and good companions for children. Of course, every dog is an individual and some dogs will be better with children than others. Buying a puppy makes the owners responsible for how the dog is raised and how it will behave around people outside the home and with the people it lives with. Here are a few tips for those that are thinking of buying a Chinese Foo and want to make sure they will get along well with children. [...]

Preparing Chinese Foos for Competition

Participating in dog shows with your Chinese Foo is a great way to spend quality time with your dog while getting know other dog fanciers in a wonderful atmosphere. Unfortunately, Chinese Foos are not yet eligible for competitions sponsored by the American Kennel Club, the oldest kennel club in America, but fanciers of the breed hope that this will change one day. For now, they are welcome to participate in shows hosted by other organizations, including the American Rare Breed Association and the National Canine Association. Participating in exhibitions also help to get the breed wider known and this will hopefully help the breed become accepted in larger associations. [...]

Showing Skye Terriers

There are very few experiences that can be shared between a dog and an owner that will have quite the profound impact upon the relationship as showing your Skye Terrier will have. Showing any dog can be a stressful event. Showing a dog that is headstrong and has natural tendencies to be aggressive to strange people and animals adds another level to the insanity. This isn't meant to discourage you from showing your Skye Terrier only to paint a fairly accurate picture of some of the challenges that await you. [...]

Socialization Challenges of the Skye Terrier

The Skye Terrier is a beautiful dog that looks like the perfect companion or lap dog for many people. In fact, the cute exterior and small frame of this particular breed makes it a popular choice. This is especially true when combined with the fact that Skye Terriers are generally a little more docile with their owners than many of their cousin terriers. Looks, however, are often deceiving and the Skye Terrier isn't a warm fuzzy dog for those who have a lot of guests. In fact, the resistance of this breed to strange people coupled with their aggressiveness to other animals (this is a hunting breed) makes it a poor choice for those who are looking for a sociable dog to add to their households. The news isn't all bad however and if you are willing to be consistent and work with your terrier you will find that they can be socialized, albeit cautiously, with other people and animals. [...]

Introducing a New Pet to Your Skye Terrier

Bringing a new puppy into the family with a Skye Terrier can be a trying time for all. It is important to remember that the reactions of your Skye to the new puppy may be much more involved than you realize. You should protect the new puppy from potential harm from the Skye but you need to allow them to establish a natural order for doing things as well. Dogs in general but Skyes in particular are pack animals and need the structure of a pack in order to know their places and be happy. Whenever a new person or animal is brought into the pack there are going to be moments when your Skye is going to make his bid for dominance in the pecking order. You need to have rules and enforce the rules but you also need to allow the new puppy to learn its place in the hierarchy as well as your Skye. [...]

Male versus Female Curly Coated Retrievers

Breeders are often asked if male or female Curly Coated Retrievers make better pets. Unlike other breeds, male Curly Coated Retrievers are rarely aggressive and have the same sweet temperament as their female counterparts. However, there are other differences between males and females of the breed that interested buyers should be aware of before making a purchase. In this article, we'll take a look at two of the major differences between male and female Curly Coated Retrievers. [...]

Why A Greyhound Is Not A Guard Dog

If you look at the greyhound's large frame, you might be tempted to think of making one a guard dog. Greyhounds do not make a good guard dog. Despite the fact that they look large and intimidating, they are actually very docile creatures. They can spook easily and are more likely to run and hide when faced with an intruder than to attack. [...]

Adopting A Race Dog

About 25,000 greyhounds are retired from racing every year. Of these dogs, many end up being put in rescue or adopted out. While the thought of adopting a race dog may give you the impression that these are high-energy dogs, the opposite is actually truer. Greyhounds do like to sprint, but once they are retired from the racecourse they turn into almost ideal housedogs. They love to lie around on the couch and enjoy a calm and quiet atmosphere. [...]

Socializing A Greyhound

Greyhounds are dogs that can be very well socialized to be around people even though by nature they are timid. You will want to either socialize your dog while it is still young or, if adopting a race dog, you will want to try and adopt one with a friendly temperament that seems intelligent enough for further socialization. [...]

Why Your Dog Acts That Way

The Kuvasz is a dog that was originally used in Hungary as a bodyguard. Eventually, they were used to guard livestock. As such, a livestock guardian typically has a protective nature towards its flock, which can become quickly aggressive against perceived threats. It has an independent disposition that allowed it to make decisions on its own when it was out in the wild with the livestock. The intelligence of most dogs bred for guarding or herding sheep is typically very good, which can lead to some manipulative ploys as the dog tests its owner for dominance. [...]

Children And The Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is a guard dog that can work well to protect your own children. Unfortunately, the same is not true of other people's children who may come over to play. A dog as large as the Kuvasz is a formidable dog that can cause severe injury to people it perceives as threats. For that reason, the dog is not recommended for families with children, even though it does well with children it considers part of its flock. [...]

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