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Aliases: Chow

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Chow Chow Articles

The Chow Chow as a Pet

Here are some useful and interesting ways to enjoy your Chow Chow pet: [...]

Chow Chow Care

Feeding Apart from grooming, feeding is also a crucial part in raising a Chow Chow. It is important that you know your Chow dog's diet for it significantly affects your pet's health. Also, provide him with a convenient feeding schedule. [...]

Chow Chows for Rescue and Retirement

The Chow Chow Pet for Rescue Chow Chow owners may have been spending an exhausting amount of time training their pets to become friendly, welcoming strangers and other dogs and cats. Your great efforts may or may not pay off, depending on the nature and mood of your dog. Instinctively, the Chow dog is an excellent guard. He will always defend his turf and is always on the look out for his master's safety. [...]

The Chow Chow Temperament

It has been said that the Chow Chow will die for his master but not readily obey him; walk with him but not trot meekly to heel; honor him but not fawn on his friends and relations. [...]

The Chow Chow: Weird Facts Did You Know?

Here are some weird facts that might interest you about the Chow Chow breed: [...]

The Chow Chow: The Different Breed

Here are the unique features and traits of Chow Chows: [...]

Dog Language: The Chow Chow

"What is dog language?" Have you ever noticed how your Chow Chow reacts to a certain sound? When you yell at your pet, he tends to either growl to fight back, bark in disapproval, moan in fright, or scurry away to protect himself from harm. But when you talk to him in an affectionate way, he may simply gaze at you, quietly listen, dreamily close his eyes, gently lick your skin or deliberately invite himself to sit on your lap or lay his head on your leg. [...]

Finding a Suitable Name for Your Chow Chow

In order to find the perfect name for your pet Chow Chow, you must study your pet's behavior. Don't rush to give your Chow a name; instead study him for a while. Does he bark a lot? Does he munch? Does he love to curl down beside you or in your lap? Does he have a strange moaning sound? Does he skip away from strangers? Does he look funny when seeing other pets? Is he stubborn or obedient? [...]

Grooming Your Chow Chow

The most vain dog breed that ever exists is the Chow. Their great lion-like coat makes them alluring and delightful. It's their crowning splendor. Raising a Chow Chow as a pet may require a lot of dedication. Of course, it is just natural for pet owners to devote time and efforts to their beloved companions. However, the Chow Chow's features demand a comprehensively meticulous grooming, making it one of your pet's most important needs. Being a Chow owner means you must pay attention to your pet's superb appearance or the dog may lose his distinct identity. Keep it. Value it. Have fun with it. Be proud of it. Flaunt it. [...]

Is A Chow Chow the Right Breed for You?

Before you decide which breed of dog to have for a pet, you can't simply go to a reputable breeder or shelters and impulsively pick out one that may capture your fancy. That's a big no-no. It's like confining yourself in a casino to bet on your life. Or worse, marrying a person you have just met in a bar or somebody who sat next to you in the cinema. There are certainly important factors that you must consider first. [...]

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