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Weight Management for American Foxhounds and How to Exercise

American foxhounds are a breed of dog that has a very high energy or activity level. They can run, go for long walks, play ball, hike through fields, run all day, and still have energy left over. Obedience training is not only a great way to socialize your American foxhound, but is important for an active dog. It gives you control over your pet as many active foxhounds are also very excitable and need to understand commands such as sit, quiet, stay, and down. It is easier to obedience train your American foxhound when he is young so you have the knowledge to properly correct any behavioral problems if they occur. [...]

Agility Training and the American Foxhound

Dog agility training is a sport that has not only become more popular over the last few years but American foxhounds and other active dogs do this happily. Along with the competitors, spectators find this sport very exciting and entertaining. [...]

Does a Foxhound Make A Good Family Pet?

When thinking about getting a puppy or dog, there are several things to consider. You should select a breed that fits into your family's lifestyle. [...]

Favorite Sports and Activities of the American Eskimo

Whether it's mental stimulation or physical, the American Eskimo is a breed that requires, as well as enjoys, a high level of activity. In nearly every picture of an Eskie, they are seen in an outdoor setting. They thoroughly take pleasure in being out and about, interacting and regularly expecting to be included in daily household activites. [...]

The Australian Kelpie as an Athlete

The Australian Kelpie is a natural athlete with a strong hindquarter and muscular shoulders. In short, the Kelpie is truly a jack of all trades. [...]

How Much Space Will a Min Pin Need?

Some new owners look at the toy breed that is the Miniature Pinscher and assume that keeping such a small dog is nothing but smooth sailing. After all, it is no more than approximately twelve inches high with a slight but healthy structure and a graceful, ginger gait. [...]

Living Conditions of the Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is a dog that possesses great energy and a strong drive to work. This makes them highly unsuitable for living in an apartment or as a house pet. They are best suited to live in a home where there is work to be done. They thrive on mentally and physically demanding activities. [...]

Exercising your Australian Terrier - Keeping Your Australian Terrier

Regular exercise and play is very important for your Australian terrier because a conditioned dog is more alert, content, and happier. Physical activity and exercise keeps your dog in shape, he has more energy, sleeps better, and stays trim. [...]

Agility Training and Competitions

Agility training and competitions are a wonderful activity and great sport for both Australian terriers and their owners. Because Australian terriers are so intelligent, quick learners, and love to please, they make a very good dog for agility training. [...]

Caring for an Australian Terrier with Diabetes

Common symptoms of diabetes in your Australian terrier include increased thirst and water consumption and excessive, frequent urination. [...]

Giving Your Australian Cattle Dog Enough Room to Stay Busy

The Australian Cattle Dog was bred to have stamina. On top of this, they are highly intelligent. Any Cattle Dog that doesn't have a chance to exercise its mind as well as its body is likely to convey his frustration in less than favorable ways. [...]

Common Problems with Belgian Tervurens

If you're thinking about adopting a Belgian Tervuren, the first thing to consider is going to be the environment you're taking the dog into. There are a lot of homes that are, quite frankly, just not well suited to this particular breed. Ideally, the dog needs a decent sized home with a big yard to run in and an energetic, healthy family that can give the dog the attention it needs... [...]

Life with a Mastiff

As the owner of a Mastiff, you have to be ready to show a lot of care and adoration for your Mastiff. This is because the Mastiff is a loyal and loving dog that just loves being around you. In fact, it is so devoted and attached to you that it will want to accompany you on rides in your car to the beach, park and even to work. You should ensure that your Mastiff gets its daily routine of exercise by walking it and playing with it. Keep your yard fenced, and spend some time everyday with your Mastiff out on the yard. [...]

The High Energy Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are white, small, fluffy energetic dogs with a curly coat a plumed tail carried over their back. These fun, intelligent, playful dogs do best in homes where someone is around most of the time. Although this breed normally requires moderate exercise, some Bichon Frises are just naturally very high energy. All dogs need basic obedience training but a high-energy dog, Bichon Frise included, requires more advanced obedience training so you have control over your pet. [...]

Should You Exercise Your Maltese?

Exercising is an essential part of every living creature's life and inactivity can always result in something negative in the person's or the animal's physique and psyche. Exercising can be described as any form of activity that helps get blood circulating properly through the veins due to the pumping of oxygenated blood through the heart at a more accelerated rate. This action is good to help get the nutrients that a creature gets from food to be distributed evenly throughout the body and the organs. This kind of a description for exercise brings us to the question as to whether or not you should exercise your Maltese and the benefits that can be gained from exercise. [...]

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Found [222] Articles :: Page 2 of 15
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