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Are Pug Dogs Good Family Dogs? Do Children And Pugs Mix?

No family is complete without a dog, but what do your children have to know to make sure that having a dog, a pug specifically, will be a successful venture? Children need to learn to make sure that your pug has food and fresh water every day, gets plenty of exercise, has regular times to go outside for potty breaks, needs to be treated well, and does not have access to anything he can chew up. This article will look at how children can learn to mix well with pugs. [...]

Traveling With A Pug

Vacation time raises questions for pug owners. Specifically, how do I travel with my pug in the car and still have a pleasant driving experience? Some of the keys to making your trip with your pug a big hit are seatbelts, toys, water, frequent potty breaks, and possibly a crate if your pug is crate trained. Should My Dog Wear A Seatbelt? There are canine seatbelts to help make your trip easier. They can help to keep your pug from roaming around the car and help to protect him in the case of an accident. They usually include a sort of harness and attach to a regular seatbelt. With you both securely fastened in your seats, it's almost time to go. [...]

Ways to Spoil Your Pug Dog

Pug owners love to spoil their dogs for all of the joy, humor and love that these little guys bring into a household. These simple dogs do not ask for much at all, but are spoiled by lots of attention, living indoors with air conditioning, and by being treated as a puppy for a long time. This article will take a look at the necessity of spoiling your pug dog. Look At Me Pugs are natural clowns so paying attention to these little performers is an easy task. With their cute pushed in faces, lively personalities, and affectionate natures, it's hard not to. [...]

Keeping a Pug Cool in the Summer

There are many steps that need to be taken to ensure pets are healthy, and this list changes from one pet to another. Pug dogs, for instance, have special needs during the warmer months of the year. During these periods with higher temperatures you need air conditioning, you need to get your air conditioner serviced so it does not stop working, and you need to know what to do in the event that your pug does become overheated. This article will take a look at all three. [...]

Is The Pug Dog A Good Show Dog?

Dog shows are all about breeding. A well bred dog must come before all the other factors can fall into place. Pug dogs make good show dogs because of their desire to please, but, first and foremost, they must be well bred in order to truly compete. They must come from the proper breeder, and this breeder must be just as concerned about you as you are about him or her. This article will take a look at how you can tell if your pug dog will make a good show dog based on his breeder. [...]

Moving With Your Pug: Tips To Help Them Adjust

Moving is a stressful venture for everyone, and this includes your pug dog. A new environment with new sights, smells, and terrain can be overwhelming. You need to be ready for the activities of moving day, the actual traveling, and helping your pug discover his new home. This article will focus on a few tips to help your pug dog adjust during this tumultuous time. [...]

Pug Dogs: Good For City Life?

People like to have companionship in the form of pets no matter where they live, but are all pets suited to all settings? Specifically, are pug dogs suited to life in the city? To answer that we have to look at the fact that they are indoor dogs, their ability to tolerate heat, and amount of attention they need. This article will take a look at all three. [...]

Are Pugs Good Watchdogs?

Throughout time, dogs have been used to alert their owners to signs of danger. Some dogs make better watchdogs than others, and this article will take a look at where pug dogs might fall along this continuum. We will look at how pug dogs are alert, stubborn, and friendly. Believe it or not, all these can come into play when you’re wondering if a pug would make a good guard dog for your home. Intruder Alert! We all want a dog who will let us know if there is anything suspicious going on around or outside of our houses. Pug dogs will notify you of such activity by barking at any such sign. They will respond mostly to strangers or odd noises in this fashion. They are very protective of their owners, which is also a desirable quality in a watchdog. [...]

Preventing Allergies In Pugs

Pug dogs, like humans, can have allergies. Learning to avoid allergens and deal with these allergies is an essential part of keeping your pug happy. Some of the basics things to watch out for include chocolate, allergies to food and chemicals, and seasonal allergies. Being vigilant of allergies in your pug goes way beyond just allergy season. The Chocolate Free Diet Pug dogs are allergic to chocolate. Aside from causing some discomfort, chocolate is actually toxic to these little guys. This is not just a matter of health problems due to weight gain or sugar. Consumption of chocolate can lead to the absolute worst. It is so toxic to pugs that chocolate can actually kill them. [...]

Pug: Weird Facts/Did You Know?

Every breed of dog has attributes that are rather unique to that breed. These details are often interesting and help to set breeds apart. Pug dogs, for example, shed a lot, are susceptible to certain medical problems, and have an aversion to heat. This article will take a look at these random facts about pugs that you may now have known before. Shedding For a small dog with such a short coat, pugs shed a lot. Their hairs tend to end up all over the house which is almost impressive for a dog that tends to be only around a foot tall. On the bright side, the coat is relatively easy to care for. Weekly brushing is usually sufficient to maintain a clean and well groomed appearance. Other than this, shedding and a generous amount of pug dog hair are just a fact of life for owners. It's just a lot of hair for such a little guy. [...]

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