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Toy Poodles

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Toy Poodle Articles

Are Toy Poodles Good Family Dogs? Do Toy Poodles Go Along With Kids?

In order to be a good family dog, a dog must get along with all the others members of the family unit. In the case of toy poodles we must ask first if they are good family dogs and then if they get along with kids. This article will cover both these topics. The Family Dog Toy Poodles, in general, make good pets. They enjoy spending time outdoors but would rather be inside getting attention from their owners. This versatility is helpful when you want a dog that will both play outside when you feel like getting some fresh air and stay inside when you just want some four legged company. [...]

Traveling With A Toy Poodle

So it's time to go on vacation and there's no way you're leaving your precious toy poodle behind. So what kinds of supplies will you need when traveling with your little friend? You will need food, fresh water, something to protect him during the trip, possibly medications, and toys. Let's look at how these are all necessary items on your moving checklist. Food Are you going to get hungry? Then so is your toy poodle. You always need to make sure you have some food on hand so that this little guy doesn't miss any meals. You certainly do not want any unwanted behaviors while you are enjoying your trip to the paradise of your choosing. Past history will tell you how your companion will handle food and travel. People can get carsick so you want to pay attention. [...]

Ways To Spoil Your Toy Poodle

Pet owners love to spoil their pets in all sorts of ways. Toy poodle owners, for example, enjoy giving their toy poodles excessive amounts of attention, access to they yard or a park, and even fancy outfits. Let's look at how all this spoiling works. The Center Of Attention Toy poodles love lots of attention and owners love to give it to them. Starting with their precious appearance, it's hard to not give these furry little bundles of cuteness constant attention. They love to entertain their owners and are quite skilled at it. Often playing the clown, toy poodles have a knack for being performers. They can make you smile, laugh, and just feel the large amount of love coming out of such a little package. [...]

Keeping Your Toy Poodle Warm In The Cooler Months

All pet owners want to make sure that their pets stay healthy, and toy poodle owners have some special needs to keep in mind. In order to stay warm and, therefore, healthy, toy poodles must stay warm by staying indoors, taking special care when they are wet, and even getting the right haircut. This article will explain why each of these factors is important to maintaining a toy poodle’s health. Stay Inside During the cooler months of the year toy poodles should spend the majority of their time inside. The cool temperatures can have detrimental effects on their health. They are particularly susceptible to lower temperatures because of their size. By staying inside and avoiding the cold weather altogether, your toy poodle can lower the risk of illness or, in a worst case scenario, hypothermia. [...]

Best Uses For A Toy Poodle

It seems as though everyone has pets these days, but why? What exactly are the best reasons for having a pet? That is, what can they be used for? Toy poodles can be used both as competitors in dog shows and as loving companions. This article will explore both uses. Toy Poodles in Dog Shows The first and one of the most obvious uses of a toy poodle is that of a competitor in a dog show. Given their naturally high intelligence, this breed takes to training very well. Bred down from regular poodles, all members of this breed possess many skills. Throughout time, poodles have been used in many capacities. They have been therapy dogs, performed with the circus, pulled carts, and carried out almost any other task given to them. [...]

Is The Toy Poodle A Good Show Dog?

Dog shows have increased in popularity in recent years, but what does it take to make a good show dog? Is the toy poodle a good show dog? This article will explain how toy poodles make good show dogs because of their high intelligence and their outgoing yet calm demeanor. He’s a Smart One There are many qualities that go into making a dog a good show dog. Intelligence is a very important quality for any breed entering a competition, and the toy poodle has intelligence in spades. These small dogs can learn to do just about anything. They were bred from poodles which have been put to work in a variety of ways over time. [...]

Are Toy Poodles Good City Dogs?

We all love having pets, but not all pets are appropriate for all environments. For example, not every dog is meant to live in the city. In this article, we will look at how toy poodles will likely fare as city dogs. Some factors will be their exercise, staying indoors, and how trainable they are. Exercise Time Living in the city often means life in an apartment with limited space and possibly limited access to larger settings for dogs that require plenty of exercise. Luckily, toy poodles do not require excess amounts of exercise. They are right at home and adequately exercised usually in an apartment setting. [...]

Finding A Groomer For Your Toy Poodle

Grooming your dog in an important part of caring for any breed, but there are several considerations when choosing a groomer. The main two are cost and style of cut. This article will explore both and what each means to you. Cost Effective Grooming Grooming can be a major expenditure when it comes to owning a dog. Toy poodles especially require a lot of grooming, so the cost can add up quickly. The coat of a toy poodle needs to be cut every six to eight weeks. As stated, this can get very expensive so you can always try doing every other cut at home to save some money. You will, however, need to do some research and but proper equipment. [...]

How To Minimize Toy Poodle Barking Issues

Dogs bark. This is a fact of life for dog owners. Sometimes, however, this barking can become excessive and disruptive. Toy poodles can exhibit this behavior and make a lot of noise for their small size. In this article, we will look at how to minimize your toy poodle's barking through games, commands, and disinterest. Play With Me One way to stop barking is to engage your toy poodle in another activity. Humans get restless when tense and bored and so do dogs. Providing activities can help to decrease barking and give your pet stimulation and a chance to get some exercise. [...]

Toy Poodle: Weird Facts/ Did You Know?

It is fascinating to look at all the variations among the many breeds of dogs. Many have served interesting and unusual purposes throughout history. Toy poodles, for example, have been circus performers, hand warmers, and truffle sniffers. This article will explore these many positions that toy poodles have held over the years. Toy Poodles Join The Circus Animals have always been a big part of what draws big crowds to a circus. Both the familiar and the fantastic serve to peak our curiosity when we head to these tents filled with wonders. Trained animals have always served to amaze spectators, and this is where toy poodles come in. [...]

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